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thank you very much! your observation is very very helpful and appreciated! o:

i wasn’t exactly sure how vague i should be, i didn’t want to spoil too much.

as for military dog, you’re actually not a dog, but a werewolf. my friend thought it would be better not to mention that but i see how that could be awkward\confusing now!


I got a bit of a wild sell but hopefully someone else will get attached to the idea.

Keep in mind the name is a work in progress as with everything else, ideas are subject to change.

Maltesevale Basic Premise
Maltesevale is a game taking place in a recreation of Prohibition Era United States with a sci-fi framing device allowing for multiple races to allow for liberties in technology and to allow some slightly more ‘inclusive’ concepts.

Brief Synopsis and Goals

You are an immigrant, being teleported to a planet known as Oldboy to live in the singular city-state the planet has, Maltesevale. The planet is under a import ban, all modern technology and recreational goods are banned and thus the city has to remain self-sufficient. You select your characters race, gender, and reason for coming to Maltesevale.

You can go down multiple story paths after becoming acquainted with the city. The biggest players in influencing the city are:

  • The City Government and Police, referred to as ‘The Feds’ attempting to eject the criminal elements of the city to reform Maltesevale into a peaceful place to live and remove the import ban on the planet.

  • Sleuth and Associates Private Investigations, an independent PI firm led by Peter ‘Sleuth’ Sternwood that attempts to take down the criminal elements of Maltesevale without being bogged down by red tape.

  • The Noire Gang, criminals of the lower class that focus on bootlegging, extortion, and gun running. They want to keep Maltesevale’s Prohibition in place and profit off it, while valuing loyalty and appearing sympathetic to the community, making the best of the planet’s situation.

  • The Ritz, a mafia backed by a mysterious and rich don that appeared after a many Maltesevale citizens were ‘gassed’ and gave them unsettling transformations to their biology, forming a gang of professionals and outcasts that have unknwon, but large plans for Maltesevale. Specialize in trafficking technology and drugs, as well as larceny and assassination.

There will be an in-game option at the start to read up on the history and races of Maltesevale in more detail.

Races and The Player Character

Maltesevale features four playable races that all populate the city and will all be briefly described here. Keep in mind these are ‘nutshelled’ descriptions of each race, taken from what I have already wrote down in more detail.

  • Pericarps, also known as Carps, are a mono-gendered race with no sex organs that reproduces from cloning. Pericarps looks can depend on the DNA used, but will always have a solid segmented carapace that makes them hardy. Traditional pericarps have black or dark gray carapaces, while ones with DNA from other races used in the cloning process have colors ranging from white, soft pink, light blue, and other features such as fangs or small horns, and rarely hair. They are native to Oldboy, their race declaring war against the Quitillians in a bid of expansion and attempted to overwhelm them with sheer numbers but were defeated and quarantined on their now ruined homeworld until they are ‘safe enough to be reintroduced to the galactic community.’ While having no traditional gender roles, some carps like to fashion themselves under one after exposure to other races with multiple genders. This also bleeds into their concept of relationships, as the closest thing they used to have to love was having trusted lifelong friends. Concepts such as taking alien lovers and the idea of a sexual relationship itself will confuse as many pericarps as it disgusts.

  • Quitillians, or Quttles/Quitties, are a sea-faring race that is a three-gendered race, as hermaphroditic traits are common enough to the point where being born with only male or female sex organs is more of the minority. They are a slick skinned species with tiny scales and ‘hair’ resembling that of tentacles that can often also include barbs or suckers. They are a colorful race whose scales often vary in many pastel and stark colors. They are a big player in galactic politics, having a rich culture of both art and science that make them have a dominant presence in space. Pericarps waged war on them to expand on their fringe colonies, and after numerous attempts to make them surrender Quitillians proceeded to unleash some of their worst weapons on the species, making their homeworld a wasteland in the end and putting a martial law on the planet to try and re-educate the species into a more peaceful presence. Despite technically owning Oldboy now, they are the least common members of the population due to a lot of bad-blood between Pericarps and Quittilians. Due to their open-minded nature, they have no issue with romancing any gender or species, though don’t often take on lovers for life.

  • Shaggiths, or Shaggi, are a humanoid-like species with insectoid features that can include fangs, horns, feelers, wings, claws, and many more unique genetic mutations. They have leathery skin that is uniquely durable and thick, with colors ranging from light and dark gray, as well as grayed blues, greens, and reds while their hair is monochromatic, being anywhere from stark white to pitch black. The species is dual-gendered, with females being born naturally stronger, larger, and with longer lifespans, forming a matriarchal society where females tend to dominate positions of leadership. Shaggi, regardless of gender, are often fiercely independent, violent, and competitive. This led to the literal detonation of their planet under civil war, and many Shaggi were granted asylum to Oldboy. Maltesevale, after many years, became a popular place for the displaced species to live and is now considered the ‘second home’ of the species and are the second most common members of the population. Same-sex relationships are common among Shaggi, and while many view relationships with aliens with disgust, their darwinistic society makes them more open to ‘strong’ or ‘worthy’ aliens being taken as consorts, lovers, or partners.

  • Humans are a diverse species despite their dual-gendered biology. With a variance of skin and hair colors and unique bone structures depending on race, they understandably pride themselves on independence. They are a controversial species, but share an amicable relationship with Quittilians. Humans were offered the first of their kind to immigrate to Maltesevale because of this, hoping that the continued diversity brought by them will make Maltesevale a more accepting place by letting in this small slice of outside galactic society inside. Understandably, humans only make up to the third biggest population on Maltesevale, and it’s arguable if their presence in it was for the better. They are divided on relationships with other species, as many hating the concept as many as others are accepting of it.

All species have their own takes on romancing aliens, but homosexuality is more commonly accepted to not alienate some players and also for the sake of simplicity. The player character themselves can identify as male or female for all races, non-binary for pericarps and humans, and quitillians are allowed to pick their pronouns should they play one with both sex organs (or go with they/them as well.)


Currently, as knowledge of CS is built, the base mechanics are still being worked on. But the current ideas is that stats are only determined by five base stats and relationship values with groups, individuals, and more abstract things like public opinion on your group. While there will be some stat influence, the aim is to not alienate people into unwinnable situations because of them or force them into a certain playstyle other than one they build in their head.

Boisterousness is your strength stat. Determining your usual feats of strength as well as endurance. It also influences your close quarters combat ability.
Savviness is your knowledge of things both esoteric and practical. Common knowledge in no specialized field as well as your street smarts and ability to think quickly on your feet.
Swankiness is your stand-in charm stat, used for negotiation, charming, and lying, as well as generally looking cool.
Enfilading is your knowledge of firearms both traditional and obscure, as well your ability to use them and lower the chances of them successfully being used on you.
Skullduggery is your ability to do the nefarious. Lock-picking, sneaking stealing, and all other means of shady practices.

I also have written down multiple notable NPCs, including romance options, but decided to not count my chickens before they hatch. If you’re interested in hearing of some of the denizens of this setting, please tell me so.


The soldier dog story is something I haven’t seen yet. I don’t think there’s a COG, HG, or even a WIP on this forum told from the perspective of a dog.

EDIT: Oh it’s a werewolf apparently! Can you … can you make it a dog instead? Ha ha.

The Hercules story sounds great. I love Greek myths and particularly the weird and up-to-interpretation relationship between Hades and Persephone, and also between the Underworld and the Above World where people can travel between them much more easily than you might think.

The royal wedding story … it would come down 100% to implementation, as there’s more than a few stories with that premise. You’d have to do something that makes it uniquely yours and no one else’s.

RE: Maltesvale by @JacobSteakfries: I love it. Incredible. Go for it with all your might.


Author said that the MC is a werewolf. I thought we would play as a dog but apparently the author was just a little too vague with the description.

Female locked games are pretty uncommon, so I highly doubt that it would make it to the 1st place. I’m kind of disappointed because I loved the concept and it seemed so unique! I love Hades and Persephone and I find their dynamic intriguing.


just for you Fay and your kind words, even if Daughter of Hercules gets the least votes i’ll try to make it as well along side which ever of the other two wins the votes ;3 i can’t promise it’ll b updated as quickly but i will do my best!

also i too really love anything to do with Hades and Pershepone~


Honestly the best advice here is to ignore the poll and do the one that you’re inspired to do the most.


My take is also it’s quite interesting to start with a female locked character that can transition to male. I’m one of the typed well open to anything as long as its compelling enough.

And while in some aspects its not up my alley, I am interested in the concept of Military Dog. (Though I’m shocked you didn’t grab for the low hanging fruit of naming it ‘Dogs of War.’) I hope that down the line I myself can make an interesting war story in CS and I wouldn’t mind seeing how my peers tackle the subjects to reflect on my own work. So that alone would warrant me checking it out.


thank you for your encouragement! c: and sorry for the dog confusion, I’ve never written anything before just lots of maladaptive daydreaming so sometimes it’s a little hard to word out exactly what i want to if that makes any sense.


Hey, I don’t want to pressure you just because I like something. In my honest opinion your concept was so unique that it caught my eye.

  • Interesting plot that has never been used before? Check!

  • Greek mythology? Check!

  • The iconic Hades and Persephone? Check!

But I would never pressure or force anyone to do something they don’t want to do for my sake. Plus, if something is more popular, wouldn’t it be wiser to focus on that project that has more votes so that you can please more people? Working on two projects can be pretty stressful. My advice is to focus your energy into one story. You won’t get distracted and you’ll get more work done. And if the majority of voters want you to do something else, then who am I to interfere with their opinions?

Of course, you are the author so you can do whatever you want. If you want to work on the Daughter of Hercules then go for it! I’ll support you. If you want to work on something else, I say go for it too!

Same. Persephone is an icon. In spring and summer she’s an innocent floral princess. In winter she’s the queen of the underworld. That’s pretty badass.


Dogs of war was actually the original title haha! but my friend who’s been helping me with my writing thought that Military Dogs was less erm…stereotypical i believe is what she said.


By transition into male do you mean you’ll add a male option or we can become male?


Her and Hades also have like the perfect relationship compared to other greek couples, i really want to focus on that. Nothing like the Disney Hercules stuff. Hades was really not that evil and Hercules was NOT a good man.


you start off as being considered female but you can become male if you so wish. early on you’ll be given options that will hint towards the MC feeling that they don’t feel comfortable being called she\her and eventually you can tell people you prefer to be called he\him. you will also be able to change more things about yourself as the story goes on. Persephone and Hades just want you to feel comfortable so they’ll always be supportive of your choices!


So I bit off more than I could chew with trying to make Black Hearted my first project so instead I’m starting out with a different more easier project. I apologize for the people who were really looking forward to it. I still do intend to write Black Hearted, but I’m gonna do it once I have a bit more experience under my belt.

So I’ll be doing this one instead

Liber Gardia, which is a gay fantasy game


Located on the island of Gaoth Socair, is an academy dedicated to preparing those who wish to be the guardians of the world, supposedly the academy was created when the goddess of the sun Melfeia came to the founder in a dream, it is known as Raelore Academy and it is where you reside.

You are the head librarian of Raelore Academy, to any other man this would seem like an easy job. However in your case the library of Raelore isn’t so much a library as it is a ever expanding dungeon filled with all sorts of monsters and strange artifacts.

In between cataloging the artifacts of the library and stopping students who try to enter the library without a pass, you live your life day to day. One day however there is a strange discovery found in the lower levels of the library, and for some reason a strange guest has to come to stay at the academy, one that constantly asks questions of the legend known as the “Child of Ruin”. And for some reason seems to have taken a keen interest in you.

So yeah, it’s gonna be genderlocked male across the board though there will of course be options for nb male and trans male. I’m gonna write out the romance options in a bit and once again I apologize for the not being able to do Black Hearted now but I still hope you guys will respond to Liber Gardia with the same enthusiasm!

(also for those who might be curious this game does take place in the same universe as Black Hearted)


But we’ll still physically be female?


I think It’s kind of like transitioning? I mean… We basically live with two Gods so I wouldn’t be surprised if they had the power to alter the MC’s physical appearance if they wish to be be male.


you will be able to either stay physically female or you can ask Aphrodite for help and she will change your physical body for you.


Character Sheet for Liber Gardia



The head librarian of Raelore academy, you are different from most of the people residing there as you have lived at the academy for most of your life. Found as a orphan by the previous head librarian you’ve been groomed to take his position ever since you were a child. Unlike the other librarians however you will not pass on your position, you are to be the head librarian until the day you die. You live a simple if busy life as a librarian, however strange things began happening once the new guest comes, and for some reason an old scar on your body begins to hurt again.

Much like Black Hearted you would have a choice of four races

Cat beastchild

Half demon


and plain old Human



A boisterous and energetic wolf beastchild acting as one of the teachers for beginners weapon training, friendly and passionate he adores teaching his students, so much so that one would mistake him for an oversized puppy. That is until you get on his bad side and realize that your “playful puppy” was more a smiling wolf cub in disguise.



One of the top magic teachers of the academy and of mixed blood, he woos everyone with his gentle princely demeanor. Seemingly kind to all it’s not secret that half the academy is in love with him, that is until you look closer. There are rumors that their gentle prince likes fighting the monsters of the library a bit too much.



Your extremely tired and long suffering library aide, despite his demonic heritage he’s probably one of the most kindest men you’ve met. Constantly worrying about scaring the students due to his scarred face, he’d rather spoil the students than discipline them. But then you have to wonder where he got all his scars, or why his missing an eyes. Or why for some reason does he never want to pick up a weapon?



He is a strange man that was found unconscious in the lowest recorded level of the library, a stone statue would show more emotion than him. Sometimes speaking in a language that no one has a recorded translation for, and weapons no has ever seen before Hound is a mystery wrapped in a enigma. Yet…for some reason he seems determined to stand guard over you, shadowing your every step and when you look at him sometimes his gaze turns…soft.


Hi everyone. I’m new here but I decided to try myself in writing the game.
My idea is a create a game about post-apocalyptical world where a fictional contry (or real contry) will have a totalitarian regime. A group of teenagers or a group of young people (approximately 19-22 years) will fight this regime.
There is no plot, the characters, there is only idea. Did you like it idea? Plese let me know.


Werewolf? Now you got my interest. Ntw, would be interesting if the time setting were present day.