Magikiras Discussion and Bug Report


Dialogue doesn’t do anything to the game’s timed section iirc. So talk to as many people as you like.


Secure both gates and successfully stop the raid at The museum that will give you four points on the timer and enough to commence it.


I reached the end of it… And it was absolutely amazing! :heart: :smiley:

However, even though I managed to succeed on every task, puzzle and did all I could in the most positive of ways, I couldn’t get to reach my biggest and main objective… Which was [spoiler]to save Morgan and keep her alive…

I managed to remove the armor off her chest with magic and after managing to shut down the engine, Morgan simply says goodbye and dies… :cry::sweat_drops:

How can I save her? :sob:[/spoiler]

TIA! :clap:


Morgan always dies in the Shadow Fiend route due to thematic reasons. Try the pirate route instead.


@Grapefruit How do you save the first artefact? I remember playing your game while it was being tested, and I recall saving it then, but I can’t seem to remember how to do so now :confused:


@addicted IIRC, you need either high stats to beat the helicopter/the giant or if not, a combination of two stats that depends on the option that you select. Also IIRC you also need to have helped Morgan earlier so that they can help you with the fight.


I loved this game while it was in its beta stage, and now that I have fully completed it, I still feel the same way. It’s such a great game which had me enticed from start to end. The depth of the characters personalities which you managed to put across through your writing is something which you should be proud of.

I managed to achieve an ending which I was looking for in my first Playthru. I was a little sad when the game finally finished, but that’s a testament to you as the author.

Well done on such a wonderful game. :smiley:


Hi, I’m loving the game so far but I can’t get to the museum during the president mission because it keeps telling me that what I wrote is wrong. I tried writing: Agartha National Museum, museum, and Agartha National museum. Please help I’m desperate!


The answer for that segment is museum. Agartha National Museum or Museum. Choicescript is case-sensitive so you need to type it in exactly like that or else the game won’t register the word. It’s fussy in that way. I’ve also play-tested through the latest patch to that area and I’ve been able to head there.


Thank you so much, It finally worked!


How to retrieve the first artifact?I have tried everything and can’t do that.


@suyash_singh uyash_singh IIRC, help Morgan in the train and pass the checks against the helicopter/kaiju. Not helping Morgan will always lead to failure.


My game is updated to the newest version but it is still not accepting Corasme Shopping Mall and an answer.


These are the answers for that particular part. You need to key the answer in the exact format or else the game won’t recognize the keyword.

Corasme Shopping Mall, corasme shopping mall, mall, shopping mall, Mall, Shopping mal, Shopping Mall

According to my last tests, Corasme Shopping Mall works. If you typed in Corasme shopping mall, it won’t work since uppercase and lowercase are treated as different characters.


Does the artifact on the train where morgan is taken always stolen or is there a way to keep it. If so how. And on the parts where you are stating a place like during the president mission the words were (Agatha National Museum) what r the other words.


Sorry for the late reply. I don’t usually come to the forums that often so I only just notice this. Yes, you can prevent the theft of the artifact during the train mission. Make sure that Morgan is uninjured and that you either a)have high enough stats for the final two checks or b)have the right combination of stats.

The possible words for the president mission are as follows museum, Agartha National Museum and Museum. If you’re a masochist, try out the following keywords: monument, Agartha Monument, Monument, science facility, Magitek Science Facility, Science Facility


Well my statistics are by the time of the train actually are 10 Athletics 20 combat 20 device 20 leadership 20 subterfuge and 10 wits is that a combination I can use during the train


You need to focus more on two specific skills. Wits and Combat worked well for me, iirc. Having such a broad spectrum of skills is opening yourself up to a beating.


What does leadership and athletic help you with. And who are the romance options


Athletic helps with deft/acrobatic choices while Leadership is more for choices involving you trying to rally people to action. They’ll fail without a high enough %.

Anyways, the official ROs are Morgan, Larry, and Samar. Those are the male equivalent names, at least. You can choose the gender of each of them, if I remember correctly.