Magikiras (Finished) - Beta Testers Needed!

Magikiras is now tentatively finished and it’s ready for more intensive testing at this point. Just click on the link below and either pm me or leave a comment below. It’s been 18 months since I’ve started work on this and now it’s time to finish this race. Thank you everyone for reading and bearing with me.

It’s twenty minutes in the future and you’re a soldier in an Earth where magic suddenly emerged. Here’s the link:

Comments, errors and anything else that you can think of.


I love the premise. :slight_smile:

Hey you know how it has the option of meeting a girl if your in the boys locker room and a boy if your in the girls locker room? Why were they in there? Also I think it would be really cute if you added him or her stuttering in embarrassment or us stuttering in embarrassment at a guy being in the girls locker room or a girl being in the guys locker room and then blushing. :slight_smile:

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Our character seems very obsessed with winning. I chose the non magic character so is that a trait of the non magic character or is one with magic going to be just as obsessed with proving him or herself. Also is it even possible to win in the battle against Morgan? At least fairly? I haven’t been checking for spelling mistakes so sorry about that.

It’s interesting I’m going to be keeping an eye on this

Also with the magic based character the stats I choose don’t seem to bring it up as much as it did with the non magic character. Is that the disadvantage of the magic character? Also when I wanted to just charge them I cheated by using magic which I didn’t want to do.

@Beezlebub It’s supposed to be an on the way meeting. Maybe I’ll make that bit clearer. It’s been a long while since I actually looked at that portion so I may have forgotten a few things. There is generally no way to win against Morgan in the opening sequence. It’s just one of those unfortunate things of life.

The main disadvantage of the magic-based character is that you’re supposed to have lower starting stats compared to a non-magic based character. While at this point of the game, it doesn’t matter so much but there are a few checks that require only pure skill and doesn’t check for magic.

As for using magic or not, when does it happen? If it’s during the live-fire exercise, it’s the character generation point, so you’ll use magic automatically. It’s not cheating if you use your abilities to the fullest potential :slight_smile:

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I think you’re correct about it being an on the way meeting as I just redid that part so sorry.

I kind of figured. :stuck_out_tongue:

What about the others yelling cheater? :3

I love this game. XD

Looks coolio

Wow. That was pretty long for working on it for 2 months. I like it and look forward to more. There were some errors that I saw while reading. I’ll go through and look again later when I have time.

Omg!!! I love it :slight_smile:

I noticed a small mistake: in the scene where you meet Edgar, one paragraph it describes him as ‘the bespectacled man’ but then it says: ‘Before you can respond, Edgar clears his throat and gestures at the unit,’ even though he never introduces himself as Edgar

Anyway, this game’s a lot of fun so far :slight_smile:

@Beezlebub No, they’re not going to yell cheat because you’re fully expected to magic up even during the exercise. That’s just the way it is now in that future.

@Outrageous Yup, two whole months, give or take a few days or so. Spent most of it working on the cove scenario because that one split into five seperate situations that the reader could probably face. And the next part promises to take a long while too according to my notes.

@YaoiBloodhound Noted and made the appropriate correction. Thanks for noticing that error :slight_smile:

Hmm, does magitekno seem awkward to anyone else? I know I’d just call it magitech and be done with that extra syllable.

Oh the capture the flag situation needs to be cleared up, we have the enemy flag in our hand when we’re told we lost, but shouldn’t it be a matter of whether we got their flag before they got ours?

And is there a way to win the game? I’ve tried twice so far without luck…

@stsword I had contemplated just simply using magitech but i just decided that magitekno felt more in line with magikiras since they’re both from the same language. Of course, that part is up for debate.
As for the capture the flag game, no it’s not possible to win the game since all the choices that led up to that point are just choosing which skills your character is good at. I could go back and clean up that section a bit more, since what that is supposed to happen is that Blue Team got the flag a few seconds before you captured your flag.

In the flag game:

“The objective is to capture the other team’s flag without getting eliminated by either three shots from an opponent’s rifle and being struck once with a shock rod. The first team to remove the other team’s flag from its post wins.”

Should be “or.”

OMG!! luuuuuuv this! It marvelously merges magic and tech so well–usually im turned off by overly teched themed stuff, but this…OMG! Grapefruit i LUV this and eagerly await more!

I’ve gotta hand it to you, this is one game i’ll be looking out for. I am actually searching for books that has this techno-magic fusion. And a choice of game? That is so cool! Great start. Love it! :smiley: =D>

Oh I just saw a comment I agree with.

I think it should be called Magitech to.