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Would you play a story with the MC being a Dwarf?

I was thinking of making my first story to be set as a Dwarf in the underground tunnels under the Reinflok mountains. It will take place when two Dwarven cities go to war with each other for resources. So of course the MC is caught in the middle of the war when their hometown is besieged by the invading forces.

The MC will be given the option to pick from three starting locations that will provide one point stat boost to their stats. The MC will have the choice to go down one of three stat lines that will define their playthrough.

The playthrough will be the following:

  • Going down the Martial(combat) playthrough where the MC will slowly build up the reputation of being a great warrior or even the greatest ATM.
  • Going down the charisma playthrough by being an envoy(of the force of your choice). [I’ll expand the charisma playthrough as we go along]
  • Then there is the intelligence path were the MC will use their tactical genius on the battlefield as an advisor(to the force of choice)


If it’s interestingly written, sure?

Dwarved are usually portrayed in such a masculine way, though, that I’d prefer to have the option play as a female dwarf if that’s in the cards.


can i have a long and glorious beard? can i drink so much that my breath could kill flies?


I don’t see why not.

Although I’m nor entirely comfortable writing from a female prospective. Though female is an option.


A glorious beard!! You wouldn’t be an actual bloody dwarf if ya don’t have eh beard.


Just asking since you used ‘his’ for last description! Glad to see that female would be an option.


Ay lad you got me! lets get this party started and bust some skull!


My sincere apologies, I’m not use to writing in a female prespective. So that was just out of habit.


I think this will be more appropriate in the Interest Check Thread :slight_smile:

Nonetheless, your idea seems interesting!
Some other things about world buiding:

  • What other characters have you planned?
  • What kind of races/species exist?
  • What is this world your story is set in like? :slight_smile:


Female dwarves aren’t set in the base “dwarf” concept because Tolkien was ambiguous on their existence or nonexistence and beardiness. So what being a female dwarf entails is entirely up to you as long as they fit in with the other dwarf traits. Maybe dwarves just do not recognize this as a distinction for any purpose except marriage and all have beards, maybe women don’t have beards but otherwise are just like men, maybe there are no female dwarves because dwarves are made by being hewn out of rock and they just don’t hew out female dwarves because the Ancestors only hewed out male dwarves and what kind of dwarf ignores the wisdom of the Ancestors? No kind of dwarf at all!

First one is easiest, second is only slightly harder and it’s how Dwarf Fortress does it. Third is gender locked male. I’ve also seen at least three more esoteric ways of handling the issue but that is born from people who like dwarves as a concept but got a bit bored and started experimenting a little and they’ve got some drift from the baseline.


Yea I’m still quite new around here. But I’m learning as we go along.

Yea it’s just a rough draft and I’ll add more info some people quite in interested in the thing.


Wow. Not as in I’m offended but as in so much knowledge you must process.

Anyways I was having a back fourth arguement with a friend if I should allow female Dwarves. So if I do are they going to be seen as the equals.

I haven’t really gave the dwarves much love as I did to the other species and their lore. Which is why I was thinking of starting with a Dwarven main plot.

Back to the female dwarves question, I was just going to allow female dwarves. Though they do have full equal rights during the time this story takes place. While the other species in the world doesn’t have full female equality, escpeically in the human kingdoms. There is an Empire where the females do have limited freedoms and rights. But the only other species that have full female rights and freedoms are the elves.


Sure thing! :slight_smile: there was a poll some time back on how intrigued people will be in a story with nonhumans MCs, and many voiced their interest in such plots. So I’d think a dwarf story, especially if written well, will certainly attract much interest :slight_smile:



I was hoping to make this a two part series like the Sabre and Guns of infinty. Though I won’t cut it off like it did in the first story.


Just a little clarification about the infinity series: it’s going to be five part series IIRC, not two :slight_smile:


I didn’t know the infinty series was going to be a five part. I just thought the writer was going to end after lords of infinty.


Yes, but how can I play an exact replica of my real life appearance and persona? I’m triggered. :rofl:

But seriously, as long as I can play a sexy dwarf, I’m fine. It’s actually a breath of fresh air to play something very different than a human. I find most worlds usually set elves as just idealized hippy humans. I actually liked the dwarf story/setting the most in DA:O. I would love a fic with that sort of mood. Please make.


Well sexy dwarf. . . Well a sexy Dwarf is as rare as finding a Thicc Goth GF.

Well the elves aren’t hippy, tree loving and all peace elves. They look down to other species as they seem weak and are barbarians compared to the elves. They are known to be cruel to other species. The elves are the only species with female full gender rights and freedoms, although the females are the only ones who can hold any political power as men are looked at being rash, hot headed, and power hungry. From this most female elves treat male elves harshly and more rough.


Well in Glorantha elves are plants and they love forests and consider farming slavery. Meanwhile Dwarves are forged out of metal and exist to operate and maintain the World Machine, which is broken since some idiot killed the Sun. The dwarves agree it must be fixed and disagree about what to do about its troublesome but potentially useful organic contaiminants. Also some of them don’t acknowledge that they should maybe revise their schedules if circumstances charge drastically.