Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



You can definitely meet Yakov before him, and I think Altair and the twins, too. Plus you meet him at the same time as Kol, who’s not a jerk. :thinking:

I guess the job is a point in his favour, though, which still doesn’t help him much… :confused:


Tsundere characters are the best.

I’m a proud Leon voter. He’s best boy :upside_down_face:


I never met Yakov that early, I only met him when I met the others like Thalia and Kol.
Also I always meet either Cyrus or Cressida, never both of them at once.
I think it’s true you met Altair earlier but you didn’t really talk much, Leon also confesses to you very early if your relationship is good (I think he was the 2nd person that asked to date me after Astrid) while you have to go find Altair yourself and ask to date him (or be a Cambion and train with him) which is very easy to miss.


There a kiss sera scene how did you get that


First go help her with her spell preparations in chapter 5, if you have a good relationship with her (60+) you can say you like her. Then at chapter 7 she’ll ask you to go study with her (basically a date), you have to accept of course. In the date ask her personal questions like how is she doing and to admit she cares about you (this makes her more emotional), then at chapter 9 before the tournament she will run away from everyone so go find her. There will be a scene where she kisses you at the end of it


You meet Yakov, Cyrus and Cressida in Chapter 1 if you ditch Astrid.


I’m going to go do that now


Well Kitty-cat is cute, tall and a good roomie who lets my mc borrow his stuff on occasion. Yakov’s only pro to me is that he’s really tall and has obvious secrets, but unlike Alty he is too closed off and boring for me to want to put in the time it takes to open him up. Besides my other mc already has Cy for the thrill of piercing the prince’s shell.

And now you’re just proving my other given about voters. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I should just go neo-Marxist here as clearly I’m one of the very few Vanguards who knows what’s best. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cute, tall, reasonably good dresser, who more importantly lets my mc borrow his stuff whenever he truly needs it. So a good roommate and possible friend, but not romance material to me personally.

I’d have rather it had been a job working for/with Leon than working for Cy’s dad tho.

His clothes, his clothes, he’s the second best dressed male character (tied with Alty, though they have different styles with Alty being into the timeless, elegant classics and Leon following the latest fashion trends) and after Cy. :grin:
Also to come back to my first thought he’s easy on the eyes but not so cute that he’s a super awesome distraction to my mc. If the poor guy had to share a room with Alty and/or Cy I predict his grades would have been a lot worse.


Gonna call it now. Thanks for the responses, everyone! Sera short is below.

Preview of Sera RO scene

“Let’s get out of here.”

Seraphina looks at you like you’ve gone mad. “It’s a ball. We can’t just leave.”

“We don’t have to go far, just away from the crowds,” you insist. It’s feeble reasoning, but enough to sway her. After a moment, Seraphina nods and leads you out of the ballroom as discretely as possible.

“Any place you’d prefer to go?” she asks, once you’ve stared at a tapestry of the first nymphs hanging in the hallway for long enough.

“What’s your favorite place? You grew up here, I’m sure you know it better than I.”

At that, Seraphina gives half a smile. “The library then,” she says, moving abruptly to stand a more polite distance away from you as a couple passes by.

The ceiling is a strange midnight blue, hung with clouds that veil a million stars shining down.

“An illusion,” says Seraphina, breaking you out of your reverie. “When Celosia first became a nymph she decided she would always want to see the stars from here. High Priestess Anetha indulged her…She loved them too, I think.”

“And you?”

“I’m sorry?”

“Do you love the stars?”

She laughs then. “I used to. I fancied escaping to be among them sometimes.”

“But you don’t anymore?” you prompt, leaning lightly against one of the shelves.

"I feel less a need to.” Despite the softness of her tone, her eyes are intense on yours.

“Oh?” You smile. “Do tell.”

“I suppose I could try to explain,” she says, drawing you nearer to her, “but I take it from your thoughts you would rather skip the talking all together.”




Me realizing the futility of hiding anything from her.

Also now I’m hoping she does something when we want to manipulate people.


Can you conceal your thoughts from Seraphina at all?


If you take mental resistance and have high willpower you can.


Honestly…Sera’s self control impresses me again… it’s really a futile endeavor trying to get her flustered… :slightly_frowning_face: But considering she must have seen the worst things in other people’s mind already it’s not that suprising.


Damn… The things she must see… :cold_sweat:

Edit: Just found out Sera hates coffee!!! :heart_eyes:



I know you’re trying to remain tight lipped about the new things added to the game, but there’s this one question that’s been itching on my mind as of late, and I don’t really think it would be too big of a spoiler if it got answered so I decided to just throw it out there?

Can we now become hunters without the 60% Resistance requirement, or is that requirement officially needed to become one?


I’m just looking forward to next semester’s classes!


As of now there’s still a 60% resistance requirement. That could of course change during beta testing if most testers disagree or someone has a better idea etc.

There have been a few class changes relative to the demo, but hopefully the new classes are still exciting!


So, are there any open spots left for beta-testers ?


Beta testing hasn’t started yet! :smile: