Accountability partner(s) sought


Okay I’m approaching the halfway point of my WIP and I reeeeeaaly (think Chris Jericho for wrestling fans) want to keep my momentum and avoid my story being lost in the graveyard of aborted WIPs.

Is anyone in a similar situation? I thought it might be helpful to have a thread for folks pushing through their WIPs to report daily/weekly progress without having to clutter up WIP threads.

This might be a dumb idea, but at this point I need someone other than my wife encouraging me to “finish the damn story already.”

Anyone interested?


I wrote 1,500 today


Write! Or I will find you and kill you in the middle if the night! Muhahahaha


Sounds like a good idea IMO. I’m definitely afraid of that happening to my own story too.


@Horn your game is good lol, shut up and keep writing! :wink: i wish to be half of good you are, but I still writing trying get better even if no one like my work. You have already a great fan cheering you so please continue.


I’m not particularly afraid of not finishing my WIP(s) but I’ll participate :slight_smile: so far I’ve got 60/80K (71% finished) for Judgement of the Fallen - book two of Demons Among Men.


Your doing an awesome job on this game man!! It has easily risen to the top of of my choice of games list even sliding ahead of the hero rise series!! Keep up the great work!!


Does that mean we’re all your wives? Wow…what a harem you’re accumulating. Haha. Seriously though, I just kind of started my work in progress, but I agree. It’s important to finish things. Sometimes if you look at a great deal of projects you’ve started and realize that you haven’t finished a number of them it kind of gets into your head.

But keep up the good work, I will too! We got this, broseph!


I think this is a great idea! I loved having the NaNoWriMo thread for this. I’m at a different stage, so I have no word count to tally. But yes, this is a great motivational tool. Go for it!


Same. I think this is a good idea to keep the WIPs going. As for my tally, i’m at 495k/600k for my first chapter. Im aiming for 16m+ for part one of Beast Within.

A long way to go xD Exactly why I think this thread is a good idea for motivation



Excuse me while I blow my brains out. That’s insane! You might actually have a CoG game that will take an entire day to play through.

Now my 10k just looks so tiny! o.O Maybe I can inject steroids into it. You think roids is okay for these stories?


Okay that was a pretty awesome response in two hours so maybe this is a good idea after all.

I hereby pledge on my most valuable possessions - my stack of Daredevil comics, my extensive collection of neckties both themed and conventional, my first published cartoon cicra 1994 and my letter of appreciation from President Clinton (pre Lewinsky) - that I shall write no fewer than 1500 words tonight.

There. It is done. I only have 30 minutes to change my mind.


That’s reasonable :slight_smile: my average is 1,500


And lol to @Brian’s response to @Blazed’s awe inspiring word target. Oh and my one wife is plenty but I suppose Mara cheering me on provides acceptable cheerleader-type visuals.

@Sam, I wish I was young like you. Perhaps some type of “Big” switcheroo is possible? Wait… You’ll probably have to google that movie reference.

Much thanks to @StarWars, @Blazed, @Lucid, @Grapefruit, et al, for jumping in. Feel free to post goals for the week! It’s Monday after all.


I’m the biggest noob when it comes to movies :stuck_out_tongue:

Well my goal is to have written 9,000 words by Sunday night


Wait I have to have goals now? Ugh. Alright. My goal is to finish the choice in my game where you hire S.H. Young to write your autobiography. There are plenty of ways to get him to do it. Bribery, blackmail, electrocution, and my personal favorite…heffalump. You don’t actually receive the autobiography by the end of the game though. He’s too busy taking photos of athletic women for Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition. D’oh.

But yeah, I’m going to work some on it now although I’m supposed to call this girl at 6pm…gah. This same girl ruined Nanowrimo for me too. Girls just make you weak in the knees. Rocky didn’t listen and neither did I. XD




My game is highly ambitious, and since I posted a demo over a year ago I haven’t made a lot of progress (I did only just start writing again, in the last few weeks). The nature of the game also makes it difficult to release small portions for public testing without spoiling it (and since it is a crime mystery, that’s a problem).

I fear that as I am starting a full time job in just over a week now, my writing may suffer (further). I think this thread is a great idea.

My goal for the last 3 weeks has been to finish a particularly complicated scene, but while I am making progress, it’s going quite slow despite dedicating whole days to it. I think I’m getting there.

As for you, @HornHeadFan, Community College Hero is awesome! Definitely one of the best games on the site. You’ll get more than enough encouragement to keep going, I’m sure.


Considering I will be talking and working along with a writing partner now, I will have to get some more info about basic things before getting too far. I am not sure where my word count will be for mine but pushing to check someone else’s work first. This way I don’t accidentally repeat things that shouldn’t be but it is same world. Two stories will be taking place in one world in different aspects. So, anything referring one will be translated to the other if its a huge event. Example mc in one story nukes NYC, has to be heard from the other. The other side of the combo wont care too much if someone died if not related to first story. :slight_smile: I wont divulge to much more less they decide to share it themselves.

But I do agree with setting up goals to finish stories and wow…that is a whole game for one chapter. How many words to go through in just one path though?


@jjc73 Are you asking about the scene I’ve been working on? The scene in question is the largest so far at 30000+ words and 3000+ lines of code. Given how large it has gotten I’ve decided not to make another scene like it, because it is a massive time sink. So other scenes will be less complex. I actually had to split it into two separate scenes (you will only see one of them, dependant on what you do prior to them) to make it easier to manage and test.

It’s possible to play through the scene very quickly, but it has a fair few different paths and outcomes, so I’m hoping that makes it worth all the time I’ve put into it. I’ll be very glad to move on when it’s done. *sighs*