Keeper of Life and Death (WIP, updated 9/28 post 1278)

Keeper of Life and Death is the third book in the Keeper series, and is a continuation of Keeper of the Sun and Moon and Keeper of the Day and Night.

Premise: The three main powers of New Magi City are ready to go to war, while the threat of Frostbite grows greater each day. Battle lines are drawn in New Magi City, and the keepers are far from keeping the peace…

Demo: Are there any additional choices you would have wanted? Any scenes you would have wanted expanded? Any grammar/coding errors? Please let me know!

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Demo Word Count: ~290,000 words


Fanart: Keeper of the Sun and Moon - fanart


  • Play as male, female, or non-binary; gay, straight, bi, or asexual
  • Romance one of ten love interests, from a bubbly clairvoyant to an ornery nephilim
  • Learn to control your powers as one of seven unique species, while raising a hellhound puppy, phantom kitten, or dragon hatchling
  • Choose your classes for each semester, from Artifacts to Battle Magic
  • Embrace your celebrity status as a keeper, or swear off press conferences forever
  • Discover the secrets of New Magi City, and become involved in the intrigue yourself
  • Support one of the factions working to take control of NMC, or try to take control yourself

The ROs

Altair Adtaz

Species: Cambion

Known abilities: Darkness manipulation, fire manipulation, telekinesis, flight, compulsion, celestial magic

Personality: Sweet, helpful, reliable

Appearance: Near black hair, dark brown eyes, fair skin, has freckles across his cheeks

What others have to say about Altair:

  • Astrid - “He’s nice, but he can be overbearing sometimes.”

  • Cressida - “Alty’s a real sweetheart. Any person would be lucky to have him.”

  • Cyrus - “He’s cool. Way better to be around than his sister."

  • Katia - “Altair’s really nice, from what I’ve heard!”

  • Kol - “He always says hi to me.”

  • Leon - “Altair’s cool.”

  • Seraphina - “He’s quite closed off, despite pretending otherwise.”

  • Thalia - “Altair’s a complete bore.”

  • Yakov - “He seems rather nice.”

Astrid Adtaz

Species: Cambion

Known abilities: Darkness manipulation, telekinesis, flight, compulsion, celestial magic

Personality: Cheerful, strong willed, loyal

Appearance: Medium blonde hair, dark brown eyes, fair skin

What others have to say about Astrid:

  • Altair - “She’s my sister, and I love her…But she can be a bit much.”

  • Cressida - “Asta’s great. Most of the time.”

  • Cyrus - “She definitely has a temper.”

  • Katia - “I haven’t met her, but she seems really sweet!”

  • Kol - “Astrid’s heart is in the right place.”

  • Leon - “She likes to argue. It’s entertaining.”

  • Seraphina - “She needs to learn how to control herself.”

  • Thalia - “Blondie’s fun.”

  • Yakov - “She tries to be kind to people.”

Cressida Monroe

Species: Nephilim

Known abilities: Light manipulation, telekinesis, flight, compulsion, celestial magic

Appearance: Curly near black hair, brown eyes, dark skin, usually wears gold nail polish

Personality: Calculating, charming, ambitious

What others have to say about Cressida:

  • Altair - “Cressida is really sweet if you get to know her.”

  • Astrid - “Cressy’s great. Most of the time.”

  • Cyrus - “She’s not the most forthright of people.”

  • Katia - “She seems like she would get along with Gisela.”

  • Kol - “She seemed nice when I met her.”

  • Leon - “Cressida is great, when she’s not manipulating you.”

  • Seraphina - “She likes to think she’s smarter than other people.”

  • Thalia - “She definitely throws good parties.”

  • Yakov - “I don’t know her very well.”

Cyrus Monroe

Species: Nephilim

Known abilities: Light manipulation, telekinesis, flight, compulsion, celestial magic

Personality: Sullen, determined, snarky

Appearance: Short dark hair, brown eyes, dark skin, likes wearing leather jackets

What others have to say about Cyrus:

  • Altair - “He’s nice, if a bit rough around the edges.”

  • Astrid - “He’s a jerk who likes to pretend he’s not a secret softy.”

  • Cressida - “He’s not the most polite of people.”

  • Katia - “I don’t really know him.”

  • Kol - “He seems kind of scary, but the one time I talked to him he was nice.”

  • Leon - “Cyrus is funny. He’s good to complain with.”

  • Seraphina - “He’s honest, which I can respect.”

  • Thalia - “He’s a respectable duelist. Ugh, I can’t believe I said that.”

  • Yakov - “I heard he volunteers at the animal shelter.”

Katia Meyer

Species: Nymph

Known abilities: Clairvoyance, telekinesis, control magic, celestial magic

Personality: Optimistic, hyper, cheerful

Appearance: Black hair, hazel doe eyes, olive skin, soft features

What others have to say about Katia:

  • Altair - “We haven’t met.”

  • Astrid - “Katia’s super cheerful.”

  • Cressida - “She seems very sheltered.”

  • Cyrus - “Don’t know her.”

  • Kol - “She’s a really sweet person.”

  • Leon - “Never met her.”

  • Seraphina - “Katia’s very gentle, and very attached to Gisela.”

  • Thalia - “Katia’s enjoyable.”

  • Yakov - “She sounds like she’s very kind."

Kol Foster

Species: Shifter

Known abilities: Shapeshifting

Personality: Friendly, realistic, easygoing

Appearance: Medium brown hair, black eyes, medium brown skin

What others have to say about Kol:

  • Altair - “Kol’s nice. We get along well.”

  • Astrid - “He can be a bit of a stick in the mud.”

  • Cressida - “He seems like such a sweet thing.”

  • Cyrus - “He seems like a bore.”

  • Katia - “I like him a lot. He’s really kind.”

  • Leon - “He’s always super nice…No one’s that nice.”

  • Seraphina - “He has a calming presence.”

  • Thalia - “Lover boy would be more fun if he were able to let loose.”

  • Yakov - “He’s the most sane of us all.”

Leon Dalton

Species: Nephilim

Known abilities: Light manipulation, telekinesis, flight, compulsion, celestial magic

Personality: Arrogant, strong willed, dependable

Appearance: Artfully messy light brown/dark blond hair, blue eyes, tan

What others have to say about Leon:

  • Altair - “He’s nice when he’s not arguing with Astrid.”

  • Astrid - “He’s incredibly arrogant and always looking to pick a fight.”

  • Cressida - “Leon can be very entertaining.”

  • Cyrus - “He’s good to hang out with.”

  • Katia - “I’ve never met him, but he seems nice.”

  • Kol - “Leon is definitely…something. If he could learn to stop talking, our in-dorm peace would benefit from it.”

  • Seraphina - “His heart seems to be in the right place…no matter how misdirected its attempts.”

  • Thalia - “He’s a spoiled brat, and easy to bother, but overall a great guy to be around.”

  • Yakov - "He’s nice, albeit overly proud.”

Seraphina Delacroix

Species: Nymph

Known abilities: Telepathy, telekinesis, control magic, celestial magic

Personality: Aloof, observant, self-assured

Appearance: Dark red hair, hazel eyes, light skin, high cheekbones

What others have to say about Seraphina:

  • Altair - “Seraphina’s…kind of intimidating, honestly.”

  • Astrid - “She’s a total ‘holier than thou’ type.”

  • Cressida - “She likes to think she’s smarter than other people.”

  • Cyrus - “I like her. She annoys Cressida, which is always a plus.”

  • Katia - “Seraphina’s wonderful, amazing, brilliant—I could go on all day”

  • Kol - “She’s incredibly smart. It’s kind of scary.”

  • Leon - “She’s tolerable when she’s not bossing you around”

  • Thalia - “She’s pretty anti-fun. Not cool, Red.”

  • Yakov - “Seraphina’s a good person.”

Thalia Sato

Species: Siren

Known abilities: Air manipulation, telekinesis, supernatural strength

Personality: Animated, impulsive, adaptable

Appearance: Straight black hair, near black eyes, sharp features

What others have to say about Thalia:

  • Altair - “She’s fun, and easy to get along with.”

  • Astrid - “I’ll never forgive her for the Thanksgiving stunt she pulled.”

  • Cressida - “She annoys Cyrus, which is enough for me.”

  • Cyrus - “She’s a competent enough duelist, regrettably.”

  • Katia - “Thalia seems to like me. I don’t think that’s a good thing.”

  • Kol - “We’re close…I don’t know how that happened or when she stopped vaguely threatening me to make that happen."

  • Leon - “She’s cool when she’s not pressing your buttons.”

  • Seraphina - “She has no impulse control. At all.”

  • Yakov - “She’s very energetic.”

Yakov Vasilyev

Species: Wraith

Known abilities: Healing, telekinesis

Personality: Reserved, stoic, observant

Appearance: Light blond hair, grey eyes, pale

What others have to say about Yakov:

  • Altair - “He seems nice.”

  • Astrid - “Yakov’s good to vent to. He always seems to know exactly what to say.”

  • Cressida - “I don’t know him very well.”

  • Cyrus - “He’s not a blabbermouth like some people.”

  • Katia - “Seraphina likes him. That’s good enough for me!"

  • Kol - “He doesn’t talk very much.”

  • Leon - “He helped me study for biology.”

  • Seraphina - “He’s very intelligent.”

  • Thalia - “Yakov’s good to spar with.”

Thank you very much for playing! I hope you enjoy Keeper of Life and Death! :blush:


No way I’m this early


Wow, you work fast! I didn’t expect a demo this quick after the release of book two, but I’m not complaining!


I’ve noticed it’s impossible to set that you captured Dominic when setting stats. In order to pick that you captured him you need beatDominic but choosing that you won the fight against him only sets againstDominic to true and doesn’t have any effect on beatDominic.




For the character creation section that let you create your stats from scratch; the allocation system for abilities should probably be upgraded; one of my characters had basically all stats in the 30 to 40 range by the end of the second game so that 120 should probably go up to maybe 150 or so


Let’s gooooooooo!


Great news, can’t wait to play this over and over.


Been waiting for this a long time


So far, so good. I didn’t see any typos or anything. I’m big feeling this ‘we’re not prepared for this’ energy that my character keeps putting out lol or even the ‘i will survive even if i have to murder a couple crazy cultists’. Honestly, I’ve always kinda liked those options in-game; not every MC wants to be the hero, some just wanted to study in peace or learn to use their powers.


So excited to see where MC’s misadventures take them, especially with the way book 2 ended!
Thanks for all your hard work Brynn :heart:


Took a cursory look at the stat screen:
-chose the RM&P major but it was incorrectly set to magic theory
-need to set a pet variable
-missing stats: EM, RM&P, and Telekinesis
-missing logical/emotional bar
-can’t see relationships, contacts, academic transcript, student resources, or secrets

-missing text


It’s here! The third and final demo. I’m so proud of how far we’ve come!! Let’s go! :heart:


Less goo, can’t wait to cry again with some sera moments. Also I think there’s one typo in the traps section where you go in the archeological site, but other than that the demo is pretty cool. Would love the option to cut or change our mc’s hair length/hairstyles tho.


Unnecessary space between “when” and “there’s”

Missing quotation marks.

Also, the demo gives us 120 points for our stats, but that’s wayyy less than we need considering how high our stats are in book two.


I wasn’t expecting this so soon haha

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Indeed, and also, for testing purposes, I would suggest removing the cap entirely. Like last time.
It also goes only to 35, when some people had some attributes in the 50’s last book.

One error on the Cy route:

You’d both agreed that some space would be good over the summer. Sure, you’d had phone calls or texts here or there, but Cyrus has been busy for most of the summer dealing with Congressman Castella’s latest attempt to ritually sacrifice her him and her brother his sister for allegedly being the twins of legend, a pair of nephilim twins whose sacrifice would bring prosperity for all nephilim.

Not into genderbend Cy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also it seems to male style options have now been narrowed down to bum style or two variations of generic Leo knock-offs. Kerse/dark gothic style seems to have been dropped entirely.
But for the dollar store Leon styles, why even bother having luggage of our own when we can just borrow from Leon?
Unless of course by now the mc still hasn’t learned Astrid’s clothing resize trick. :worried:


Never clicked on a topic this fast. Hype !!



I’m a bit confused with this.


Darn it, Sera. You can’t just drop the impending apocalypse on us like that. The occasional monster attack is fun, but that sounds like a real drag.

Only Astrid, Sera, and Yakov actually get their romance flag set if you transition from their platonic route, though I guess it doesn’t matter yet at this point.

Kitsune and drakaina getting to use their claws is noted and appreciated.


yes! this is such a delightful surprise and i’m excited to stay up late and replay this over and over. <3


I want!

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