Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



I got at least 90 in every subject, so you really don’t need the bonus.


You really did optimize even more then I did, but yeah, my main mc is cute, charming and cunning and decent at combat. Of course being a Nephilim too this has come, again like it has in your case, at the expense of willpower. Doubly so due to the fact that most of the options that do raise willpower are far less enticing then the others, so unless I play one of the races, pure non-magician human (which isn’t for me personally) or foxy Kitsune that get “natural” bonuses in it, willpower is probably going to remain the low stat.
Again from a roleplaying perspective also mostly due to the fact that focusing on raising willpower doesn’t make my main mc fun to play anymore.

Agreed, but again unless we get a fun class that focuses on boosting it the willpower options are still far less enticing and frankly feel out of character for my main mc.


Just to clarify, not having any willpower won’t make MC ‘lose’ the game and get a bad ending. MC can end the game perfectly fine without any willpower. There is one event in the final chapter, which is possible to avoid in other ways, that will currently require some amount of willpower.


Seems like I guessed right, then.
Was fun to see people freak out though, XD


Now I’m just hoping that something to do with Alty will be one of the ways to avoid said event. :thinking:



Glad to know that.

And since you’re here, I might as well ask on the state of the game so far. It’s been a while since any update came out, and I’m quite curious about the progress that has been made.


Still hoping to start (private) beta testing in late March/early April. There won’t be any more public updates. I’ve made major edits to chapter 1, less major edits up to chapter 8, have most of ten and thirteen done, and am about halfway through on twelve and the epilogue.


Looking forward to taking part in it!


Could I volunteer for a spot in the private beta testing? Or have you already chosen the people you want?


I’m looking forward to finding out what happens after the ceremony!


As this question has been asked and answered repeatedly before, I can answer that for you.

The author will make a thread asking for volunteers when the game is ready for beta testing.


Huh, I must have missed them. Thanks for answering! :smile:


If Nephilim are human/angel hybrids does it mean angels still exist in your world? Will you ever meet one of them (and demons too) Also will you ever meet one of the old powerful dragons (do they still exist?)


I can’t quite remember what became of the dragons, but the nyphms helped seal the pure angles and demons away in another plane of existence. I think it has something to do with the wars the races were waging were endangering the world.


I remember @daydreamsincolor mention , True Blood Angels and Demons exist in this universe, but they are not going to appear in this book… the author also mention Angels and Demons may only appear in this universe IF there is a sequel :slight_smile:

I think this history was mention in the description of one of the relic right ? must play-through it again to investigate :slight_smile:

"The most popular pieces are a few artifacts which the nymphs loaned out from their extensive collection: a diadem thought to have been worn by High Priestess Mirabelle, who banished the angels and demons from Earth; a truth-telling necklace created by the nymph Roxana, etched with runes imbued with magical energy. "


Will we meet the missing dad?


I think the MC can choose his/her own background … for my case i choose to stay with parents :slight_smile:

while i understand others can chose to have single mother or father , but perhaps the missing dad or mum isn’t in the main plot ? :slight_smile:

Although the author can still put family matter in the epilogue by explaining what happen to the missing dad or mum? :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure @daydreamsincolor wrote three whole separate subplots for the various different family backgrounds. I’m pretty sure in a Tumblr post, they said the MC would have a chance to meet their missing dad, if that was the family route they took. In single dad option, the missing mom is dead, but you can find out more about her past and death, and in the two parent option, your parents are hunters with some family secrets related to magi.:wink:


Ok, so I noticed something odd about the Cambion head hancho dude when we meet him. Ok, so he seems to be focused on our relationship with Leon. If we say anything that isn’t negative about Leon, head hancho dude gets upset. Even if we are dating Altair, head hancho dude seems more interested in our none existent relationship with Leon. Even when we are dating Cyrus he seems more interested in how we feel about Leon! Shouldn’t he be concerned about Leon only if we are dating him? This is just my opinion, however. If I’m wrong then just ignore my blurred post :grin:


If possible I’d love to be a part of it!