Ideeeeaaaaaaaa of mythological school and whatnot 13.4.15


Riiiiiggghhht…So! I have an idea of a game that is like a secondary school (or high school?! I think…) however it allows humans, demons, mythical creatures and any other person/being which would also fit into it. The whole point of the school is to try and create equality between all races (yeah I know it sounds like a lot of other things but whatever) although it is going to be the beginning of the schools existence when the reader becomes involved.

I am still not entirely sure what the story plot is yet though…I have a few ideas but they’re not clear enough for me to disclose yet.

FINALLY, I think I want to include pictures of characters and significant places in the game to make it more interesting but I’m not completely certain yet. Also if I do end up making it I’m going to do a shit ton of research into the whole mythological malarkey from different religions and fables to create a more well rounded attitude of the characters.

Riiight so that is basically the basics of my inner brain thoughts. I may or may not start it soon, we’ll have to see!

I’d appreciate any comments on this, good or bad, you can tell me whether or not it’s a stupid ass idea or if I’m completely ripping off someone else (as I am oblivious to all) or annnything. I ain’t fussed!

Cheeeerrrrss me deeeaaaars~~



Okaayy I have started a demo on the actually game although not a lot but I have decided I am going to have a large variety of races and whatnot however not all are playable for the reader. There will be some major characters who can be the same species as the reader but also some minor ones who cannot. I haven’t completly decided on the types of species the reader can be but these are the ones for the other characters I am certain on.

Spirit, Vampire, Werewolf, Dwarf, Angel, Ghost, Fairy, Sandman, Domovoi, Elves, Mermaid, Siren, Dryad/Nymph/Naiad, Satyr/Satyress…
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, that’s all the 100% sure ones are, I have some other contenders but not certain!

Right, so my demo is nearly done (without pictures) and I think I’ll have it posted by the end of this week, or maybe even today if I can be bothered, but it is doubtful. So far I’ve only written about entering the school and having to fill out the form and entering the assembly but it’ll give you an idea of how the game will be set out I think.
I haven’t done any pictures yet because that takes time and I’m still not sure whether or not I’m actually going to have them in the real thing.
Anyway heres the list of playable races:
Vampire, Werewolf, Siren, Angel, Fallen Angel, Fairy, Naiad, Elf, Dwarf, Ghost and Human.

I still haven’t thought of a name yet though :weary: but whatevs’


Demons sounds interesting!


Well, it takes the same route as Monster High but changes so it becomes an original idea so… I’d say is a pretty good idea


Yeah, when I saw the title I was a bit concerned we were making the same game. :smile: But a big part of “Monster High” (working title) is that monsters aren’t supposed to exist and have to stay hidden. Everyone knowing who everyone is makes it a very different game.

Sounds like an interesting idea, good luck getting a demo out.

Also - hit me up if you need some ideas about how to research the mythology. I have a ton of references bookmarked or on my bookshelf by now.


Think very carefully about which races you include. No one takes a succubus game seriously, but you still need a decent mix for the masses.


The profit figures for Catherine would beg to differ. :smiling_imp:


It profited for the same reason that all games with eye candy do. The puzzles were annoying more than challenging, what I saw of the story was pretty mediocre, but then again, I haven’t bought a copy to thoroughly explore it (nor do I plan to.), people can buy a game and not take it seriously, anything with a succubus is more of a dirty joke than a game, they are pretty worthless demons.


Catherine was good. How did you know the puzzles were annoying without buying a copy?


Not necessarily true.

Yes, modern times have often depicted succubi as attractive and seductive, but the original succubi were terrifying and not something you’d really want to be around.

The same principle applies to the fae; old school fae were real bastards and would likely kill you if you ever wandered into their domain.

[quote=“TechDragon610, post:8, topic:8389”]
anything with a succubus is more of a dirty joke than a game[/quote]

That statement is a little broad, wouldn’t you agree?


Succubus is a medium-low type of demons! So! Is not powerful, their only big weapon is seduction and a limited form of shapeshifting!


Videos of some of them. Still admitting it’s mostly second hand.


I am aware of how their image has shifted, I still think they’re worthless. Most of the time including a succubus means that the author wants excuses to create sexual situations for fan service.


As someone who is a bit of a prude (if inconsistently - I like dirty jokes, for example), I’m not sure including a succubus necessarily means anything except that sexual situations are potentially an element of the game.

Often that’s shallow. But a lot of games in which the only exposed skin is an unveiled face are just as shallow.

So I’m going to have to put my vote down against "I suppose a game must appeal to the plebes. :unamused: " attitudes about it. If you @TechDragon610 don’t like succubi, you’re not alone, but that doesn’t enter into if succubi.are a bad idea in the way bad spelling is.

To me, demons in general (unless in the sense Calcifer is a demon) are not beings I find very appealing except as enemies. That’s my personal taste, nothing more.


What are your monsters like and what races do you plan for?


Would you have DraconIc Race or somthing similar


I vote against succubus! Is a useless type of demons.


Have any of you ever seen lost girl succubae are pretty badass their


If you are not a demon lord/archdemon i have little interest, for demons only power does matter,


I’m wondering whether the races and types playable with have stereotypes attached to them. Not in a social stance, for that is to be expected, but rather from the player’s view. If I was to choose a Werewolf, would I be condemned to a life of rage or are the choices open to a complex variety?


they are still succubi