How did everyone find CoG?

Was checking out the nominees for Best Game in the Xyzzy Awards in 2011, looking for Zombie Exodus led me here. Really liked the style of games, I’ve been buying them since.

It was probably choice of dragoons or the great tournament…

2017, The Aether: Life as a God, the first COG/HG I’ve played. Then try others, got hooked, joined the forum a year after.

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I was looking for some CYOA novels in a Google search and ended up in the PlayStore looking at some of the selection. I decided to skim through the descriptions and start with a standalone title that seemed interesting. I ultimately decided to try Metahuman Inc. and was not disappointed. In fact, I could not get enough!

That was 5 years ago. I still enjoy these interactive stories and have continued to trying out and buy any series/works that I can. Lately, I have been reading the Samurai of Hyuga and the Wayhaven Chronicles, as well as many other titles.


I read one and than I couldn’t stop reading more. Its kinda of a addiction at this point, I need help with finding some more top quaility stoires. Plssss :frowning:


I think around 2014? I started getting into interactive fiction. I played a few longer puzzle games (I cannot for the life of me remember what they were) and while they were detailed and fun, they focused a lot more on the puzzles than character building. So I kept searching until eventually I stumbled across Choice of the Dragon. The focus on customization and playing the way you wanted really grabbed me and I haven’t looked back since. I bought every single CoG title that came out, Choice of Romance and Choice of the Vampire were my absolute favourites.

Though I don’t post on the forums much anymore, I still come back and check up on what’s happening and what people are discussing. I will probably never stop playing CoG, it’s given me so much joy and satisfaction as a reader and I always try my best to bring others in to our awesome community!

EDIT: It was definitely earlier than 2014, I was still in highschool :laughing: I now officially feel old

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Delight games

It was around two years ago. I was bored to my last extent and was spending hours just looking at the games I already checked every single day on Google Play and was reconsidering playing them. Then something rather— unconventional for me at the time came up to my attention. Creatures Such As We by Lynnea Glasser. I didn’t think much about it at that time and just downloaded because it was something new. :thinking:

Now, I had some bad experiences with IF before caused by other brands which would go like, “you played the first chapter, It was 15mins long, you don’t even know if you like this game but now pay us to play further.” And I would uninstall naturally. So, it was later that year I actually got to play it and I was hooked from the first second. I was so happy to have found such a category of gaming I checked the publisher and wanted to see more. So I searched in google play and came across The Great Tournament by Philip Kempton. This was the revelation for me because I got to figure out what IF can offer and how much fun you can have with it. This game was the first that I checked the code of and yeah, I was signed up for the forum and here with the community.

I know, wall of text… but this is my feelings for Choice Of Games, which I discovered through Google Play’s Role-Play category :upside_down_face:

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I found it between 2015/2016, moulding in an overly hot class @ univ, in a boresome summer day.

I abhorred that subject as much as the professor and was half lost to torpor looking for a new game while waiting for the grade of the last exam of that semester, @ Play Store - until I found C. of Dragons… I got so hooked on it, and then I went for the conclusion of my starter’s trinity - Dragon, Romance and Vampire.

I flunked @ that subject, but been in love with CoG and then HG ever since :blue_heart:

PS.: I love how C. of Dragon was the first of so many :dragon: :sparkles:


I found this from my brother, who has been a long time fan of the site and decided to get me to try it as well, since he knows my love for reading. I remember that the first game I ever played on here was Zombie Exodus, and then I proceeded onto Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven as soon as it came out.

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Somme Trench came up on Apple’s New Game that like one week. I tried and had a hella good time then started playing more

It was a year ago or so that I played my first CoG and HG games.
I had played an indie visual novel that I ended up liking a lot. After some time, I got the courage to join the Discord server of the VN.
The people there were already avid readers of ChoiceScript games, often talking about Fallen Hero and Wayhaven. They tried to make me try the games out, and after some time, I thankfully gave in!
They are all amazing people on that server and it’s one of my main places for talking and gushing about various ChoiceScript games, VNs, games in general. That I’m here on this forum is all thanks to them! :heart:


Found CoG trough boredom at work. It was 2015 or smth. After I finished with all 12 books of Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf gamebooks (Kai Chronicles in google play store) I started to search for more and similar text adventures! The store showed some suggestions and tried out some medieval game (can’t believe I forgot the name of it O.o) and then the first book of Samurai of Hyuga.

Liked them both and as I was aspiring, but very lazy writer myself, tried out Twine and after some considerations started writing in Choicescript. And here is 5 years later, many gamebooks read, but not a single one of my ideas I have managed to turn into full-fledged Interactive Novel ^^’’


I was on steam looking for text based choose your own adventure games, Then I found and proceeded to play way to much of Choice of Magics

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When the first Heroes Rise game was trending on the app store. I randomly decided to click on it and I was pleasantly surprised that it was a CYOA. I’ve been reading every release since. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: