June 2023's Writer's Support Thread

June report:
My editing work should be complete by now.


The Adventure of the Silver Wings
Expedition 0: A Special Crew

Published… If someone can time travel in the future and go back to tell me where and when I would be very grateful

Captain Ridia Proxi (f, Amaneon)
Zhi’hira (genderfluid, Fluxmo) company owner
Cross (m, Homo Sapiens Sapiens) specialized engine technician
Krnt (m, Rotr) “security” (muscle henchman)
Mhri S’uri (f, Mpath) communications expert
Doctress Giga Wyr (f, Cybit) crew’s doctor
Tinio (agender, uses male pronuons, Android) mechanical and computer engineer
Xira (f, Kibra) pilot and security
Fiia (f, ???) copilot

My friend suggested me to write some more tales for the same series to have some “publishing reserve”, I’ll post something in the new July thread.
He also suggested me to build a social image (ironic since we both hate social network), and to put something on wattpad, more for image and presentation than anything else.

On other news
Weirdly enough I was able to write something for the fantasy project and started Laila’s story