Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



Oh, thanks then (20 charecters)


I’m looking forward to the World History classes!


About that…

Sophomore year? :sweat_smile:


“how to break someone’s heart in four words”


History of War Of Angels and Demons :slight_smile:


Watching this game grow has been like watching a cousin’s little kid grow up…


Dang. I was looking forward to seeing that class!


The human MC doesn’t have this class for the second semester?


Awww… :cry:
What are the new classes and which classes are they replacing, if you don’t mind telling us? :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve been kinda wondering, what would your career in NMC be like once you finished school? Say you have high Elemental Manipulation stat and make it your major, what kind of job could you get with it aside from fighting things or performing in a circus?
Also what is the size/population of NMC?


One of the new ones is Monsters of the Americas. It’s also now possible to take potions/combat whichever you didn’t take the first semester.

Most people at Magi wouldn’t actually major in elemental manipulation. Anyone that focussed on more combative forms of magic could have a job as a professional duelist, a guardian (the NMC version of a rogue hunter), etc. though. Certain elements like water or lightning could also have more practical applications in other careers.

I’m iffy on the exact size of NMC. The supernatural population is obviously smaller than the human population, but most tend to live in cities like NMC. Maybe 5 million?


Dumb question: how many semesters will we go through during our time at the Academy? The whole 4 years of college?

So I’m guessing that we’re in the supernatural equivalent of New York? It’s kinda freaky how I can easily imagine Kol or Leon getting that stereotypical New Yorker accent in their dialogue… shiver


Ooh! I like the sound of Monsters of the Americas!


Sounds like R&M, but for the Americas.


:cold_sweat: What have you done???

I may never romance Leon again!!! Just kidding, I’m in too deep. :yum:


What other majors/careers would be there?
Also are you going to be famous after the end of the game and be like a celebrity of some sort in the city?
By the way if you take all the magic based classes (like Telekinesis, Battle magic etc) at the same semester but don’t use Celestial magic could you still suffer from MOS later?
These classes seem to use quite a lot of magic and that’s why I took ritual magic instead of telekinesis in the first place .


Not quite sure. I was originally planning for 3 games, but it depends on how many ideas/how much free time I have :sweat_smile:

MC is special and (probably) won’t get to choose a real major for plot reasons. MOS will only come into play in the second game, if at all, and can technically affect any MC.


What does the sanity stat do?
By the way why do the hunters kill you when they see you if you’re a magician? I thought magicians are still humans?


Out of interest, are you still thinking of adding in secret species? :thinking:


Sanity stat is more for next game than this one. Game wise, magician MC can only have one species subplot. It’s a good point though, so I’ll add some sort of explanation in game.

No, sorry! It would be too much work at this point and would slow down finishing up the game too much, when I really want to get it finished.