Interest Check Thread

Posting some concepts that most likely I’ll never develop but I must get them out for mental peace and because I’m curious to see if someone is interested:

Unnamed Superhero/Cyberpunk

Non canonical spin off from my superhero project

  • Customizable MC;
  • You are a new special agent working for the superheroes;
  • Karma meter: you can play as a paragon hero or as a full sociopath, you can’t play as villain;
  • A sociopath approach gives you more benefit on short terms but more problem on the long run, a paragon approach gives you harder paths on short run but more help on the long run;
  • You can choose to be either an enhanced agent or a powerless;
  • Powerless is the hard mode but it gives you some bonus in initial stats and relationship boost through the entire story;
  • You can choose among different sources of power, the differences is mostly writing flavor but each one has a different “kryptonite”;
  • The powers are skills that give you an instant pass choice, however if you abuse them your enemies may take counter measures later;
  • The structure after the prologue is divided in: pre mission briefing - neutral zone in mission - hostile zone - (optional) confrontation with a major character - aftermath - intermission pause, repeat until the final chapter;
  • The mission is a “box” where you, and ocasionally your allies, can interact for a variety of multiple approaches to the target;
  • Stats and approaches are built around the triad Combat/Diplomacy/Stealth;
  • You can finish the story without ever been detected or fought, note: some confrontation are inevitable but you can either win them with diplomacy or stealth;
  • Between mission you can socialize with other characters and dig into the superheroes’ secrets;
  • RO: one gender customizable, one male and one female;
  • Interact with a various cast of heroes, antiheroes and antivillains, (and even villains);
  • Uncover secrets in a world where everyone has something to hide;
  • Follow orders or doubt your allegiance;
  • Multiple endings;
  • A secret ending (one more scene to your regular one) if you played very hardcore (Powerless, Never killed, Never detected, Full Paragon);
  • Content Warning: explicit and graphic violence, terrorism. May contain scenes of abuse, brainwashing, hate crimes, torture etc.
  • Self conclusive, can be extended to a series;
Unnamed Fantasy Mystery

Semicanonical spin off from my fantasy project

  • Two MC;
  • The protagonists are an inquisitor and his/her bodyguard;
  • You are both tasked by the Sidereal Empire to investigate a series of murder in the Woods Elves (their allies) capital;
  • The MCs are classed based. For the Bodyguard: Orc Warrior (gl male) (high strength and endurance, low speed, agility and mysticism), Felix Champion (gc) (average strength, low endurance, high speed and agility, average mysticism), Technomancer (gc) (average strength, endurance, speed and agility, high mysticism). For the Inquisitor: Human Inquisitor (gl f) (high diplomacy, average knowledge, low stealth), Felix Imperial Inquisitor (gc) (low diplomacy, average knowledge, high stealth), Technomancer Diplomat (gc) (average diplomacy, high knowledge, low stealth);
  • Day cycle structured: except for major plot events the day will be divided in more phases with various activities and scripted unique events, said activities and events will either help you with investigation or boosting your stats;
  • Investigate intrigue(s) and uncover dark secrets;
  • Explore the Woods Elves capital and discover the multi faced world of the Elves (and others);
  • Multiple endings based on your performance during investigations;
  • RO: Not planned but I’m open to suggestions (don’t complain if you want to romance the culprit/one of the culprits though, it won’t end well);
  • Content Warning: explicit and graphic violence, graphic murder scenes, torture, racism and segregation;
  • Self conclusive;
Unnamed Fantasy Romance

An experiment: trying to combine a Romance cyoa with a skill (not stats) based duels adventure

  • Predefined MC (I thought as a gl male, but I think it can work also as female, maybe gc);
  • MC is a magic knight, a knight who fight with a light sword channeling magic to power themselves and to deflect spells from mages;
  • MC was trained from childhood by a heretic knight who used to practice the dark arts, MC killed the master and now MC is searching for a new life;

About game mechanics:

  • To quote the master “Remember: the most important part of a fight is… you must win!”, MC can use a variety of gadgets and trick weapons to gain upper hand;
  • Choices don’t require check stats, stats serve to unlock skills that will help in combat and more;
  • Duels are a test of skill to break the opponent guard before they break yours, it’s a brutal dance of attacks, combos and counter attacks
  • MC has a predefined personality, however certain stats scores will influence MC’s behavior;
  • Stats represent the five paths of magic, two couples of mutually exclusive and one technically neutral:
    Light Path: white light sword, this path follows a way of peace, altruism and self sacrifice, the style is mostly defensive and focusing on healing support, protection and dispelling curses. The opposite is the dark path;
    Dark Path: black light sword, this path follow a way of death, egotism and dominance, the style focuses on precise and deadly attacks and counter attacks, this path is the only where the support is used directly against the opponent with curses, life steal and instant death spells. The opposite is the light path; note: MC starts with an advantaged stat on this path
    Calm Path: blue light sword, this path follow a way of calm and rational behavior, the style focuses on elegant and fluid movements, occasionally also acrobatic, trying to trick the opponent with unpredictable strikes, the support focuses on indirectly hindering the opponent and improving movements. The opposite is the emotional path;
    Emotional Path: red light sword, this path follow a way of intense emotions and actions, while not necessary evil it’s a path with much violence, the style focus on violent, fast and aggressive attacks, the support focus on boosting stamina, fury and strength. The opposite is the calm path; note: this is the starter dominant path of the MC
    Life Path: green light sword, this path follow the rules of nature, both the altruistic and the selfish ones, the style focus is balanced both in offense and defense, aiming to defeat the opponent through brute strength and surviving through endurance, the support focuses on boosting physical strength and endurance, often also recovering from strikes and wound. While technically neutral, this path is incompatible with the dark path because the antagonism life vs death;
  • Paths can be combined to gain more skills:
    The Devout Guardian Path (white and green);
    The Holy Warrior Path (white and red);
    The Enforcer Path (white and blue);
    The Predator Path (red and green);
    The Natural Growth Path (blue and green);
    The Manipulative Assassin Path (black and blue);
    The Madness Path (black and red);
    The Holy Knight Path (white, blue and green, white is dominant);
    The Natural Champion Path (red, green and white, green is dominant);
    The Darkest Path (blue, black and red, black is dominant);

About Romance

  • All RO will be women. I-won’t-changing-this-feature. Period.

  • RO list:
    A White Mage: she’s in pilgrimage to the Holy Temple, raised in a cloister from childhood she’s exited to see the world for the first time, she’s inexpert but she’s not so naive as she seems;
    A wandering Mage in training: a young mage from a far away country, in travel to widen her magical horizon, she’s eccentric, energetic and friendly, however she can sometime show a more egoistic and petty side;
    A Necromancer Witch: a witch practicing the dark magic, she’s ambitious, uncaring and self centered, but she may save a spot for the MC to her side;
    A Thief: a cunning and reserved woman from a very far country, grown up in poverty with a desire to live like rich people, she’s very good in crafting and inventing gadgets;
    An Amazon (???): a proud woman warrior from a remote island with lust for battles. I’m not sure on this one because I don’t know if she would fit the story

  • Can I have a polyamorous relationship? Yes, there a few combinations;

  • Can I have the harem option? Yes, if you are so despicable to brainwash some of them until they become empty horny husks;

  • Can I romance no one? For background purpose MC has already been in full relationship once, aside that one you can reject every RO;

  • Can I develop more platonic relationships with the ROs? Yes, more details below;

Other features

  • The story will be heavily railroaded to focus more on characters development;
  • You can’t change the world, but you can change, for better or worst, other major characters (not only ROs)
  • You can help your ROs facing problems and question about their life, said interactions are not tied to their romance;
  • You can adopt and train your own apprentice, the apprentice is not a RO because that would be pederasty and pedophilia;
  • Content Warning: explicit and graphic violence, explicit and graphic sex scenes (there is the fade to black option), nudity (not always intended for sex appeal), abuse, slavery, torture;
  • Self conclusive or series? I still don’t know

Some polls:

Which one interests you?

  • I’m interested in the superheroes/cyberpunk
  • I’m interested in the fantasy mystery
  • I’m interested in the fantasy romance
  • I’m interested in all three
  • No one interests me
0 voters

For Superheroes/Cyberpunk

  • I like it as it is
  • I want to know more before I decide
  • I think it can be improved (please comment or pm)
  • The content warnings are too much
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For Fantasy Mystery

  • I like it as it is
  • I want to know more before I decide
  • I think it can be improved (please comment or pm)
  • The content warnings are too much
0 voters

For Fantasy Romance

  • I like it as it is
  • The content warnings are too much
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  • I like the game mechanics
  • The game mechanics could be better (please comment or pm)
  • I don’t like the game mechanics
  • I like the not romance relationship paths
  • I don’t like the the not romance relationship paths
  • I like the ROs
  • The ROs could be improved (please comment or pm)
  • I don’t like the ROs
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