Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Spot on. Thanks. But do you know when is the release date?

No updates yet. Last communication I had was that they were wondering how the promotional art was going. Sent them the promotional art and dead silence since then. I’ll give them a nudge at some point; I’m not in a huge rush but it’s a little bit disheartening to just not hear anything.


It says 7th of July according to this page?

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Literally the first I’ve heard of a release date lmao


Not a COG game, you play someone called Barry in a contest and you meet some old guy and a girl right away. Title is something magic I’m pretty sure

Not COG but is it still Choicescript? I actually don’t know of any Choicescript games with a set MC name (though there could be some).

It’s called Magium. You can find it on the Play Store or the App Store.


okay so its not an IF but a visual novel and ive lost it since i got a new account on itch but it starts with the mc biking and ends up crashing because someone deliberately put i think rocks on the path. we were rescued by some dude and we’re recuperating in his house. he put those rocks on the path and wants us to stay forever in his house. it has a cool feature where if the game is too much for you, you can pull a lever where it will kinda sorta redirect you to just a normal background to cool off. i dont remember if he breaks your ankles but i think when our injury was healing he injures us again in the same place so we stay there. the man lives with a kid and the kid tells us to stay and take care of them with the man

i remember it having either honey on the name or something similar to it.

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Color Me Killer: Honeymouth!

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hm. when i look it up on itch, it doesnt appear. it seems like they either privated it or took it down. shame though. its so good. thanks for the help.

Anyone remembers a game where you are a twin and child of a lord we can choose our houses emblem and what our territory is good at like archers, milita, farming etc.

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idk if this has been publish or something but there is this wip which starts with like you escorting someone and how the people with magic are oppressed or something. you can play as a hunter, elf, mage or normal human. you attend this person’s wedding and you have a choice to save them or this other kid and once you defeat the monster some people offers you to join up with them. i remember stopping at a point where we are seeing someone about their child being cursed or something idk. wanted to revisit and see what’s going on. i also have a strange feeling the for some reason, this was the intro to golden rose but i think its just because it has ‘gold’ in the title


That’s Shepherds of Haven!

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I played a WIP where you were a ghost and had various people to scare in different settings, or something like that. It’s none of the games already published by COG/HG, so I guess it’s still a work in progress. Would anyone be able to direct me to it?

Ghost Simulator?

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Yup! You’re the best, thank you :slight_smile:

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hey guys can you help me find this WIP? I remember the MC was some kind of fairy or something and they were the children of a god/goddess and the MC had the goal of saving their land along with three other characters who were RO, the MC’s childhood friend, a barbarian (? they had a dragon and a princess / prince

The Changeling Exchange

Yesss!! thank you

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