June 2023's Writer's Support Thread

Well, it’s the end of the month. And despite the many hiccups this month, (Uni exams, generally just being extremely tired all the time.) I managed to complete my goals.

I implemented difficulty levels, and managed to finally upload my WIP to dashingdon. Turned out, that the website didn’t like the letter “Ō”, so it wouldn’t let me upload because it was in the title.

But other than that, I was mostly doing coding work this month, next month, I’m getting into the thick and thin of act 2. Can’t wait :blush:

Hope everyone has had a good month too :heart:


Oh hey, I remember reading about that WIP on the interest check thread! I’ll have to check it out, it sounded interesting.


June report:
My editing work should be complete by now.


The Adventure of the Silver Wings
Expedition 0: A Special Crew

Published… If someone can time travel in the future and go back to tell me where and when I would be very grateful

Captain Ridia Proxi (f, Amaneon)
Zhi’hira (genderfluid, Fluxmo) company owner
Cross (m, Homo Sapiens Sapiens) specialized engine technician
Krnt (m, Rotr) “security” (muscle henchman)
Mhri S’uri (f, Mpath) communications expert
Doctress Giga Wyr (f, Cybit) crew’s doctor
Tinio (agender, uses male pronuons, Android) mechanical and computer engineer
Xira (f, Kibra) pilot and security
Fiia (f, ???) copilot

My friend suggested me to write some more tales for the same series to have some “publishing reserve”, I’ll post something in the new July thread.
He also suggested me to build a social image (ironic since we both hate social network), and to put something on wattpad, more for image and presentation than anything else.

On other news
Weirdly enough I was able to write something for the fantasy project and started Laila’s story


Definitely added 40K words this month. :slight_smile: More of them ended up in revisions to Ch 1 than in Ch2, but that’s fine. Onward and upward!


That’s nice good pace


I can’t remember now how many words I did during June - somewhere between 35000 and 40000, I think - but my goal was to draft Chapter 3 of Honor Bound and I’ve met that. I’ve got Chapter 4’s code in a good state to get on with the writing in July, as well as having done a bunch of game balancing (and small revisions in the earlier chapters as part of that). So I’m feeling good about progress in general!


It is 23:25 here in England, and my final act of June is to start a small project while I wait to hear how my submission went.

Just to tease you, here is a summary of the project;

Welcome to The Graveyard Watch, a short piece of interactive fiction where your character must spend a night with a dead body to make sure they are truly dead. Your shift is only for twelve hours but will morning approach peacefully, or will you be battling to see the first light of dawn? I guess you’ll have to wait and see…

Planned features;

  • Three skill stats; Athletics, Academics and Faith.

  • Two stats to track your Health and your Stamina

  • Choose from one of three dead people and find out whether they will rise from the dead or sleep peacefully. It’s only twelve hours. How bad could it be?

  • Choose one of three reasons for taking part; do you continue the family business, or were you sent by the church? Perhaps this is just the latest strange course your university professor has sent you?

  • Equip yourself with a crossbow and stake, or are you more modern with the revolver and knife? Rely on your weapons, or rely on your faith.

I look forward to sharing this short but replayable IF with you all.


I hope this gets published eventually, because I really want to play it.


I am happy to confirm that I achieved both my June goal and my June stretch goal. :checkered_flag:

I also set myself a goal of completing chapter two of my “docks” route during this last week of June, and I am happy to share that I completed this as well.

With everything related to the live alpha testing, bug fixes and other revisions, and progressing the “docks” route, I have added/edited roughly 60,000 words this month.

I think I pushed myself to my limits because I was on the cusp of burnout this morning as I was finishing my writing.

I will be shortly making the July Support Thread, so stay tuned. :revolving_hearts:


It will be free to play. This is basically writing practice :slight_smile:


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