Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



With the sanity stat have to do with MOS?


Fair enough; I imagine it would take quite a bit of work even for the number of species you already have. (And you already added kitsune for us… :sweat_smile:)


Among other things, yes.

The species subplots will be much more elaborated on in the full game, but I’d prefer not to talk too much about new content before testing :smile:


What are the species subplots? I know Kitsunes have this forest vision thing and Magicians had the dream training but the rest seem to only have a chat with their secretary.


how do you not die to the dragon i keep trying but it doesnt give me a option it just says you died kinda stupid


There’s actually no way to be killed by the dragon at the end—that’s just where the demo ends :smile:


when are you able to turn into a full dragon?


I’m calling it now, the MC is a keeper. It’s even in the title of the game.


so what im hearing is. There is a sequel


I’ve been thinking that as well. The game does says keepers have a talent for Control Magic

" Keepers have a talent for control magic and were historically instructed by the nymphs in more arcane forms of magic." Chapter 7

@daydreamsincolor Are there genetic influences in being a Keeper or is it some other origin or even random?


not at the end but like chapter 8 at the one like election meeting type thing it says a dragon comes out of a shadow yada yada and comes straight at you


My plan is for more than one game, yes :grin:

It’s generally assumed that there is likely some genetic component, given the prevalence of keepers in the Delacroix family, however, no specific gene etc. for keepers has been singled out.


That will be awesome … since i choose to be a Nephilim and Romancing Astrid ( a Cambion ), it will be fun to be involve in faction feud while romancing love interest from rival faction :smile: I think it will be even more intriguing if MC’s hunter parents ( for those who chose parents) come out to hunt Astrid for “tempting” their son/daughter away , how to protect Astrid from the MC’s own parents will be an interesting story-arc :grin: :sweat_smile:


You mean the drake in the exam? You only die if you barely damage him at all. There are a lot of options not to die. Just pick an option that is focused on your strong stats. Some of them kill him instantly like The “Stop” one with high willpower, Celestial Magic, poisoning him with the flower and drawing a sigil with high enough ritual stat.
If you’re a human pick the “stop” option (even with low willpower it will damage him enough for you not to die)

By the way does the game name basically mean the Nymph keepers that helped during the Angels-Demons war? Sun=Angel Moon=Demons I think, you can see that Nephilim like the summer solstice (sun) and Cambions like the winter one (moon)



With the way you word how there are a lot of keepers in Sera’s family, It’s almost like you’re encouraging conspiracy theory talk…

You rascal, you.


I like the sound of that idea, though first and foremost I’m wondering how Astrid’s family would react to that. :thinking:

Speaking of which, there’s also Altair, Leon, and Cressida to consider too. I wonder what those scenarios would look like.


I’m wondering if the MC is related to any of the roommates.


The “normal” USA has what, about 300 million people nowadays, if we assume the supernatural world has/is about 5% of that number then we get an even 15 million as the number of supernaturals in the US.
This would mean about a third actually live in or around NMC, which is still possible but it would make NMC into the magical equivalent of a true megacity, relatively speaking.
Now I kinda also wanna see a quaint supernatural town sometime.

Awww…what does that mean? The mc is not going to graduate, are we just getting the boot sometime or are we working towards an ultimate sacrifice ending that comes before graduation?
If the mc does survive, what will they do for money? Mooch of Alty or Cy for the rest of their lives? :worried:

Out of interest what are Cy and Alty majoring in, besides being super-cute?

Well one of my worries for the Nephilim mc was that we might get sprung with an awkward"I did not have sexual relations with that woman" moment. Which would make Cy from a cool friend/senpai into a real big bro. :worried:


Live under a bridge! :grinning: So much fun! :crazy_face:


Personally I (sadly) think we’re working towards an ultimate sacrifice ending here, where the mc has to sacrifice their live to reseal the barrier keeping the Angels and Demons out or something like that.


What’s a senpai? Is it an anime term?