Games With Good Romance?!?!?

Keeper of The Sun and Moon and it’s sequel especially contain some of the most emotional, fulfillment romantic content I’ve read in a very, very long time. Honestly, for me, it beats even Zombie Exodus’ romance so far. What an emotional rush with Astrid I had. And with non-ROs, too. The relationships feel three dimensional. Day and Night took what Sun and Moon started and just fucking skyrocketed it all into the atmosphere. It felt like the last game in the series. What a sleeping juggernaut. I feel like the trilogy still isn’t as popular as it deserves to be.

Edit: I should mention, the series is written by @daydreamsincolor for anyone wanting to check it out. You know when a couple scenes make you actually tear up, it’s amazing.


Shepards of Haven has a very sweet romance between (a gender locked) female!MC and Blade. Then again I’m a sucker for a stoic character with a soft side for a love interest.


I adore Weyhaven, but I am also looking forward to the day when we get a game with quality romances and friendships that doesn’t involve supernatural creatures or schools for special folks. :grin::sweat_smile:


Stories on

I suggest playing these stories on your laptop/computer as the saves can get finicky on mobile.

Speaker: 5 ro’s.

Scout: An Apocalypse Story: 4 ro’s.

Bad Ritual: 2 ro’s.

A Tale of Crowns: 4 ro’s.

Superstition S1: 2 ro’s, 2 flings.

Superstition S2: 5 ro’s, 2 flings.

If you’re interested in having 3 LI’s fight over you, here’s a major spoiler for Superstition:

Collect as many romance points as you can with Chris in the first book, but not Sydeko (this is will break the dynamic).

Then romance Rahim, Chris and Zillah in S2. Pay special attention to Rahim as he needs at least 5 points to activate and be careful with Chris too, he’s a super sensitive character who will need a lot of affirmation and he pays attention to who you flirt with. Zillah’s just down for whatever so long as you collect all of his romance points.

Follow the guides for help and do not sleep with any flings or you will lose points and a potential romance. I’ve only ever played as a female!Roe so I’m not certain if this works for other genders.


Don’t forget Wayhaven chronicles, mind blind(WIP) and golden rose(WIP)

All of em have really good romances

  • Wayhaven Chronicles has pretty good plot for a game series that is all about romance. There are two officially released books so far and the third one is WIP.
  • Heart of The House is an amazing mystery game with satisfying ROs.
  • Keeper of The Sun And Moon/Day And Night is not centered around romance but tells an intriguing story with extensive character customization, brilliantly described scenes, lots of secrets, and therefore, equally high replayability. The first book focuses on world-building, while the second book takes the series onto a whole new level in terms of character development for both ROs and non-ROs. My fav. ROs are Astrid (because of the emotional rush that makes me feel she deserves the world) and Seraphina (because it’s fascinating to watch her remove her stoic mask and actually get in touch with her emotions). The series is not underrated but still doesn’t get the degree of popularity and recognition it deserves. Check out the third book, which is still a WIP, here.

We should take a shot every time Wayhaven is mentioned in this thread….see you in the hospital!


Maybe the thread title should just be changed to “Games With Good Romance Besides Wayhaven?!?!?” to save everyone some time.

Great thread, BTW, even though it probably cost me about $50 on Steam… :wink:


since Wayhaven has taken over (i love it dont get me wrong) let me list out some of my finds
obviously not all are interactive novels, that markets still low but it’s definitely getting better!

  • Divide It starts running a little too long by the end (i never completed the game though it’s fine because I felt pretty fufilled at the point I quit. Just kinda knew where everything was going by then!)
  • Throne of Ashes TONS AND TONS OF POTENTIAL. Would suggest patreoning to the creator if you like it. They’ve made the dragon rider hosted game and have improved so much from there and their other creation-- Superstition.
    -The Remainder Art and writing is amazing, appears as a VN but I’d say is more an IF hybrid
    -Bad Ritual Creator has alot of great work. This is just the one I’m most interested in at the moment.
    -Because We’re Here THIS ONE. IS. MY TOP. SUGGESTION. It made me cry many times. It’s not complete but it’s /very/ long. I think I spent about three days getting through it. The next and I THINK final act will be hopefully coming out the next year!

I’ve been told that this one had great romance and is a character driver story and I tried it because I’m a sucker for romance but I’ve never finished the second book because I had some problems with it.

The first book had a huge cast and also had to juggle with character screentime and introducing us to the world, I had to bear with its weird pacing and moments where you get dumped with a lot of exposition and explaination of in-universe jargons because I just thought that this would only be in book 1 and that it’s trying to set everything well and good so when book 2 comes we’ll be more familiar to the world around us and let us keep our suspension of disbelief.

When I got to book 2 though, the weird pacing is still there, one moment you’re there getting dumped with story heavy dialogue and in the other you’re eating ice cream or whatever it is you’re eating with your love interest, in my case was astrid, I like her character the most and stuck with her the entire first book and half of the second where I stopped because I couldn’t handle the pacing.


Omg can I just come here to scream about Because We’re Here. This game is literally SO GOOD, there is just so much pain and shock going around, genuinely the only game right now that actually makes me scared for what is going to happen next.

Usually I don’t play games that are angst galore because they feel a bit forced imo, but this game does such an excellent job at portraying war in a “fulfilling” way that I can not recommend this enough. I am so happy to see other people enjoying this game.

Really big fan of ToA too, can’t wait to cry some more with our poor Phoenix.


any opinions about the new game “The play is the thing”. In the description seems like there would be romance?


I’m only partway through it, but it’s very enjoyable so far, romances included. There are four gender-swappable LIs and they’re all attractive and interesting.


Can’t believe nobody mentioned The Superlatives!! Especially Dusk’s path. I swear, when he (in my case, Dusk is a man but they can be a woman too) told my MC that he finally found what he was searching for and it was her I almost cried. Oh! And his first kiss with MC is soo cute and angsty! I- :pleading_face: and Dusk is always so mysterious and kind of stoic but when he’s with MC he opens up I swear I :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:
Neccessary edit: I totally recommend Choices of the Trail by Michelle Kudelka, published on Delight games! If you’re a woman who likes men, you’re going to fall in love with Caleb. The dynamic btwn him and Beth(MC) is just so :pleading_face: The romances on another games of the franchise are very cute too!


Kiss from Death is basically centered around romance. Really good choice game. The author is a monster who cares nothing about how his words and characters make you cry but yh. Give it a shot.


Now I feel a need to go replay a kiss from death


hello you should check out the shadow society

  1. Wayhaven Chronicles - This is the best Choice of Game i’ve read as of now. The flow of this story is just great. The love story especially with Adam/Ava is my favorite. Still waiting for Book 3!

  2. Samurai of Hyuga - This is kinda good tho. It’s just i don’t understand everything in the Book 4 maybe because I am getting confused since I am losing interest ever since Momoko left lol.

  3. Love at Elevation - The characters seems too plain for me but the story goes well.

  4. The Last Heir of Daria - One of my favorites! The third book I read and I really got hooked up with this book to the point that I repeat reading it from Book 1 for almost 4 times. There are many love interest for you to choose so it’s really good!


The soul stone war also has some very good romances that should develop more in Book 2 (coming out soon!)


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