Interest Check Thread


Heck yeah I would play a dwarf story! Dwarves are awesome! I’m already looking forward to it. :laughing:

Oh man, this too. Dragon Age really sold me on dwarves.


The whole dwarf/elf thing is totally lost on me, alas.


If it adds nothing to the story, I really don’t see why you should.
But even if you don’t gain any powers, than how about a special characteristic that shows you aren’t really 100% human. For example, phoenixes are often associated with fire, maybe give the main character red eyes to reflect that.
Also, if you’re going to add it to the story, maybe you could give the option of making your mother all sorts of different monsters that give you a different characteristic depending on which one you chose.


I’ve read about your characters and they don’t really seem like the kind that would sign up for such a thing. At least not all of them would. The werewolf has 17 brothers to look after, the spider girl probably wouldn’t want to get her dresses dirty and Geralt is a bully so it’s unlikely he’d care about trying to help the town.
The better thing, I think would be to have the ROs mostly hang out with certain other characters and then occasionally interact with each other.
How’s this for an example? River’s hard partying attitude could mesh well with Moon’s rebellious streak and the two of them could be seen often hanging out together. Meanwhile, there could be a scene where Geralt picks on Quentin. Here you could
A) Stand up to Geralt, encouraging Quentin to open up a bit more to you.
B) Join in picking on Quentin and gain Geralt’s approval.
C) Use your knowledge you’ve previously gained on both characters to help them find common ground.
D) Leave them alone since it doesn’t concern you.
A good example of this would be the game Monster Prom, which also takes place at a high school full of monsters. Not all the monsters hang out with each other at all times, but they all occasionally interact with each other and you have to think on your feet on how to woo the one you want. I think it would be helpful for your project to play it for yourself. And don’t worry, I assure you it’s very fun to play.


You’d need to make the story more about being a dwarf than about being a soldier.


You had me at Dwarves. :smile: They don’t get enough love. :unamused:

And beards or not, it’s always nice to see female dwarves! I never really cared about the all dwarves are males thing.


These look amazing! If I could just make one suggestion. How about adding a cait sith. If you don’t know what that means a cait sith is a monster cat in Celtic folklore. You could give it the ability to temporarily steal your enemies good luck and like most cats, it could act cold to you but still care about you deep down.


If you did that, I’m afraid we’d have to put him down. Maybe just write it so that the full moon is when they’re at the peak of their power like the Marvel character Moon Knight.


Super dark and creepy. Think the Delightful Children from Down the Lane. Also, please make the doll less sexy.


Yea I was thinking about having it were the reader can go down thred certain paths to play through the story. Of course the three paths Wil be the same in a sence, just different on how you overcome the challenges.

  • Solving challenges with a weapon and a piece of sturdy Dwarven armour.
  • The other path will be using the power of the tongue, by convincing the enemy army to surrounder, and more.
  • Then the power of the Brain is a strong one, you can outwit enemies and use your wit as an huge advantage.


I feel the stats could be more flavoured towards things that dwarves would find important!

  • Self-Control
  • Endurance
  • Fearlessness
  • Stonemasonry
  • Gloriousness of Beard
  • etc

The ability checks should be more of a test of how dwarfy you are than anything else!


I do admit the idea right now seems really dry, but that is why I curious on your opinions. Every idea you people give is important.

Well I was just going to use the four basic stats for my series.

  • Martial for fighting and how you use weapons.
  • Charisma for the way of the tongue; this includes charm, intimidation, and lying.
  • Intelligence of outwitting and how you can quickly come up with a plan.
  • Magic the ability to cast magic and tap into the willpower of one’s soul. The powe behind a spell all depends on the caster ability to tap into the willpower and use it for casting; if they use little of the willpower the weaker the magic, and vise versa.


Yup I understand all that, I just kinda reckon they could be in any game and don’t complement the fact that you’re playing as a dwarf.

It’s like making the game about being a werewolf cop and then having your stats be martial prowess, intelligence, and charisma, rather than, for example, “perception” for how your increased senses improve your detection abilities, and “mindfulness” for resisting the urge to transform and murder your suspects (which you can always choose to ignore and just rip into someone). The abilities give you the sense that you are going to be roleplaying as a cop werewolf who has to balance the increased powers granted to him by being a werewolf with the side effect of having to really focus on controlling when the werewolf comes out.

For your game, the stats don’t really suggest that you’re playing a dwarf. They’d work exactly the same if you were playing a human.


Well shit, back to the drawing board.

I was going to say have the there main stats, not including magic because Dwarves can’t tap into their magical willpower. Which is why the use scripted runes.

Well after the three(four) main stats I was going to add like talents. Like smiting, mining/smelting, melee combat and ranged combat. But having those combat talents would just go against the martial stats, so yea.

Well I was going to use the four stats for my other planned series, but I could I chnage it if the reader believes that it is too simple.


I was mostly thinking “oh cool my moms a Phoenix” would be the reaction to people reading lol. But the choosing what monster your mom is does sound very interesting… if I can think of other monsters for your mom to be I might do this.

I was thinking that you(mostly Castor) creates the club to investigate what’s going on in town and some of them join because they are also concerned with what’s going on Logan would be an example of this but others like Geralt were forced as a detention alternative.

Any cute pics lol?

That is a power up form but it’s super hard to control at first so that’s why he would go berserk.

Lol already settled on having the sisters be smart and ruthless and their doll is mostly graceful looking and looks like a maid. Lol they want to feel like the royalty they think they are.


Oh here’s how Castor your bff will look like. Very handsome ^///^ lol.


Glad I could help.

That could probably work, but I think we could create it in a way that feels more organic than just dumping all of them in the same room. For example, the club could start with you and Castor. Winter could join up willingly, believing that being part of a new club that helps people could help her depression, and Moon, Geralt, and River joining up because the alternative was detention.
That’s five RO’s already. For the others, we could try to raise certain stats or do side missions that convince them to join us. Odette would be the easiest while more anti-social kids like Quentin or Alice would be harder. We could also have some decisions that could determine whether or not our current members decide to quit. Some new ideas that I think would show how much our club has grown, while also showing how all the characters grow as friends.


That actually gives me an idea. Maybe that powered up form could come in during the night a werewolf turns thirteen. During the day, they’d have to leave town into the nearby wilderness so that when the sun sets, the young cubs powered up form won’t be able to hurt anyone while on its rampage. When the sun rises, the form disappears and the werewolf will be able to control it every time he turns on the night of a full moon.
Logan’s quest could be that one of his brothers decided not to leave and rampages through town. You and other members of the club could try to stop him from hurting anyone.
If you do it without seriously hurting him, Logan will join up. If you do a lot of grievous harm to him however, Logan will never join. This could also be a quest that could risk losing Moon, because vampires and werewolves always go hand in hand. Just an idea, really. It’s all up to you.

All right. But maybe you could try giving them a darker edge. Something that highlights just how unnaturally close they are to each other.


I can tell you that would be my first reaction but given that the MC is a perfectly ordinary human with no special powers related to that, I’d probably eventually give up and go look at that meme I made of Mokou (“Mornful Phoenix”) standing proudly in front of a wall of fire with the text “I Live! I Die! I Live Again!” because if my character’s mom is a phoenix I want to be able to die and be reborn in fire whenever I find that convenient.

It would be fine if this pretty much never comes up except maybe there’s a plot beat where the MC gets a sprained ankle and I have these options:

  1. Stay off it for a few days and miss next club meeting
  2. Put some ice on it and hope next practice doesn’t make it worse
  3. Pull out my locked case of cyanide tablets so I can be reborn in fire and my ankle will be better.

That is exactly the option I would make dependent on whether or not your mother is a phoenix because that is the only plausible reason. It could even tie in with the conflict because how openly and flagrantly you abuse the ability to resolve any minor injury by being reborn in fire will color whether you’re viewed as a human or an honorary monster.


It might be interesting to see a story where the MC is someone who woke up from an enchanted sleep, seeing how their country got along without them, while friends/family passed away or moved on.

And so as not to fall into the ‘woke up with a kiss’, the player could always be woken up some other way. I mean, being prodded with a stick always worked when I was a kid :wink:


Sounds like Breaks backstory lol except he has amnesia