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Personally, I’m partial to Neverlost. As will points out, the concept for Dreamwalkers is intriguing, but also pretty vague. I’m not really sure where you’re going with it, thematically or otherwise, just based on the description. Neverlost seems to have a more distinct identity and purpose. Also, I love the idea of exploring regrets and changing your past through dreams, and the dilemma of getting swept up in those fantasies vs. returning to a more definite present life.

Is anyone interested in being dictator?


Can I be like Admiral-General Aladdin? With all the bling, cheetahs and goat-rearing doppelgangers?

If so, then count me in :grin:


I like both but I like the idea of dreamwalkers more

Hi, everyone. This is Dark.Dark9. And this is my game called "Reflections: Act of Retribution". (This working title; maybe I’ll keep it if someone likes it.)

Tags: adult fiction; superhero fiction; social sci-fi / dystopia

Content Warning: strong language (offensive language); sexual content (if I find co-author); violence; abuse; self harm; suicidal ideation; alcohol and smoking

“I won’t stop. I won’t let it end like this. I find them and I will make their lives a living hell, just like they did to me.” MC to unknown character

“Do you know why I did it? Do you know whose fault this all happened?” Alan looked at me with a manic smile. “There’s blood on my hands and it’s your own fault” Alan Wilson to MC

“Until I die, will you love me?” she said with sad smile.They wanted to answer her question, but she raised her hand to stop them before they could say anything. She knew they would come for her and kill her and she just wanted to rescue and protect her children “Promise me that you will find them and protect them.” After she gave them the letter, she left. Unknown female character to unknown character

This game about

In short, this is a game about loss and revenge with superhumans as characters, which takes place in dystopia. I also want to tell you how the government and people treat superhumans.

Summary of game (under construction)

I will find them and avenge everything they’re done to me.

They took everything from me: my family, my love, my free will, my life. They made me thier personal monster, their weapon.

I manage to escape from them. And since then I’ve been hiding.

I’ve been hiding from everyone for ten years.

I’m tried of hiding.

I took my mask and came out of the shadows and decided to get back at them.

None of them will escape my vendetta.

I’m very sorry if you found any grammatical, punctuation and syntax errors. English isn’t my native language.

If you have questions please tag me and I’m answer them.

Should I make a game?

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This my Tumblr blog for this game. Before I post with a demo on the forum, I’ll post information on the tumblr blog.

Those are cool action movie lines, but I’d need more to get a good sense of what the game is about. I know that having mysterious answers is cool, but I’m most interested in specifics.

Who is the main character and why are they special? Why are we playing them instead of someone else?

What is the main character’s goal, specifically? Revenge is a good start, but against specifically whom, for what specific reason, and how does it differentiate itself from other similar revenge stories? At the moment the picture I have is of Wolverine: Origins. From what I’ve read, your description of your own project seems a bit disinterested in the superhero stuff while being enraptured with the language of revenge flicks and mystery box storytelling.

What’s the main thing that you do in the game? If it’s gathering information, some mystery is good, although you do need to leave clues. It might be a good idea to structure it like a classic Lucasarts adventure game, or like contemporary adventure games like Broken Age and Fran Bow. If you’re going more for hard boiled detective investigation, you might want to take inspiration from LA Noire, which includes a rotating structure of interrogations, crime scene investigations, and action set pieces.

Meanwhile, if you’re really enraptured by revenge movies like Taken, John Wick, and The Crow, or revenge games like Max Payne, then that should be more prominent. All of them differentiate themselves from each other through specificity and through deliberate, clear choices. There is mystery in Max Payne, but we know who he is and what he’s fighting for. There is mystery in John Wick, but his motivations are so clear it’s literally a meme.

Lastly, what specifically is standing in the character’s way? If it’s lack of information, like through amnesia or whatever, your game will be primarily about gathering information. If it’s an antagonist trying to stop them, the game will be about the relationship between the main character and the antagonist (which, to me, is always the most interesting relationship in any story). These are the sorts of questions I’m looking for the answers to when I read about a new project.


Hey, just like everyone else I’ve been a member here for a while but finally decided to start making a move on creating some games that have been in my mind however I really want to know what would be more interesting to others.

One of my ideas involves a soul who wants a second chance at life that being you after a long time of waiting you are assigned a second chance however when you awaken you’re in a hospital bed with unknown people surrounding you but as you begin to play along with your new life you soon realize that the person who you inherited was anything but an angel.

The second one involves you being a parent where after your spouses death youre stuck with a newborn who you feel caused the death of the one you loved causing you to purposely distance yourself from your child for 7 years only the meet them for the first time during a gathering in which from there you can choose to continue avoiding them or begin creating a relationship.

The third one involves the MC being kidnapped while their asleep only to wake up in a highly secured and locked down place where you try to find an escape while risking being attacked and killed every few nights and as times goes on you can try to stay away and avoid those who try to kill you or attempt to create a friendship that could develop in a romance but be careful no one this place is completely sane some could even be more dangerous than others.

So far these are the three story concepts that I have completely planned out but I simply don’t know which one I should start with so I was trying to figure out what you guys think I should start with.

  • The soul that transfered into a body
  • Where you can be a parent
  • The lockdown and secured place

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hello everyone,I hope you’ve had a pleasant day🙂.
please I need help with something.I’m trying to write a sort of medieval,fantasy story which features mages,swordsmen/swordswomen,fantasy creatures.Since magic will have an upper hand against swords I was wondering what I could do to even the playing field.
I need help with the following:
1.The swordsmen could have swords or weapons that have enchantments on them,very skilled swords men would have weapons with more destructive capabilities or could do the impossible e.g a sword that can slow down time or manipulate gravity;
2.The swordsmen could have secret techniques regardless if their weapons are enchanted or not.e.g Mr A could have the shadow style technique,Mrs B could have the flame style technique
3.certain swordsmen could have special abilities e.g seeing the future(was thinking about this for the main character),invisibility .
please also bear in mind the existence of other races I could include…Elves,orcs,demons,vampires.giants etc please I’m so confused

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Think tis should be in the Interest check .

That said, the hard part is that Mages can easely blast anyone from afar . Where sword wielder are close range fighters. Unless they have archer to back them up, or catapult or javelot kinda of fighters .

Enchanted weapons are useless against a mage, if they can’t reach them . Unless you enchant armor, and even there…an enchanted armor can’t cover all the spells that can be thrown outta there .

Yeah, seem like you are complicated things (Especially if you add others races) . If you plan on adding others races, then those who wield weapons don’t have to have it all . They can be the infantery, backed with powers from others races .

And you can also create weakness for the mages, or lower what they can do . Don’t forget also, on a battlefield, it’s very chaotic . Even if you have 10 mages standing, throwing spells isn’t like in a game where you just spam spam spam . There could be consequences, mass destructions, hitting their own peoples, bickering between mages ‘‘Hey watch where you are slinging that spell! You almost burned mah hat!’’

First decide which race belong to which factions. Then lower their powers, each say get 3 . And 1 weakness . And go from there. Once you have an idea about who is who, it be easier to add or remove thing .

Thanks.My imaginations were too wild.
I’m also considering abilities for the MC
I’ll reduce the number of races and limit their abilities.
:slightly_smiling_face: : :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks once again