Magikiras Discussion and Bug Report


Is there anyway to prevent the President from getting injured when you go to the Museum


The names are unisex (at least for Morgan and Samar, Larry’s nickname has its own story as far as I know), so they stay the same.

Anyway @Archangel3713 every stat needs a certain % to be useful, normally just chosing two or maximum three is enough considering, that with those stats you have your character should be able to use magic, which can be used to bypass skill checks you otherwise have not good enough stats.

I mean you can try to get four stats rather high, it works (I had at the end of the game 50 wits, 40 leadership, 40 subterfuge and 30 athletic) but early during the game you are better off focusing on only two stats.


Is there any way to be omnipotent and go to two places at once, you mean? No, there is no way to keep the president from being injured and go to the museum. It’s one or the other.


Is there any way to solve the puzzle at the end? Or is Balogh really meant to die? @Grapefruit


It is possible to solve it. Larry gives you the answers before the mission.


@Sammysam I tried using the codes she saw in her vision but I’m confused. What is B flat? B# or just B? Sorry for bothering you :sleepy:


Flat means a half-tone below or b in musical language. So b flat would be a#. The sequence of the buttons is anyway how notes are arranged normally. So when it’s b flat you just take the button prior that when I remember that right . I also needed some time until I figured it out :smile:

(Here an handy sheet to music notes and the musical scale)


@Sammysam Well, this just shows my inferiority in music or whatevs. Thank you so much! My team can finally have a happy ending :two_hearts:


@Sammysam I take it back, I still didn’t get it right. What am I doing wrong :sob: Please help, please :sob:


The solution is a# (yellow), C (lime), C# (aqua), D# (blue), F (indigo), F# (dark red), G# (red)


Waaah, thank you so much!!!


Another thing that you could have done wrong is that the scale resets itself after you made the wrong selection. Yeah…I’m evil in that way.


Alright have saved Morgan but is it possible to free him completely?


Depends on what you mean by ‘free him’. There’s only a happy ending for Morgan if you chose the Pirates as the main enemy. If you manage to capture him, they’ll be able to remove the chip controlling him and the two of you can return back to action together. If you chose the supernatural creatures as your main enemy, there’s no happy ending. It’s either put Morgan out of his misery or let him be turned into a puppet with no sense of self or identity.


I downloaded this game just a few days ago.I just got a question,Was the museum or mall scenes triggered by a certain skill?I managed to go to it one time but when I played again the dialogue acts as if my character was making things up.How can I do it? I just wanted to see the ending.


I really like “Magikira” but can you please rewrite the story when Morgan doesn’t have to be evil “if only possible” or (die in the train mission) …I know that she is alive or possessed by the fiends but I just can’t continue the game that i had to accept that she is evil now (can someone please reassure me that she will return to normal?)


Corrected the typo in the title. :slight_smile:


things dont always go your way smh


I Love the story “Magikira” ,but can anyone tell me how to save Morgan from the train mission? I restart many times and tried many choice but just can’t seem to get it (or is there really no way of saving her?) “Morgan is alive when you chase her on that club ,but she is evil then if only possible can you place make a choice back at the train mission that you can save her?” (Thanks)


Corrected the typo in the title. :slight_smile:
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