July 2023's Writer's Support Thread

July Report:

Still no news on the publishing of that tale.

Posted some concepts (I’m not calling them wip yet) in the interest check thread, if someone would like to take a look and leave a vote.

A few observation:

  • I kind of expected the superhero one to be high;
  • related above, I was expecting “I like as it is” and “I want to know more before I decide” to be almost even;
  • I didn’t expect the fantasy mystery to be so low;
  • I didn’t expect the “game mechanics” be so high for a fantasy romance concept;
  • very few seem bothered by the content warnings, but I don’t know if I can trust this one;
  • I’m disappointed by the lack of comments despite a good chunk of votes went to various “it can be improved” options.

PS Does anyone know how to build a poll with not secrets votes? It would make easier to count them.