Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



What’s a senpai? Is it an anime term?


It’s a Japanese honorific used when referring to a superior like an upperclassman. In English it’s mainly known from anime though


Since they’re all romanceable, I sincerely hope not. :sweat_smile:


How do you befriend Cyrus?


Being a Nephlim and choosing him as your “trainer” helps a lot and if you just want to be friends don’t choose any romance dialogue. I’m assuming values above 60 in the relationship stat indicate a budding friendship, as they are also the romance thresholds.

When there was still the question of possible secret characters being a Delacroix dragonborn would have made you ineligible to romance Sera. While my main mc isn’t romancing Cy, having him as an actual brother would be different then wanting him as a friend and “brother” in spirit. The real horror for my main mc would be being related to Cy’s dad and sister.


You mainly need to visit him if you want to befriend him (same with Cressida), like choosing to visit his group in the party (and saying you feel like it was all normal) then visit him again after you figure out your specie, and I think there was another time you could visit afterwards (it was an option instead of visiting Sera in the library).

Also in the meetings with him and Cressida try to agree with him and choose the more serious dialogues (if you want to befriend Cressida choose the more fun dialogues and agree with her instead).

Another thing that helps increase your relationship a lot is being a Nephilim and having him help you to fly (Celestial magic training also increase it a lot but less than flying)


Yep, time is your main limit to making friends, with my main mc’s overloaded schedule I feel I can hang out with only two characters on a really regular basis, I choose Alty and Cy. Leon is a bonus, made easy by the fact he’s male mc’s roommate.


I expect they’d have a rather different type of the accent, though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Okay, but now I am curious what sorts of accents the characters really have, and if NMC would have a somewhat distinctive accent of its own.

Is Delacroix a female-line family? :thinking: Maybe it’s in the mitochondrial DNA, then—you always get that from your mother.

5% seems a lot :astonished: are there that many?

Hmm… how many supernaturals are native to the Americas? :worried: There could be some worrisome history here…

That’s how trolls made money in olden times :crazy_face: should work for us too!

Well, they could be very distant relatives, like traceable to a common lineage hundreds of years ago :sweat_smile:

Hmm… I might choose Kol and Thalia, with the bonus that the two of them are already often together :thinking: (but there’s so many other characters I want to hang with too :anguished:)


You can be friends with all of the suitemates without hanging out that much cause you get to interact with them a lot anyway. It’s really hard to be friends with people like Katia, Cyrus etc though cause you have to go out of your way to meet them. I had higher than 60% relationship with all suitemates but only like 51% with Cyrus cause we barely talked with teach other (in my Nephilim game I had higher though, around 60)


This is true, still I feel that in the current setup and with optional scenes we can probably only invest in getting to know 2-3 characters really well. But, yeah, you can get the relationship stats over 60, in the public part at least, for most of them. Going forward I still think we need to decide who our closest friends are going to be though, since there is only so much time and the player character obviously cannot do all the optional friendship stuff for everybody they don’t romance on the same playthrough. Especially if this goes forward into the sequels. The public parts of the game that were up are still only the beginning chapters after all.


Nope, MC’s not related to any of the suitemates (or any other main characters).

MC will be a student at Magi throughout all of the games.

This is subject to change, but in my current plans Cyrus is majoring in the physical magic area (elemental manipulation, telekinesis, etc.) and Altair is majoring in the magic theory area. (Cressida has a more standard political science major, although she still has required magic courses.)


This is a code game so I assume there will probably be multiple different endings to the series. Your idea seems very plausible for one ending, but I think there will be a possibility for happier and other unhappy endings as well, probably some bittersweet ones too. This isn’t a static novel, that’s what makes it so appealing.:wink:


I know still that’s one of real-life’s dilemma’s too, so much to do, so little time to do it in.
I agree that this game as it is currently set-up makes you fall in with a crowd, so the primary people around my mc tend to be the other Nephilims and Cambions, Alty :heart_eyes: , Cy, Leon, Cressida and Astrid.
My next targets in order of priority to spend friendship time with would be a shared third place for Astrid and Leon (luckily they might themselves help out in the next books by ending up as a couple.). :wink:

With Kol being the one you are planning on romancing, I assume. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Welll…if you want to put 5 million of them in NMC and still have a decent-size supernatural population in the rest of the world. Now if NMC were to only have 1 million residents in the city proper and its surroundings that would work out to supernaturals just equaling about 1% of the normal population, for a total of about 3 million supernaturals in the entire US.
Oh, and remember there’s also ordinary humans who can choose to become magicians, which would seem the natural path to take for normal people with supernatural relatives who, by chance of the genetic lottery, might not have received the supernatural blood and abilities of some of their relatives but who still want to remain part of the supernatural world. Speaking of natives it does occur to me that for magicians at least lots of native ones in the supernatural US might be descendants of the old Shamans and medicine men of the tribes.


Didn’t have a chance to know Astrid’s family , but i think they should be less scheming ? :thinking: Altair seems open mind… but as for the Nephilim side, Cressida’s father seems much more the scheming type, he indicated that i should make Seraphina care for me ? so i suppose he will be pushing me to date Seraphina instead :slight_smile:

But i am thinking the scene of my Hunter Parents inviting Astrid for family dinner will be very intriguing… what will the Hunter community think about one of their elite family letting a Demon Girl eat at their dinner table ? :smile:
Mother will probably ask Astrid : " So how many more innocents souls had you tempted away beside our son ? "

Father will probably say : " How can you prove that you are not a spy send by the Demons to infiltrate us ? "

Astrid : "Why everyone hates me ? "

Me : " I never hate you Astrid … Mum , dad , Astrid was the one who saved me and she is my first date, don’t ruin it "

I agree with you, if the sole purpose is to reseal the barrier of Angels and Demons… there can be more way of doing it… Similar scenario had happened in "Heart of the House ", the MC tried to seal the barrier with his/her own power, but without higher stats he/she die even when the barrier was seal ( i assume MC will survive with higher stats ), and MC can allow Oriana to fly back to other world to help seal the barrier from “other side” (which the MC survive )…finally let the House help seal the barrier .

Personally i hope there can a negotiating pact with the Angles and Demons so that i help them keep the portal open instead… allowing them to return to our world :slight_smile:


That would be bad, and there’s probably no chance of negotiating a remotely satisfactory deal with one of them, let alone both of them. Any deal you might manage to make with the Demons will incur the everlasting wrath of the Angels and vice-versa. Even the supernaturals are also mere ants to them and at best they will dictate their terms to us, not negotiate as equals.
But maybe the barrier between worlds won’t figure it into it, maybe whoever stole the ancient artifacts merely seeks their power for themselves. Maybe they’ll try to transform themselves into a Demon or Angel (or at least a being with the powers of one or both) without opening the barrier in order to have this world all to themselves .
Your speculation is as good as mine at this point.


Ahhh… you are right, i am too naive to think that as Nephilim i will negotiate with the Angels and as Cambion , Astrid can negotiate with the Demons :grin:

I imagine the MC and Astrid will make such cute couple for doing that :blush: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I don’t know whether to be disappointed because it’s such a basic and boring major compared to the more magical ones or because I saw it coming from a mile away.


There’s something very wrong with someone who chooses to major in political science whwn the other options are, you know, magic, even if they’ve been surrounded by it their entire lives. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So do the universities offer completeley mundane courses, or do they focus on the Magi world (such as examining Magi history and politics)?


Are Cambions/Nephilim considered the strongest races from the ones you can choose from (from a lore perspective)?
I mean they have more abilities than the other races. They have dark/light manipulation, flight and celestial magic, and also seem to have stronger willpower (like how Cambions can command hellhounds).
They could be potentially really strong if they master their powers like how Cyrus and some Cambion were the finalists in the duelist tournament. Being more vulnerable to MOS could be a big disadvantage though.

In comparison Dragonborns seem pretty weak, all they have is wings and better hand to hand combat due to their shape shifting (with hand to hand combat being generally weak in this game).


Keep in mind that, with enough shifting skill, they can transform into a dragon. I’d say that makes them quite formidable.

If you want to point out one of the more weaker species, then the elephant in the room is the human. Granted, they’re not entirely defenseless; they can recevie hunter training as well as resistance to magic, which fuels their willpower. Which, in turn, fuels their control magic capavility.

I guess it depends on how you look at it. During Jarrod’s confrontation, he said that Astrid (who I think we all know is not the most combat oriented person) could kill you with a snap of her fingers. So in the present, they’re pretty weak. However, if you go train for the tournament, you can see that Jarrod actually wins a sparring match with Thalia-who’s quite a formidable oppoent, even if it was a spar without powers involved. And this is the same person who’s training you so you could probably reach that level of skill in the future.

There’s also the MC’s parents who are, needless to say, quite experienced hunters. Maybe they could pass down a thing or two to their child.

TL;DR a prime example of an actually weak species is human, though they definitely have some potential in them.