(WIP - On Pause) Rewriting My Destiny - Fantasy reincarnation inspired by Otome Isekai genre

You are reincarnated into your friend’s fantasy novel. Start out as a minor character, and choose between three major routes - Noble, Commoner, or Mage.

My writing is heavily inspired by otome isekai webnovels and webcomics (Korean manhwa). For Rewriting My Destiny, I wanted to make this genre more LGBT+ inclusive. Therefore, you can be female, male, or nonbinary. Most ROs will be gender-selectable between male/female, and one will be gender-fluid. Instead of Lord or Lady, nobles use Sol for all genders (royal family rules are more archaic, so they retain Prince and Princess type titles).


Romance, Victorian fantasy, social drama, slice of life, light-hearted, otome

What This Story is NOT

Action, horror, shounen isekai. There will be some battle scenes if your MC pursues sword fighting, but only for specific plot reasons. Please keep that in mind!

Romance Options - Commoner Route

Teresa / Terence

A kind-hearted and attentive person. Has light blue eyes, freckles, porcelain skin, and red hair. Was your loyal attendant when you were a noble, but became your friend and equal once you became a commoner.

Alexandra / Alexander

The leader of the artisans’ guild and a supporter of workers’ rights. Has a fiery personality, and considers you a potential enemy at first. Has long brown hair, tan skin, and vivid green eyes.

Romance Options - Noble Route

Princess Julia / Prince Julian

The original heir to the throne. Has curly black hair, warm almond skin, and gray eyes. Is supposed to pass away from a mysterious illness in the original novel - but maybe it’s not too late to change that fate.

Sol Freya / Sol Frey

Athletic, tall, flaxen haired, with ice blue eyes - reminds you of a Valkyrie or a Viking. Is close to the royal family. Has a cold and distant attitude, which may perhaps thaw with the right person.

Sol Ellis

Your arranged betrothed, who is actually asexual and aromantic. Is willing to break off the engagement and remain friends, or keep it and agree to a platonic marriage. Is very shy. Has chestnut hair, beige skin, and brown eyes.

Romance Options - Mage Route

Vittoria / Vittorio

An artificer serving under Goddess Igni, thus attuned to fire and air elements. Has long silver hair, lavender eyes, and pale skin, and wears glasses. Serious, intelligent, and empathetic.


An expert in transformation magic serving under Goddess Azuria. Is gender-fluid, and is able to change physical form at will. Prefers to have teal color hair, golden eyes, and shimmering skin. Loves mysteries, and is especially interested in beings from other worlds. Perhaps you will interest them in a more romantic sense, as well.

Feedback Wanted

  • Gameplay bugs

  • Inconsistencies (for example: your MC went to location A, but the story later says you’ve never been to location A)

The project is in its very beginning stages, and is likely to take years to fully complete. I do, however, plan to finish one route at a time fully, so that there is enough interesting content to explore before full release. I don’t have a weekly update schedule, but will post on this thread whenever there is a significant update.

Minor progress updates and miscellaneous world building will go into my Tumblr blog, linked below.

Read the Story Here


Progress Blog


Interesting premise! I’m totally a reincarnation manhwa fan so I’m totally going to follow this. Could you also perhaps consider adding descriptions for the ros in the intro post?


Just started reading, but I noticed in the gender selection you’re forced to use neopronouns if you choose non-binary. Most non-binary people don’t use neopronouns, with they/them being the most common. Of course, there are still a decent amount of people who use neopronouns (along with a mix of gendered and non-gendered pronouns on occasion, but that’s probably overly complicated when it comes to coding), but non-binary doesn’t necessarily equate to neopronoun usage is all.

Of course, if this is a deliberate decision, that’s totally cool too. I just saw you wanted this work to be more inclusive, so I felt like it was appropriate to say something!


Seems got for what it is so far, but I humbly ask for save slots.


I tried it and I loved it (Maybe it is because of my bias towards these types of korean manhua) But I’m surprised at the fact of giving the player the choice of choosing a path before exploring or giving sneak peak of each route, I would love to know whats awaits in each path (more specifically who are the ROs in these paths ( ≧▽≦) ) I chose the high society option because of drama I want to fight these gossiping bullies and spill wine on one of them ( I would love if there was option of being the villainess)


Thank you so much for the feedback, everyone! I’ve added these items to work on:

  • Save slots.

  • RO descriptions for the post. I’m still deciding if they will be gender-locked or gender-selectable, so I’ll need to make up my mind on that soon.

  • Coding they/them pronouns. It’s a bit of a challenge for 3rd person verbs, hence the xe/xem for now. I did find some coding solutions though, so I think I’ll be able to do it :slight_smile:

  • Add more of a peek at the routes and ROs in the prologue

And of course, more choices and content that includes those choices, for the prologue as a whole.


ouu finally another isekai wip


I’m always up for a good isekai. I’ll be honest, I like a power fantasy in my isekai though so I’d like the opportunity to really wow people with what I can do throughout the course of the story.

Some thoughts:

This may be entirely due to my own habit of skim reading, but I was very confused when the naming option that came up first was for someone other than my character. Seeing they were all female names I was disappointed for a second thinking this was gender locked before I reread the passage and realised I was naming a friend. I may be off the mark but I don’t think I’ve noticed being asked to name someone else before you name your own character in a CoG before. I don’t know how much the friend factors in to the narrative going forward, but if they don’t factor into the story I think you’d be better off just naming them yourself, or writing around giving them a name at all.

Then in the actual name choosing section I chose Thomas and immediately people start calling me William? So, guessing there is a bug in that choice.

I think the moment where you are informed about the engagement would be a good opportunity to set the players sexuality.

I do like the approach you seem to be taking of a more visual novel style “routes” with the divergence at the choice of priest, noble, engagement or commoner. It’s not a direction we see taken in CoG often and I’m interested to see how you manage it, even if I’m a little worried about how much writing it will be for you.

It might be a fun idea for these routes to break off the arranged engagement but give you a chance to meet your previously betrothed later on in the story. Possibly fall in love for real?


I’m always interested in seeing how these play out! Great work so far!

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The prologue just got a major update!

  • More story branches and content

  • Nonbinary characters now use they/them pronouns

  • Most ROs are now gender-selectable (and you get to meet the first one - to be romanceable in the Commoner route)

  • Moved the final part of the prologue with the route choices to Chapter 1, which is a current work in progress

  • Chapter 1 will continue the shared route. You will get a glimpse of the routes and the ROs for each, before making your route decision


Thank you for the feedback, and for spotting the name bug! :slight_smile: I do like the idea of being able to encounter the betrothed in the different routes.

Spoiler, if you don’t mind knowing about him/her ahead of the meeting in Chapter 1: he/she is aromantic asexual, so if the engagement is kept, it will be for a platonic marriage of convenience. If that’s something the player wants instead of a romance, it could be an interesting connection to create. Otherwise, this character will be more than happy to break off the engagement and be just friends.


Really excited for this one. Can’t wait to see where the story will go!

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ok but what if the mc is also aro ace and they both end up like


Great start, I see Truck-Kun as ever has done his purpose… :yum:


There’s an error when choosing the maids gender and it won’t move forward


**Your** start your mornings with a luxurious bath, followed by studying and writing down notes.

Just a tiny grammar error

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I’m replaying the demo again, and I have to say that I am really enjoying the story so far! I am currently sticking with the noble route because it seems very intriguing to me!

I cannot wait to see how the demo progresses! <3

Played it and loved it so far. Cant wait to start the mage route :smiley:

Is there any chance of combination of routes, like want to be noble but also have decent magic aptitude or combat? Not really like to play total damsel in distress, need some actions.