June 2023's Writer's Support Thread

Welcome all to the support thread for June 2023.


:birthday: Happy Birthday to June babies.

:rainbow_flag: June is Pride month – be sure to show your support to those you know that are part of the LBGTQ community :two_hearts:

There are developers and authors that are worthy of our support, so with that said, to celebrate Pride Month, I am going to highlight a team/studio from the LBGTQ community. Hopefully, they will inspire, although they are not part of this community.

The developers of Call Me Under have just released a new demo!

This month’s ChoiceBeat Zine features:

You can download the zine or read it online here starting on June26th:

(Thanks @AletheiaKnights for the scoop!)

There is an ongoing project to publish the “Oxford Dictionary of African American English,” (projected date in 2025.) that everyone who writes should be excited about.

A recent article about it can be found here:

Here is a list of ten words chosen for this dictionary:

Ten Included Words

These types of resources are essential to help us all become better authors.

This month, I am opening up space to list the specific wants that authors require. If you require specific help on your project, contact me, and I’ll work it into this post.

Reserved for “help wanted” lists

It is wonderful to share everyone’s journey during the month; both highs and lows help each one of us realize that we are not alone in our journey.

Thank you, everyone who continues to participate in these threads – it helps others when you do participate, sometimes more than you think.

If anyone else has something special going on in June, kindly let us know.



I have begun the first of three branching routes, this one called: The Docks Route.

My June goal is to work on The Docks Route, focusing on the first of ten chapters. This involves two different branches, so it is a double chapter in comparison to the chapters in my common route.

My stretch goal will be to work on chapter two of the Docks Route.


A little clarification: you can read previous issues of ChoiceBeat now at the link provided, but the June issue won’t be available until the 26th.


Nice. I learn something new everyday. This will be included in Falrika the Alchemist for sure, as the chapter I’m writing will be more light-hearted after the incident with the socialite hater. And it will involve food, of course.


Fixed that bit of the OP. Thank you for the clarrification.


Wait, are these two meanings connected? Is 1. the origin of 2.?

(also, “chitterlings” just sounds like a DnD monster, either an insectoid or a rodent, that moves in groups)


At @eiwynn’s recommendation, I shall also post my end-of-May comment here. Ahem

Alright, cool, I’ll give it a whirl.

So, I wasn’t even working on a choicescript game at the beginning of the month, and now I am. If anyone here happened to see the synopsis I posted in the interest check thread, I’ve settled on the idea of City of Jade, and all the foundations I need are there.

I’ve fleshed out the RO backstories and tied them appropriately into the plot, the antagonists’ scheme has a defined series of members and plans, and I’ve almost finished the prologue.

It’s a pretty solid start and I’m proud of myself so far, but I have struggled with motivation and sticking to things in the past, which is why I’ve decided to be more active here with this project! Hopefully getting my ideas out there and interacting with people with give a bit more incentive to see things through :grin:.

Uh okay, that was a bit lengthy-er than I’d first intended but hey, first one’s gonna be a bit longer right?


I’m just about to get some sleep as it’s 2:12am here in Blighty. But my goal for June is to pitch my next game to CoG.

I’ve got five pitches I’m working on (2 for hearts choice, 2 for Choice of Games and a fifth for Hosted Games if my other pitches aren’t what they want).


I’m actually going to have goals for this month.

  • Get chapters 77-80 of SfAL edited and uploaded to AO3/Tumblr.
  • Hit 30k words for a basic playthrough of B:C (right now it’s about 11k for a path on the short side).
    • Complete the Embassy and Theatre portions of the GET branch in B:C.
    • Write B:C’s MC “origin” flashback for when their powers first surfaced.

That being said, I still need to decide if the specific characters from the GET branches will interact more after that or if they will fade into the background.

Summer is yet to hit which means I’ve got plenty of free time while my little terrors are in school so I’m hoping to be as inspired as I was in May.

Hope everyone has a wonderful June!


I’m working on Honor Bound Chapter 3 for June and I hope to get it drafted by the end of the month. Though I don’t expect to get much done this week due to family commitments, the rest of June is relatively free so I’m hoping to make good progress!


Goal: publish that tale within the end of June


Alright, this month’s goal is to pick up stuff and write it again. Got to re-do the plan a bit, but it’s no skin off my back.


So this month is going to be a busy one. Like… extremely. I’m still looking for a place to live in an overcrowded market on not much money, and it’s realistically going to be taking up most of my free time. That said, I want to keep moving forward with my projects, so I have the following goals:

For June:

  • 45k more words on Chapter Nine of Asphodel
  • An amount of progress that feels satisfying for Diaspora

The second one I’m leaving quite subjective on purpose. Hopefully I can achieve both.

And happy pride, everyone! :nonbinary_flag:


While I did manage to get something done last month, overall I did not meet a lot of my goals.

I hope to finish two chapters of rewrites that go towards one of my NPC Character arcs within the next two weeks. From there I hope to finish the Chapter 22 rewrite.

A stretch goal is to start to rewrite the climax of the story to better include choices made throughout the story. Maybe put some actual consequences in it, I do love consequences and trolley problems. If things go as I would like I’ll add about 30k to my story.


I hope you all have a creative and wonderful June!

My goals this month are pretty much the same as last month which is to get chapter 10 written, sent off to beta readers, and released. All that is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time because I always find it nervy when a new chapter is sent out into the world, though, I hope it will be an enjoyable one to read.


This month or the next, I’ll be able to finish Falrika the Alchemist. My goal is 20 chapters, 4 endings, and at least 150K words. Yeah, with that word count, I dunno if that will be eligible for a Steam release, as the CoG/HG/HC games there boast, what? 250K to even a million? But then, everyone loves a good fantasy story, which explains the glut of them on Steam. Personally, one of my goals as an indie game dev is to have at least one game onto Steam, as it is the undisputed leader in digital game distribution.

And after that, I’ll certainly continue churning out story-rich games, and hopefully by next year, I can finally make a game for the Heart’s Choice label.


I know I said I would wait a few days to post here, but I’ve got a slight bit of downtime and I can’t wait to return from London to post this.

Happy LQBTQ+ month! :rainbow_flag: :transgender_flag: As a trans woman myself, this month always feels a bit superfical, namely looking at companies jumping on the bandwagon and then treating us like we don’t exist after June ends. But the community and events of this month always hit nicely!

As for my own goals, I hope to finish implementing the difficulty levels in Onryō, and hopefully get the formula down well enough that I feel comfortable with the game’s current state that I can move onto act 2.

Hope you all have a great month! :heart:


@Eiwynn thanks for starting these threads! And thank you for posting these resources! I learned a few things just reading that word list. I had NO idea about ‘kitchen.’

My goals for June, which will be entirely devoted to writing.

  1. 30k-40k words of Final Monologue, getting it ready for beta testing in July.
  2. 10k-20k words of another project.
  3. Helping my co-author finish the draft of Book 1 of our series so we can edit in July.

That’s 40k-60k words, plus a lot of brainstorming, so I need to average at least 2,500 words per weekday (22 days X 2.5k = 55,000).


Crimson’s First-month development

-Global objective: End Prologue with a workable demo and stat dynamic test

-Estimated raw word account: this month, (included code and secondary text) 30k.


I haven’t written anything in May. I had the idea of reworking my MCs from Hannah Powell-Smith’s series into a magical girl team (well… actually Yuna is nonbinary.) I have a drawing and a basic idea

From left to right: Themis, Yuna, and Ran. Yuna is an heir from a kingdom in another dimension. They are celebrating their coming of age when villains attack. Themis, a royal guard helps the heir escape to Earth. On Earth, Yuna and Themis enroll at a boarding school. Meanwhile Ran is a veteran magical girl who is the only survivor of her former team . She works as a teacher at the school.