January 2024's Writer Support Thread

Welcome all to the support thread for January 2024!

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Remember that this year is a leap year, so there are 366 days in 2024!

:birthday: Happy Birthday to January babies.

Thank you, everyone who continues to participate in these threads – it helps others when you do participate, sometimes more than you think.

If anyone has specific questions or concerns I may help with, please let me know.


There have been quite a few new author’s joining the support thread in the past few months, so this month I have decided to reshare a couple of basic articles highlighting two of the misunderstood sexual orientations.

I use these articles and others like them to help me write better. Not only in character development and player representation, my inclusivity efforts benefit.

It is wonderful to share everyone’s journey during the month; both highs and lows help each one of us realize that we are not alone in our journey.

If anyone has something special going on in January, please let us know!

I am happy to be able to contribute to the community and help others as I have been helped. :revolving_hearts:

I had started January’s goals about halfway through December, which is to work on my deathsight scenes and the mechanic systems involved with those scenes.

My goal has not changed and I am grateful I have had extra time to work on this; I have no idea if I can complete this pass in January, but I am thrilled with how things are turning out.

I had to fight RO creep because the two NPC’s I added in this path our a fun duo, who would appeal to those who like snark and attitude. I might consider adding them as dlc or bonus content, but I am at my limit of six romance options right now.

So, to recap:

January 2024’s goals : Finish the deathsight narrative and mechanic pass I started last month.



I wanted to just type first post to catch it first, but it wouldn’t let me.


Okay, so now that I have claimed first post, I’m going to put down my goals for January.

January’s Goals

  • Finish Chapter One of Phoenix Rising- I swear to god, I’m going to finish it. Soon. …maybe.
  • Get posts on the Nascent Souls Tumblr up to february.
  • Get the game to a point where I can ACTUALLY POST AN UPDATED DEMO, GODDAMMIT.
  • Bonus at work, which will require some sales. …since I have made no sales, you can imagine the stress that I am under.
  • Keep up with my Accountabili-Buddies so that we all make progress on our games. @RascaldeesV2 & [Buddy’s Username Here] I’m looking at you!

Well, shit, now I gotta put a yearly goal on here too. XD

2024 goals

  • Complete Phoenix Rising
  • Begin Editing Phoenix Rising
  • Participate in at least 1 game jam
  • Complete at least 1 game jam
  • Learn Spanish enough to be able to use it at work (earn a $2 raise by doing this)

Now that the goals are out of the way, HERES SOMETHING FUN AND NICE I FOUND FOR YOU GUYS:

Which is to say, ya’ll should pay attention to your servants and household caretakers and such, because they can offer FUN STUFF IN THE BACKGROUND. Also, thanks @Eiwynn for acknowledging and offering resources for writing both Asexual and Demisexual characters <3 You’re awesome. If you have any for writing aromantic and allosexual ones, that would help me a ton too. XD


There’s something strange about working on New Year’s day. Especially In Britain, where 90% of people are hungover right now. As one of the few sober people on this island, I may as well take this downtime to make my first post of the New Year.

I thought it would be interesting to make two different goal posts in January: a monthly goal, and yearly goal. I also invite everyone else to do the same, as I feel it would be helpful to balance the near-future goals with your yearly goals. But of course, no pressure.

January Goals:

  • Finish writing Act 2 Part 3 of Onryō.
  • Finalize the design of the fortress train from my secondary WiP.

That’s all I have for the month, rather simple, but defined.

2024 Goals:

  • Write up to Act 5 in Onryō, about halfway through.
  • Write the prologue and first chapter of Broken Rails, my secondary WiP.

On the topic of sexuality, these links are perhaps slightly more useful to me than is average. My main WiP, Onryō, is set in Japan, which is, I don’t want to say “unaccepting” of sexualities other than hetero, but the
general attitude is weird about it. Extra care should be taken to accurately portray the culture, while not making readers feel like they are being discriminated against.

It is a breath of fresh air, at least, that my other setting allows me to go buck wild, so to speak.

That is all from me, hope you all have a good 2024! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Happy New Years! I was going to make a post in the December thread but figured I’d move over here. I’ve been writing! I’m about 3k words in to a new WIP, I guess that means my goal is to get a demo up by the end of the month. I probably won’t considering I’m a chronic procrastinator and my final semester of uni is starting back up but hey, dream big right?

(It’s about dragons)


Cool at least someone is here with 3k :slight_smile: it gets intimidating to see everyone with their 100K and 200K WIPs when you have barely 3K done :slight_smile:


Just 2024 goals for me, because I don’t think I’ll get anything done in January specifically.

  • Get the project that’s been stewing in the back of my mind for years figured out enough to be able to post the opening chapter(s)/WiP thread for it.

I keep getting stuck on the research and (relative) realism aspects of the projects, as well as lack of time and energy stemming from real-life responsibilities like work etc.

That’s it. That’s the goal.


I want to draft Chapter 8 of Honor Bound this month. That’ll be ample work for January!


After a good night’s celebration and a good day’s sleep, I am back at work and back on it. Going to go over what I’ve written to refamiliarise myself with it (if I get the time), then get to tidying, thinking, and writing.

Good luck, everybody! Hope you’re having a good one.


As a Brit who also had to work today I agree although I am lucky that as it was an unexpected shift I only had to work 9am till 12pm

My goal for January is to write at least 1,666 words a day.

My goals for 2024 is to achieve this every month this year and write and finish Daemonglass by the end of the year.

I do not want to go through my past issues and take too damn long between games. As it resulted in being depressed about it.


Thats… Rather specific. Great Fire of London?


Ironically no. Although the game I’m writing IS set in London and there is mention of the “true” cause of the Great Fire of London.


Thanks as always for the thread and articles @Eiwynn! And Happy New Year to everyone ~

I don’t remember what my goal was for December and I’m too lazy to look it up, but for January I’m just hoping to write as much of Leas as possible, whatever that ends up meaning.

I dabble with a side project whenever I get burned out on Leas. I’d also like to develop another scene for it this month. It’s the type of project I don’t spend much time on because I suspect it’s a bit too odd to have an audience, but it brings me a lot of joy :slight_smile:

Good luck to everyone with their January goals!


Back for my monthly post in this subject before I forget to update :pensive:

I’m in that awkward stage of writing now where I have five things going on at once, neither in a state to make into a demo proper, just gestating behind the scenes. Not to mention my ttrpg module I’m working on with others. I guess I just have to make peace with the fact that it will seem like I am doing nothing at all, and then like five things will hit at the same time and I look super productive that month.

If only I could teach my brain that even “in progress writing” is real, and not just when it’s good enough to release to the public…


I hear that, mate! These things take time though, and life is a busy affair. Try to take it easy on yourself.


Happy new year everyone, even though it’s just another day I’ve always been the type of person to get motivated by a new year or the start of a new month. It’s a day where change feels doable

My goals for 2024 are simple

  • Take my writing serious and work to become more consistent

  • write out the entirety of my game The Rain Washes All Away even if I’m not happy with everything, having an outline to expand on is so important to me

  • Pick up my pen and draw more, visualising my book will help in my writing I think

  • more importantly, I will try not to feel embarrassed by what I write and accept that it won’t be perfect the first time


Happy New Year, everyone! Now it becomes doubly ironic that my game is set in pre-New Year weeks… I hope to actually continue writing it.


My goal is really simple for 2024. Keep writing every day. Ideally, I’d like to write for my IF book, but I will try and be happy if my daily writing for every day turns out to be for work or for other side writing not related to my potential IF draft.

I think I’d like 3 or 5 chapters before I post a demo, depends on how long they may be. I’ve gotta combat the mentality “Your chapter(s) must be 20K each or else they suck!” which hoo boy. That’s rough. I think I just have to focus on writing and being happy rather than trying to meet some invisible metric and comparing myself (finding myself inadequate) to others.

Happy 2024 everyone!


First writing session of 2024. Almost a thousand words written for a single dialogue choice that most players will never see. Selectable responses include flirting, going on a tangent about healthcare and arguing about historical revisionism in relation to religious art.

I’m never getting that story finished. At least soon I’ll be able to brag about the wordcount of my WIP, I guess.


:fireworks: HAPPY NEW YEAR!:fireworks:

May everyone find this new year with good things!
Let anything that was destroyed mentally in 2023 be rebuilded!


Finish Pushed fully in 2024
Atleast get to chapter 7 in January.

(first post of 2024)

Sorry that I’m late @Eiwynn but happy birthday! :birthday:


Happy New Year!!! :cowboy_hat_face: :fireworks:

Wishing 2024 to be a stable, healthy, and fulfilling year for everyone!

January Goals:

  • Finish editing chapter 1 of my story

2024 Goals:

  • Publish a demo, finally, hopefully…
  • Finish 3 chapters

:’ ) my goals are really simple mostly because i will feel better if i can actually meet my goals lol