Magikiras (Finished) - Beta Testers Needed!


I don’t know if someone has pointed this out, but when Morgan is a girl, it refers to her as a ‘him’ sometimes. If not, I’ll find one and post it.


I like it! Love the blend of magic and tech.


Huh @Grapefruit this is a coincidence I just started a short story with magi science being a major key factor


I like it so far, but I’d like to see a little more political intrigue side to things. I would love for you to implement more lore as you add on to the game. I’m interested in knowing how other countries interact with the country, considering they persecuted mages until they formed their own country.


Just played game and I have a question. Will there be additional romance options as well as morgan? @Grapefruit


Quick poll. Change magitekno to something shorter or not?

@Ramidel Thanks for spotting that error. Already made the change in my files but I won’t be updating the link soon at least not until I’m done with a certain amount of the next chapter.

@WubWub17 Please and thank you.

@darkstar2101 Magic as science is a common enough theme but one that I don’t think is used regularly here. So I wouldn’t be surprise if others had come up with the idea for a magitech game.

@Aiedra I’ll see what I can do about the political intrigue bit but I will say that I’m weak in that area. As for the third bit, I can add that to the codex section no problem or is it something that you’d want to see ingame? And what other type of lore do you want to read about?

@undead Yes there will be others to be introduced later.


Gender mis-match.

You hear a soft cough and glance at Morgan, who’s giving an amused look. “What’s wrong? You look like there’s a deer in your headlights,” SHE asks, the familiar grin appearing on HIS lips.


Change it!


I want to play this and I probably will! However I have to admit…this name…all I can think of is…“magikarp.” :confused:


@BrianBlack Lol. To be fair though, I originally had it planned as Magiclatus which is in Latin but then I decided that Latin is boring, in the sense that it was overused. So I made the switch to Esperanto instead. Still if you are a magikarp, wouldn’t that turn you into Mister Fish eventually?



I’m just waiting for the moment we run into a Gyrados.


I know from experience that coming up with names is difficult, I only settled on The Faceless for my WIP a week or two ago. Maybe people that play the game could suggest a new name? Even if you don’t settle for what they suggest, it could still jumpstart your creative juices.


Did someone say Ganados? Leon mode activated!


@Yamamato Oh I’m not too worried about that bit. I like the current title as it is since it has a bit of a zing to it. Even if it reminds people of Magikarp, we all still know that in the end, all Magikarp becomes Mister Fish :slight_smile:


Start out weak then become a nightmare for the enemy? I like the sound of that.


I love the story so far, it seems like a mix of Halo, Mass Effect and a bit Shadowrun to me.


Quick announcement: Chapter 3 is already underway and this will be chapter in which you finally get to mod your suit and switch your weapon loadout. Due to the way the compiler works, this does mean that I won’t be updating the main file anytime soon since I don’t want to drop any spoilers as to what happens in this Chapter. But I will be making any corrections pointed out in the main file so if there’s any more errors that I didn’t notice, so please point them out as I will be updating the game as soon as they are spotted.

On a side note, I’ve changed Magitekno to Magitek, if only to keep the Esperanto influence in the lore. This does not mean that you will meet any Magikiras soldiers named Biggs and Wedge nor will you meet an amnesiac woman who bears a mysterious power.


How ruthless and cruel can you be I mean I let the workers get sliced by the beastes but beyond that I want more instances of cruelty and mercy. Also will there be repercussions for that action, I would think that the people might not like their soldiers letting people get munched even if they were pirates.


@Lubu343 Well, you can also let Ami and Jax die in the cove mission, if that’s what you’re talking about. There isn’t a real repercussion for letting the workers die except pissing Ami off in a particular line of this mission. There will be more instances of cruelty/mercy later on, if my outline notes remain the same until the end though. Some acts will have repercussions, some won’t; that’s the way things are. In the end, it’s all about how you want your character ingame to act as.


Oh goody. I figured that there would be some more chances to get my cruel on. Beyond that how much interaction with the local populace will we have? Like providing security to a holiday and having the option of meeting a potential love intrest. Also the island is mostly unexplored correct, is it safe to assume that there may be some natives on the island other than the beasts?


Huh? I thought the first part was just a patrolling of Lemurian shores i.e. the country that you’re born and grew up on?