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it is actually! c: it takes place in an alternative modern world where werewolves and vampires were not just born what they are, they were genetically crafted.


Thank you to everyone who voted, gave me advice, and encouragement! it was a roller coaster for awhile but Military Dogs came out on top! :smiley: but since many of you expressed your interest for Daughter of Hercules as well i will be working on that story on the side on the weekends but Military Dogs will be my top priority and i will hopefully have a demo for it soon! thank you again and i hope you all have a wonderful new year!

Edit : At my best friends suggestion she thought i should give a small bit of info on the ROs for Military Dogs as treat for all you guys that voted for it ;3

as i said before there are 5 ROs, and they are :

Victor\Victoria - One of your teammates and fellow werewolf. A goofball and generally derpy individual but their courage and agility are unmatched. They were not raised in an military institute like you were, instead they grew up with their mother in England and their cockney accent really shines when they are upset\stressed.

Simon\Simone - A Vampire and another of your teammates. A master at stealth and silent killing they are quiet, rather sarcastic, and prefer sticking to the shadows though they do not seem to like being alone. They also do not seem proud of their fangs and hide them behind a mask that covers the lower half of their face. They also enjoy petting cats.

Joséphina Du Costemir (Josie) - She has been fighting for were and vampire rights since she became Chancellor, even being wheelchair bound she is a mighty force to be reckon with. People often underestimate her because of her young age and disability but she did not get where she is for her pretty face. Her mind is as sharp as her tongue.

Rasputin - Not much is known about this rogue werewolf besides the fact that he has access to enemy intel, is a shameless flirt, and loves to cause trouble wherever he can. While most of the military leaders trust him as far as they can throw him, Chancellor Costemir believes he is a good man.

112 : i’m afraid i won’t be able to tell you much about him except that he is a big angry beefy boy since that would be a bit too spoilery ;3


sighs and starts taking off my clothes

But really, I’m glad Military Dogs won :joy: All the ROs sound like they’ll be fun to interact with. I’ll be looking forward to that demo~ but more than that, I hope you’ll have fun working on it :blush:


i was literally about to ask you on tumblr which RO you liked the most

and honestly im not surrpised


I’m looking forward to this one, however there’s already a cg with werewolves and military in their plot, so i really want to see you pull this off, the ros all sounds good, but I’m more interested in more information about the lore since you mentioned vampires and werewolves are made, can the same be done with other species?, are vampires and werewolves something the average person knows that exists?


lasjkhsjs shhh don’t call me out im very predictable

I actually do like the sounds of all the ROs, though. Will we be able to be friendly with/get to know the ROs outside of a romantic sense? I’m curious because I think Josie is someone I’d like to be friends with and I already found my hill to die on lol


Sorry I’m a little confused who’s the Mc in the Military Dog a werewolf or actual dog (am I just an idiot… probably):man_shrugging:
Edit: Screw it I’m looking at the replies I should’ve read them first your a werewolf trained by the military.


i know exactly which CG you are talking about and its one of my favorites! c:
At the moment weres and vampires are the only two anyone has managed to create successfully but there are several different countries experimenting with genetics so its possible that later on more types will be created. and yes, their existence is universally known but you don’t just see them walking around town buying groceries and what not, they are specifically created for military purposes.


yes you will be able to become friends with all the ROs, especially Josie since you’ll meet her early on when you are still both children c:


I was looking forward to a story involving the greek underworld, but it’s important that you take ownership over your story by making these kinds of decisions for yourself, so great work!


I look forward to your story, I voted for the daughter of hades too, but the Military dogs story sounds pretty awesome too. I do not have much time to look into WIPs but I think I’ ll make some time for this one.


Ok so I’ve planned out a general plot for my story, it takes place in a fictional town called Ormont located in the state of Montana.

The mc crashes there and ends up being gifted the power to turn into a wolf, like some of the residents there.

The story will follow the mc as they learn to use the gift, figure out how they got the gift as people out of town aren’t meant to receive it and fight the ever increasing threat of deadly vampires.

Romance will also be a major part of this story. Any interest or suggestions?


Like a dire wolf? A werewolf? Or just a regular wolf


Dire wolf.


Okay I’m in


Hello. I’m interested in attempting to make a choicescript game, and I would appreciate some pointers as to which might be the fairest point to start. I have, more or less, three options:

First, there’s this scifi/fantasy/superpower/spy thriller/space horror (although I’m still learning on the last department) storyverse of mine. This option I’ve dabbled with on another format, but it would require certain 3D work and engine limitations I’m not ready to tackle, so I figured pure text might be as good idea as any to get sense of the story. You’d be a spaceship captain who gets in the middle of an alien invasion and spy games surrounding it, then ends up in another galaxy with a fleet you may or may not be part of (depending on how you play). What you’ll do there I’m not quite sure of yet though, other than trying to figure out what’s going on and/or trying to get home.

Second and third options are merely settings I enjoy working with, and am indeed working with in another format (kind of writing novels taking place in them, but I couldn’t rightly form those plots to IF), and there’s no story out of my hat that I could start working with, but there’s also no reason why I couldn’t come up with one, if someone manages to poke my story-spitting part of brain to work with them. :thinking: There’s this anthro thriller/city noir setting (which might include superpowers too, but that’s not necessary, and could, if needed be, not use anthros, and still be effectively the same setting), and this fantasy/alt history one, where you would play as a wolf (I have quite a lot of worldbuilding for that one, but it sadly uses a lot of terminology that doesn’t translate nicely to English).

Would any of these be worth pursuing?

A few things to be aware of:

  • English is not my first language, so I may struggle with most bizarre of language situations at times.
  • ROs. It is possible there wouldn’t be any. I’m not against them per se, and am certainly willing to try, but I’m not sure I could write a good romance if my life depended on it.
  • In a way continuing previous, gender choice. I may not include it. The story wouldn’t be gender-locked, mind you; it would just be a situation where gender is not mentioned. At all. At least the first option is possible to write completely without gender pronouns (and that is also essentially the way it is supposed to be written). So unless there’s a reason the gender needs to be specified, I might just leave it out completely. Especially since I hate gender pronouns. My language has one-pronoun-fits-all-genders, so I assume you might see where my frustration is coming from.
In case you’re wondering,

my first language is Finnish.


I like the thriller/city noir and the fantasy/alt history one.
As for me, I’m not a fan of Sci-fi in general… so yeah, but honestly, follow your heart or whatever organ you want to follow


Hi there! I’ve been thinking of making a WIP for a long time now and I was wondering if anyone would actually be interested in it? It’s a fantasy/romance.

The idea is that you play as an MC who is transported to another world (How that happens is explained in the game), similar to Earth but with magic and otherwordly creatures (faeries, werewolves, dragons, etc). The MC’s grandmother apparently used to live in that world and you learn that you can actually use magick. Of course, something dark and sinister is happening in the background as you adjust to your new life and you’re the one who has to face it. Typical plot… or is it?

As this is also a romance, I plan on having maybe 5 to 8 ROs with varying backgrounds. Each of them are linked to your grandmother (Who I planned on being one of the central figures of the story).

  • You can choose your gender and sexual orientation
  • A variety of magick
  • 5-8 ROs
  • You can be good or evil… or something in between
  • You can customize your MC
  • More to be added

This WIP is still untitled and I plan on making it more story-oriented than game-oriented, kind of like Wayhaven Chronicles by Seraphinite.

So, um, does this sound good? Or am I being a bit too ambitious? I have never been so nervous to do something in my life. I appreaciate any feedbacks.


The plot is very typical, but you addressed that point already. Plus I’m a sucker for romance/character-focused stories so yup, definitely interested!

Would you mind posting short character bios of the ROs and the other important characters (like the grandma)? Though it’s completely fine if you wish people to encounter them in the story itself.


I don’t mind at all! I’m happy to know that people are actually interested in my story.

Romance Options
  • Luanne Veaudelle : female
    -A proud and cold noblewoman with dual magick, a rare talent

  • Allyana Edlyn : female
    -A sylph with a whimsical attitude, the twin of Auryonis

  • Auryonis Edlyn : male
    -The serious and protective twin of Allyana

  • Chaleon Agaphe : male
    -The charming ladies man who owns the building MC lives in. His race is unknown.

  • Sephtis : male
    -A mysterious dragon in human form

These are the ROs I have in mind so far, I plan on having them gender-locked as I might have a hard time coding.

I think I’ll just post the other characters when I have my own thread. My plan is to put up the prologue and chapter 1 by July, hopefully I actually manage it.