Interest Check Thread


Oh hell yes, I’ll be waiting for dis


Awww hell yeah :sparkles: magic :sparkles:

Well, at least now I know what I’m gonna play as.

And now I know who to pick as a RO

Seems really interesting. I’m gonna bookmark it and wait for future updates!


Hell yes that sounds really interesting, nice to see some wip where the Mc already has a romantic past most wips shy away from this, the plot seems very interesting and the child and race thing seems very intriguing, looking forward to the demo.


Hi, i look forward to this , its look great .
Have a question though if we play as female mc how came we dont know we have a child ?


Magic babies! A homunculus? Or perhaps a very specific case amnesia?

Possibilities, possibilities.


This looks really interesting! However, if we play as female, how come we didn’t know we have a child? And how come our former lover is a RO when they were killed by The Shining Hero? Unless there’s gonna be a major plot twist :thinking:

Will look forward to this though!

Edit: Just saw that my first question was already asked so just ignore mine :slightly_smiling_face:


I really like this idea.

The former lover of a villain, under exile and close supervision from the very heroes that defeated them, must somehow reconnect with their estranged daughter.

I like the idea of a smaller, more intimate, more personal take on the hero myth. I could see this story working really well if no swords are drawn or spells are cast.


Yeah i’m currently working on whether or not I want to have combat in the game or how to work that in, statwise


Okay, here goes my first forum post and choicescript story.

It’s called Realm of Balance and it closely resembles a fantasy rpg adventure. I’m posting a demo of ch 1 soon so look for it if you’re interested!


The Lowlands is home to five realms gifted with magic to keep the Lowlands in order. In the Realm of Balance, two groups are responsible for bringing night and day, summer and winter, and life and death. The lightbringing Photons and nightbringing Nekrons have kept balance in the Lowlands since ancient times, but after a turn of events, the Nekrons vanished from the realm for reasons unknown.

It is Clans Day, the day young Balancers choose a clan from their respective group. Without Nekrons, an imbalance of lightbringers causes a rift in the Lowlands, threatening to take away magic forever. It is also the day the first Nekron in nearly a decade chooses a clan and realizes the true nature of the Nekron’s disappearance. The new Nekron must learn to use their abilities without a teacher, learn what happened to their people, and journey across the Lowlands to restore balance to the realms.

  • gender-choice, orientation-choice
  • inventory (with weapons and consumables)
  • turn-based combat system
  • “classes” with different skill trees and builds (plus skill points!)
  • puzzles and a whole lotta adventuring across the Lowlands
  • your very own best friend character that travels with you
  • two - four different adventure paths (not in demo, sadly)
Possible Features
  • choosing different characters
  • a party system
  • shops to upgrade equipment and buy cool stuff
  • maybe ROs but I’m so bad at writing them and the character travels so much what’s the point
  • randomized encounters, boss battles, and badass mythical creatures
  • collectables maybe (will probably turn into hidden achievements)


It’s an interesting premise with the main character being a (presumably good-aligned) force for darkness in a world of light. One thing though, I’m not really getting a sense of the overarching story. Will it be like a road trip story where each new location is an opportunity to do some fantasy tourism? Or is it more like a fugitive story, where you’re being chased by people who want to see you burned away?

As for ROs, the solution is simple: have the option to pick up companion travellers.


The summary didn’t really give anything away, but a road trip story is the closest thing that I’m going for. Whether or not the main character is good, bad, being chased, or actually bringing balance is up to the player and the choices they make.

Duly noted on the ROs. I’ll try my best. Thanks!


Having lots of choice is good, but it’s okay to decide on some aspects of the story ahead of time. If you’re envisioning awesome vignettes of being chased by Light Wizards ™ through the streets of a paper lantern town on a snowy night, for example, by all means decide on the aspects of the character that make that happen and don’t be afraid to make them non-negotiable. Setting constraints for yourself isn’t a bad thing!


I’d go so far as to say its necessary.

With how easily accesible a public wip is, you’ll be getting an avalanche of requests and wishes from everyone. It can be overwhelming if you aren’t used to criticism or filtering useful feedback from these kinds of testers.

While I am sure that most mean well, they most likely don’t comprehend the amount of effort that actually goes into making a wip or even coding a single option.

It’d be a shame if an author were to burn themselves out from trying to juggle every individuals wants and needs. Lest their game lose its intended significance/vision even.

Confidence in your own games vision is a must.


I would like to see such a national management simulation game.


I hope to be able to make a game where the player/protagonist is only about 10-12 years old. Part of that is it would be interesting to explore the first stirrings of crushes/love.

Of course, the other part to it is the player might exhibit some ability or power, one which would scare their parents…and perhaps have a government agency chasing after them. Evading them, etc. would also be part of it.


@Lys - Here is an idea:

A really talented and creative author writes beautiful and engaging stories but just as she completes them, she deletes/destroys them … meanwhile, this nosy less talented writer peeks into the original writer’s work and steals the ideas and stories written and builds a famous career from it … :two_hearts:


I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted on this thread, but I want to say that the first chapter for my demo should be out within the next day or two. I’m truly grateful for all of your support. I truly appreciate it, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. It means the world to me and I truly hope you like the demo.

It may be longer now since my computer crashed and won’t start back up. I’ve been trying all day with no results what so ever… does anyone know what to do?


Hello and thank you for taking some time out of your day to read this c:

A few years ago my father was in hospice and a nurse there introduced me to Choice of Games and Hosted Games. Hero Rise, Samurai of Hyuga, and Zombie Exodus were the only things keeping me sane during that time so i have a lot of love for interactive novels and choice games.

And so for this year’s resolution I’ve decided to try and make my own!

I have three stories i have been working on for awhile but i can’t decided which to prioritize so that’s why i made this to ask for your help! c:

Here are the three stories.

Daughter of Hercules : You play as Macaria, a daughter of Hercules and Deianira. After sacrificing yourself to Persephone to save your siblings and the city of Athens from an enemy of your father you’ve lived a very long and surprisingly happy life in the underworld. Persephone welcomed you warmly with open arms, even Hades himself welcomed you into his world and treated you like his own daughter. More then your real father ever did. Several centuries later you notice that Minos, one of the judges of the underworld, has been acting rather suspicious…what is he planning? This story has 3 ROs, you will be able to change your name if you so choose, and you will also be given the option to transition to male as the story goes on.

Military Dog : You were just a pup when you were ripped from your mother’s arms. You could still hear her cries as they closed the heavy metal door to her cell. She clawed desperately at the cell window as you passed by. The woman carrying you down the blindingly white hall holds you just as tightly in her arms as mother had, but you do not feel safe in this woman’s arms. You do not see any warmth in the smile she gives you either. She says you are going to make your mother proud, that you are going to grow up to be a powerful weapon of war. But in truth, you’ll just be another of the Military’s Dogs. This story has 5 ROs and MC will be fully customizable.

Your Ugliness, : You are the princess/prince/Royal Heir of Glenmire. It is currently a small kingdom of little importance, but that is soon to change for your father has managed to arrange a marriage between you and the king of the very prosperous Lokshire! Your little kingdom is saved! Everyone is so excited for your up coming wedding, even your usually mean step mother is oddly happy for you! And your darling little step sister is going to be the flower girl, how sweet! Everything is going well so far, what could possibly go wrong? this story has 6 ROs and a fully customizable MC.

so then, which do you think i should start making first? c:

  • Daughter of Hercules
  • Military Dogs
  • Your Ugliness,

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if you have any questions about one of the stories please feel free to ask!
And if you have any tips for choice script newbies like myself please pm them to me, i would really appreciate it!


for some reason the poll votes just randomly disappeared i have no idea what happened O.o


Might’ve happened if you edited your post after putting up the initial poll, I imagine.

Anyhow, of the three, I find the first one to be the most intriguing. A part of it is that it’s the only one I can see that, in addition to the setting, also gives a clear hook – and idea on what the player would be doing (investigating what Minos is up to).

The second one gives a premise – and while playing as a dog would be interesting – it doesn’t really give me an idea on what to expect from the story itself. Would we be a military dog in present day, or some kind of alternate future? What would we be doing? What kind of missions would we be going to?

The third one is the most vague. From the title, I’d have to assume that it refers to the king the marriage has been arranged with, but even then – what would we be doing? Does the gameplay take place leading up the wedding or after? In the case of the latter, I suppose it would be about adjusting to the new life in the court, but even then we’d need something to intrigue us…

I wish you the best of luck, regardless. I’m certain that whichever one you go with, you’ll make something interesting. These observations are more in regards to selling your premise to the audience.