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Standard Rip Van Wrinkle archetype. I’d say go for it if you have an idea for what changes there’d be. Works in SF too; instead of magic they’re in a cyropod until medicine advances enough to cure (syndrome).


Okay so I’ve been on this site for a while but just made a new account today because remembering passwords is hard. Anyway I am currently working on a new medieval choicescript game that is largely inspired by Lords of Aswick (my all time favorite game out there). The game will go through the entire life of a commoner in kingdom much like how Lords of Aswick went through the entire life of a noble. However despite being commoner you may be able to attain ranks and titles in the future for those who liked the whole being a lord thing. The game is very early in development as I am very new to choicescript so I do not have a lot to say. You can count on me to be working on it though as I have been addicted to COG for around 4 years now and I am not giving up anytime soon. The reason why I am making it is because there have not been a lot medieval WIP’s that have caught my eye as of late so I thought why not make my own? It is really the only genre I am interested in. Let me know if you have any recommendations of medieval WIP’s or if you are interested in giving me ideas for my own.


I’m glad that your interested in the commoner aspect of the game. Hopefully you’ll be interested in the game as you clearly are in feudalism and medieval society! What would you think of the MC attaining a knighthood or other noble only rank and having to deal with disdain and competition of nobles with the same rank?


Thinking of romantic stuff for the female ROs is proving to be difficult lol. I’m a specialist in gay/Yaoi/BL writing that’s why I made the male RO hot monster guys that I would most likely date. But when I made the girls I was just making girl characters I would be friends with. Lol if this keeps up this story will mostly be for Yaoi lovers and straight girls ^^’


I think that I would like a choice where I can do that or alternatively I could be mayor and then I will pick to be mayor, pretty much. It is 100% a thing that happened.

If the character does something sufficently impressive the reigning monarch* could plausibly offer them a knighthood and then the character could ask if instead the monarch would sign this town charter. The nobles would treat them pretty similarly but instead of trying to prove themselves as a knight the main character will just ignore them and go try to impress guildmasters and bankers instead. And the Crown will approve of this because the deep secret of the feudal system is that actually kings hated it because nobles had an annoying tendency to be uppity.

*(title note: reigning monarch is King/Queen and spouse is Queen Consort/King Consort; it is plausible a reigning woman would style herself King so when people hear her title they don’t hear it as Queen (Consort) if inheritance is male preference)

I was going to offer to help but then I remembered I once binge-read Bamboo Blade because it’s about a laid-back girls kendo club rather than an intense sports manga and ever since I keep getting yaoi ads.

So, uh, I guess I’d probably play your game anyways.


I guess it depends how sexy you make the dates. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Two of my female characters are basically just “girls I would be friends with” (and one is a girl I would very much not be friends with), and I basically set them out on dates that could have just been friendly days out, except the MC got to kiss them occasionally. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (To be fair, this is pretty much how I did the male MCs, too, although the male MCs did get occasional fanservice scenes, which the females didn’t… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


I think that when writing romances that aren’t your cup of tea per se, it helps to just forget their gender. Just write a solid romance which you’d write for your own preferences. Then add the gender spesific details to spice it up.


I don’t see a problem with it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


For this, maybe you should take the advice of Martin Glouberman from Big Mouth.
“Just do what you like to do and bring her along.”
Maybe have the girl characters just invite the MC to whatever it is they like to do. Help Odette set up for the dance, sneak out late at night to attend a concert with Moon, go flower-picking with Bella, shop at whatever weird store Alice goes to for her dresses and for Winter, well I don’t really know what Winter would just off the description in the main page.
That’s another way this could work, it could add some more depth to your female characters and give them interests that make them stand out from the brief descriptions you gave. These moments would also be perfect opportunity to impress them and raise your relationship with each characters.
Honest;y, that’s the best advice I could give. I know nothing about sating and figured this would probably be the best way to handle it.


Ok so I think if I share more info on the girl RO it might help me with there romance so you guys/girls won’t miss out ^^.
Ok so first I’ll post about the rocker vamp

Moon Alucard lol I know not original with the last name but I like it ^///^.

Her theme song: Set it all free
Cuz music always help.

Information: The only child of the city’s most important vampire the Head Vampire viewed as a king to the vampire community but as a boring snob by her. Expected from an early age to be the perfect daughter her life was filled with rules, lessons on manners, posture… basically everything you’d expect a rich kid to know. And she failed all of it. A constant thorn in her family’s side but won’t give up in turning her into there dream daughter. She was originally a student at the city’s most prestigious vampire only academy but with hard work and determination she got herself expelled… on the first day. So bad not even her father could undue the expulsion. Now she’s at a school she loves causing… minimal trouble and on a search for awesome girls to join her band to fulfill her dreams.

I was thinking dating her would involve band mates hunting and pranking the vampire academy and neighborhoods. What do you guys think?

And here’s a image I like for her ^^ I imagine this is her in P.E. Class.

But idk if I want her hair to be pink, blue, or purple?


Why not do what Ramona Flowers does and have her change it everyday? But seriously, this design is amazing. I can’t wait to see the rest of them and hear about their backstories.


Lol oh I could have it where in the beginning she has pink, then in the middle she has blue, and near the end she has purple. Nice idea ^^


So the inspiration behind why I made Belladonna a zombie girl is actually because of this song lol^///^:

You think I can somehow incorporate this into her romance with her XD? Or maybe someone else will have a better idea ^^.


More info on a girl RO to help me think of their romance route.

Name: Winter Soul
Theme Song: Bad Apple

Information: Named after the season in which she “awoken” for the first time after her death. Sadly like most ghost she has no memory of who she was when she was alive not even a clue due to awakening to find her body in an unmarked grave in the woods. She wondered not far from her grave until she stumbled upon a member of your family that freed her from her soul chain keeping her bound to the forest and brought her to the monster city. Although she is grateful to be free she has lost many emotions from her death with a heart shaped hole in her chest to show it. Many monsters including other ghost make fun of and avoid her for her because of this. She doesn’t mind though probably because she lacks the emotion of anger and such, the only emotion she can feel is sadness an emotion that threatens to consume her but one she is afraid to get rid of fearing what would become of her if she lost the only emotion she has. She’s on a quest to gain her other emotions back in hope to become whole and maybe remember who she was when she was alive.

Inspired image:

I also imagine she has chains on wrist and one around her head instead of the tiara.

And here’s a image of her at her grave:


Ping when u make a demo :slight_smile:


I kinda want to point out that if she’s afraid of losing her one emotion, than it sorta proves that she has more than one emotion. Still, I imagine that learning more about her past in her route is going to get very, very dark. Not that I mind.


Isn’t Yaoi extremely fetishized gay pornography? Kinda degrading honestly.
Though if you meant romance, a more suitable term would be shounen-ai.


I’ll try to keep it pg-13 ^///^ guess I’ll just settle for a bunch of shirtless scenes with the male ROs XD jk


I like the plot of your story but as a suggestion may be please I wouldn’t recommend using the word Yaoi to describe your story romance or the main male romance options, I recommend this because the word is used to describe many negative stereotypes associated with the gay community(uke and seme, abuse etc.) and many people probably won’t play your game because of that. (though if this was Wattpad I would say you are hitting the core audience.) shounen-ai(like the user above said) is probably the word you want to use to describe healthy male-male relationships.


Lol I understand I guess I’m just used to calling all gay romances Yaoi cuz my friends and I use it a lot ^///^. I guess that term is correct since the romance will mostly be romantic and such not hard core XD.
But don’t worry even if I use Yaoi by the slip of the tongue it won’t mean all the stereotypes.