Magikiras Discussion and Bug Report


There’s no means to prevent what happens to Morgan on the train. What you can change is the final outcome of Morgan’s story. Note that depending on what you chose to be your main enemy (what was it… Pirates or Demons?), there may not be a happy ending available. If you want me to tell you which one allows for the happy one, let me know.


If you choose the pirates instead of the fiends, you can save Morgan at the end.


I first choose fiends so I was unable to save her then next play I think I choose pirates ,so they use technology which our techguy. Can help her ,in the end she survived and we continued dating …


Thanks For the tip ,really appreciate it
Oh one more thing how to get the second artifact? And destroy Morgan’s plan from Zawame Tower?


How do you end up with a happy ending with Morgan. I choose all non violent options related to her, but in the end I am always forced to kill her because she attacks me. I have a near maxed out athletic stat and a relatively high combat stat.


You have to choose the pirates instead of the fiends.


What I like about this game is its potential.
What I don’t like was only half of the potential was used.

That ending was not an ending, it’s more like a middle page of the book before things get real good.

I love this game so much, but alas no sequel.


Okay so I’ve played this game a number of times and honestly despite a few minor faults I would have to say this is my all time favourite game so far. It beats out the Hero Rise Series by far in terms of complexity and Creatures Such As We by just a smidge (my opinion, sue me). Warning: many spoilers ahead. Like basically the whole game so maybe don’t read if you haven’t played yet.

The man reason when is the supporting cast. Every character is a little more complex that it seems at face value. For the sake of not writing and entire novel I’m going to focus on 3 characters in particular: MC, Morgan, and Karin.

[details=“Summary”]I’ll get the easiest out of the way. Karin at first seems timid and passive. Always does as told, rarely speaks her mind, never stands up for herself. In the scene with Luiz regarding him fighting Morgan I have two different endings. In my first successful play through I never told Karin to stop being so passive/fight off her bullies. So, in that run through she just seemed upset and asked MC and Luiz if they were done talking. In a different run through where I had done both of those things Karin told Luiz if he tried to take down Morgan she would stop him which caught me off guard but man do I love character growth.

The next this to take about is MC and their feelings after Morgan is taken. I read another comment (sorry I can’t recall who originally posted it) saying that MC never really showed being upset but I would have to disagree. I think the way MC showed being upset mainly by trying to shove the feelings away. Ex. the bar scene with Alejandro and Lamesha. MC hears Morgan’s name and then goes on an internal rant about their feeling on what happened, getting so involved in their thoughts that they looked visibly angry until snapped out of it. At the end of the scene thinks to themselves that they should try to push those thoughts away for the night with the following thought being “maybe”. Then there is the scene where Morgan breaks into the base. MC is ready to fight until they see Morgan and they hesitate to shoot. The rest of how MC handles losing Morgan can be found in the choices like when being interview MC can admit it was hard to fight Morgan. In fact all three questions you get asked can be answered in a Morgan centric way which I think shows how despite the passing time, regardless of the relationship you have with Morgan MC has not stopped thinking about them. It can always be shown in the fact that MC can be made to try and save Morgan or try to get them to come back with MC multiple times. Including the final fight. The final fight alone shows that MC clearly still thinks about what happened about Morgan because ever if you select Morgan as your enemy you can fight to get them to surrender. Which I think really shows how desperate MC was to save Morgan and the self-blame MC felt and didn’t want to deal with at all. Instead of not caring I think it shows a more realistic depiction where in the MC emotionally detached from the situation.

Finally I must get to Morgan. Morgan is less about character development but more of an analysis on their behavior. More specifically if you choose to romance them. Morgan almost always refers to MC by a pet name through the game with a few lastnames thrown in there. During the mission together Morgan is more than once affectionate in attempt to comfort both MC and I think more so themself. Think back to the story Morgan tells you about losing their parents. I think during a mission where everything is going wrong Morgan is terrified of losing someone they love again. Morgan tells MC to be safe, come back to them, etc. several times during the mission. It almost seems like she feels like she can take more risks because of what happened to her family.

I mean sure it’s not a perfect story but I think it is amazing nonetheless. I have probably played over a dozen times now and I love figuring out all the characters in different ways. I found the conclusion satisfying (if you go through the pirate storyline) or heartbreaking (if you go through the fiend story line).[/details]


How do you get past the 4 points part? More specifically which choices do you have to make to get past it


Oh, since this topic came back up… I keep getting an pop-up error message past the shore leave part of the story.

NS_ERROR_DOM_QUOTA_REACHED: Persistent storage maximum size reached

Followed by an error 404 in the game proper suggesting a restart. Is it something other people had trouble with?


Quick question (including heavy spoiler)

I read that the shadow fiend plot requires Morgan to die in the end, I just went through my first playthrough and after the last fight I captured her and she was made into a “tool” by the government… That she didn’t died was very important for me but this as her sad stories end and also as the end to relationship with my MC was reather sad I have to admit…
So I wanted to ask if choosing the pirate plot is the only way to have her alive and “herself” in the end?


Yes, choose the Pirate path to get the happy ending.


I shall have to replay to do that, never did do the pirate path. Be nice to see the happy ending with Morgan :smiley:


@Grapefruit Hello, I have two concerns for you. The first is when your escorting the president of the USA and you get the option to find where the area the enemies are attacking what is it? I restarted many times and could not find it. Also, after hanging out with your friends and you get the encrypted message of going to the “Corasme shopping mall” I typed exactly that in the box for the meet up and still couldn’t go to it and just went right back to the base, is that a bug or did I do something wrong? Thank you if you do reply.


First one is museum I think (there is a newscast about some artefact exhibition that gives you the hint, it’s a very small hint), second one is probably case sensitive, so try only shopping mall the next time? I think that one should work.


Okay, thanks my person/man/woman :sweat_smile: :ok_hand:


The damn puzzle crap is what truly killed this game for me.