June 2023's Writer's Support Thread

While I’m stuck on an old project, my gf and I worked together to write a small unrelated, and it was a lot of fun. Felt more productive than I have in months.

Not much to say except it’s nice having a partner to share with and help. Not to mention the cuddles.


Howdy again!

Minor update, but I feel like I’m actually making some good progress! I started writing again for the first time in cough toomanyyears cough and I feel like I’m starting to get a handle on the coding part.

I have a small backstory/prologue section written, and I’ve made it to the first big branching choice of the game. I even managed to piece together how to make pronouns and gender work. Progress!

I’m dying to get enough of this sucker written to comfortably post a demo, to see if I’m on the right track and if anyone is even interested, but I want to at least get through this chapter and do some more polishing first. I know readers don’t typically like short demos.

I’m really just thrilled to be writing again. Feels good, man. Feels real good ;_;


I know it’s not the end of the month yet, but I’m pretty happy with my progress so far. I’ve managed to finish the latest chapter and just need to test it and work out some kinks before posting. It looks like I’ll be able to make my goal this time!


I managed to get my objective done as well I wrote more than 30k. that with edition and skipping some stuff and all that is reduced to about 10k prologue.

So that should be seen as good news. But sadly I am deeply worried that nobody will give my game a chance due the nature of the prologue. So I am feeling like a big loser again…


Thats great Mara. 30,000 is nothing to sneer at. Even if you edited that down to 10,000 that is still 10,000 words you adjust to still make sense.

Be proud of your writing no matter now much or how little you write. It just takes one reader to make it all worthwhile. :slight_smile:


I am not much of a party person in real life but I adore writing fictional parties and the social dynamics within them, especially when something dreadful occurs. For Honor Bound I’m outlining what’s one of the worst parties I’ve written in a CoG so far; I don’t know if it wins out over the Royal Affair Winter Ball (in which Pascal almost dies from an allergic reaction) or the Blood Money wake for Casimira (in which ghosts are causing ruckuses and you can catch a spy and unceremoniously murder them) but I did make myself chortle in the coffee shop over this placeholder line:



Hannah I love your games so much! So I want to cheering you! You will ace the party.


30k?! Holy- I’ve only managed ~50k for a completed route, that’s incredible! If you end up posting your WIP here, please tag me, because I’d totally give it a go. You’ve done a lot of work, whether it’s 30k or 10k. Someone, anyone will always read it. That’s kind of the joy of reading/stories. There’s always something someone will enjoy.


I’ve just discovered my friend editor has a thing for Hs mute. He says they give personality to the fictional language.


I am starting to prepare the script for. this year Halloween Jam. I would do the teaser next Month to the event Start 1st August to last day of October.

Hope this year having lot of people trying.


I think I might try again this year. It’s always been a lot of fun to participate.


Everyone is welcome!


It’s nearing the end of the month again :cowboy_hat_face: !

I did not meet my goal of finishing writing Chapter 1, but I am pretty close. I didn’t have much time to write this month, to be honest. I did completely finish my prologue, once and for all, however!

One thing I learned this month is that I am way better at writing about setting (scenery, mood/tone, architecture, sights/sounds/smells, etc.) than I am at writing about characters – specifically dialogue… I think it might have to do with the fact that I’ve never been good at or cared for much socializing in real life myself, which now leads to me having no idea how to write good dialogue that sounds both natural and serves a narrative/developmental purpose.

Hope everyone had a good month!


Finally started writing the romance guide for Season Two and have them all done apart from Lucien as his is a bit trickier as it requires his favours which are tracked along with another variable.


Well, I went over and above on the first one, and managed a full 60k month, which was a really good thing to have done. I’d like to have Asphodel submitted for publication by the end of the year if at all possible, so now’s the time to be pushing my wordcounts a bit where I can.

As to the second… well, I definitely managed progress, and I’m pretty happy with it in that sense, but I do wish it’d been a little more. Still, I’m not going to complain. Here’s hoping I can keep up the momentum on both into next month.


Is Asphodel further along than Diaspora?


No, not really. It has more words, but it’s in chapter 9/10 (and there will also be an epilogue). Diaspora is to the point where we’re writing the epilogue, so it’s technically still further along.


I’ll have to check out Asphodel then sometime. I really loved Diaspora. Easily one of the best WIPs I’ve played.


With picking up extra hours at work, I haven’t been able to get as much writing done as I’d like, I but I still feel I’ve got a reasonable amount done. I think maybe I might have something demo ready in the next few months. Time will tell but I’m hopeful. Just gotta save enough leftover energy for writing :grinning:


I hope everyone has had a productive month whether you’ve managed to write or have been busy.