Upcoming Hosted Games Releases — 2022


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Soul Stone War 2 : Releasing Jan 13th. :steam:
Studies in Darkness : Releasing Jan 13th.
Community College Hero: Fun and Games : Released Feb 3rd. By @Eric_Moser. :steam:
Interactive Bonbons : Released Feb 3rd? By @Sam_Ursu.
Super Star Soccer Striker: Released Feb 3rd, by @AgentV.
Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Pt 3 : Released Mar 3rd. By @jimd. :steam:
Caves and Dinosaurs: Released Mar 17th.
Dawn of the Sol Empire: Released Mar 17th. By @zaldath.
Grand Casino of Fortune: Released Mar 17th. By @zaldath.
Relics 2: The Crusader’s Tomb: Released April 7th. :steam:
Big Brains in Little Jars: Released Apr 7th.
Grey Eyes of Death: Released Apr 21st. :steam:
Life of a Space Force Captain : Released May 5th. By @Lucid. :steam:
Paradox Factor: Re-released May 5th. By @Lucid :steam:
Golden Rose: Book One : Released Jun 2nd. :steam:
By Crom: Released Jun 2nd.
The Soul Stone War — Achievement Guide: Released Jun 16th. :steam:
The Soul Stone War 2 — Achievement Guide: Released Jun 16th. :steam:
A Long Weekend: Released Jun 16th.
The Sword of Rhivenia: Released Jul 7th. :steam:
The Gray Painter: Released Jul 7th.
A Mage Reborn: Released Aug 4th. :steam:
Pride & Prejudice & Murder: Released Aug 4th.
Samurai of Hyuga: Book Five: Released Sep 1st. :steam:
Dual Nature: Released Sep 1st.
Formorian War: Released Sep 15th.
Midnight Saga: The Monster: Released October 6th. :steam:
Nascent Necromancer: Released Oct 6th.
Talon City: Released Nov 3rd. :steam:
Day After Ever After: Released Nov 3rd.
The Passenger: Dec 29th? :steam:
Mage Elite: Dec 29th?

Because someone asked me to clarify: Hosted Games go on this list once they enter the publishing queue, meaning once we’ve received a full copy of the game. HG WIPs won’t show up on this list.