Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



Can someone tell me how to do the dragon masscre subplot ?


When Ebner talks about it in class (this happens in Chapter 5, I think?), pick the last option, which usually amounts to “I need to find out more about this subject.”

Later on, when the festivals start, there’ll be an option to stay behind in the library and read about said subject. Pick the option to do so, read up and then you’ll have a little confrontation with Seraphina. The final option will be to either tell her that you’ll keep looking into it, or that you’ll drop it. Pick the option to keep looking into it.

And bada bing, bada boom, you’re now part of the Dragon Massacre subplot.


Patil is more interested in Leon than the Monroes because of what he wants from cambion!MC. Additional species scenes in Chapter 8 and 11 will clarify this.

Since I’m really bad at this whole not sharing what I’ve been writing thing, here’s a poll–pick your favorite RO and I’ll post a snippet from the winner’s Chapter 11 RO scene.

  • Altair
  • Astrid
  • Cressida
  • Cyrus
  • Katia
  • Kol
  • Leon
  • Seraphina
  • Thalia
  • Yakov

0 voters


Yakov for me! He’s fascinating!


So torn between Alty and Cy recently, agh! Though Alty still wins I kinda wanna see both.
Unfortunately it seems little kitty-cat is the only male RO who stand a serious chance, the others being Asta and Sera.
The Leon choice in particular shows me that we don’t need to be the UK or Italy for most voters to be idiots. :stuck_out_tongue: :roll_eyes:

Even @ParrotWatcher and @TSSL will be no help since they’ll just vote for Kol anyway. :worried:


So what happens in the event of a tie?

Or as it’s looking right now, a three way tie.


Kinda conflicted between Astrid and Sera


I honestly only voted the way I did for a tie. :blush:


I voted for Sera for a 4 way tie :stuck_out_tongue:
By the way I wonder why is Kol so unpopular, he seems pretty cool


His fans seem to be non-voters, which kinda chimes with his super laid-back and agreeable nature though it’s worthless when it comes to winning a vote.


Yeah I bet if there was a poll of which character you hate the most he would be in one of the last places too.
It’s kinda like everyone likes him but not strongly enough to romance him. In the old polls he was 2nd in the poll of which character interests you non-romantically (after the pet dragon) but pretty low in the RO poll too.


Unsurprisingly, it seems that Astrid, Seraphina and Yakov are in the top spots. Though I’m quite surprised that Leon is up there as well; I had the illusion that not too many people were fond of him.

Regardless, it seems that my RO in particular is nowhere near the top, but I can live with that. With the exception of Cyrus, I’m quite fond of all our other college mates, so I’m bound to read the RO snippet regardless of who wins.


I haven’t been following this thread for a while, but thanks for @ing me so I knew there was a poll and reminding me to vote for Kol! :innocent:

(Some day I’ll catch up… some day…)


Of course you had to ruin the perfect 69 we had :roll_eyes:


Aww… Seraphina overtook Leon.


I thought that was a given… :roll_eyes:

But why Leon!? :confounded: Yakov is cool and mysterious, sure, Astrid is the first girl, and Sera has the dragon (I assume that’s why people like her :confused: ), but I just can’t see Leon’s charms…

Aw, I voted… :disappointed_relieved:

Well, at least he’s doing better than… :smile: uh, either of your two… :sweat: (sorry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


Honestly, I’m so happy to be getting new content I almost don’t care who wins. :smile: I’m suffering from withdrawal.


Sera is cool, mysterious, has a dragon and is heavily involved in a subplot of the game. I voted for Thalia because of my own bias, but my second vote would’ve been for her for that last reason alone.


I like Leon alright enough, though my favorite RO is honestly Yakov. As for Leon’s charms…?

Well, he gives us a job. :slightly_smiling_face:


Leon has some more time to interact with I guess? He is the second character you meet and if your character is a boy he’ll be your roommate too, and you can take his job offer as well.

And I think Sera is the best RO, her scenes were the most touching (especially the kiss scene after she was crying) and her past story is very interesting and is related to the plot. She’s also probably the one who suffered the most and needs your support more than the others. The only reason I was kinda conflicted was that I’m afraid she’s not ready for romance and there might be a bad ending where you break up or something