A Mage Reborn, Book Two (WIP) - UPDATED August 7th | Book One Released!

I’m having issues trying to purchase this in the omnibus on iPhone. Is anyone else having this problem? I can buy other games from the omnibus, but this says failed each time I try.

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Apparently iOS didn’t approve it or something


It’s now approved on iOS!


I’m ready to suffer. :smiling_face_with_tear:


Kinda wish they’d put the thread back up with the estimated dates of Hosted Games releases. If i hadn’t decided to click on this to check if the beta had an update, i would have had NO IDEA book one was released

Book 1 ending where it does feels weird after playing the beta a bunch. But, its still as good as it was then, cant wait for book 2 to actually start plotting revenge.


Do you mean this thread?


That would be the one, all i get in my list of threads is the Choice of and Hearts Choice potential dates, thanks for posting this here

I guess you must’ve accidentally unpinned it. It’s always at the top of the page for me.

Anyway, you can always sign up to the CoG mailing list if you want to be notified of new releases.


It is available on the Hosted games app


Very glad to finally put some money on this. Best of luck with what’s coming, really invested with what I’ve read.


Agreed.Even more so since there is no being revived and all in book one.Its about a mage that dies and people find out why he did what he did.thats all so far.

Can anyone tell me what stats are needed to save all seven kids. I played a reserved mc with thaum training and I did save everyone of them. But the next mc couldnt save them, are there paticular stats to save them?

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I used Intrigue/Spiritism and it worked, although as far as I remember Intrigue/Enchantment should also work
Basically you have to be sneaky sneaker to save them all :dotted_line_face:


Does the game feel short at all? I noticed it’s only about a 150k words whereas the other recent published books I have read ranges from 400k-1mil words. I have heard so many great things about this game so I want to savour the exp if that makes sense in case I buy it


Yes it is basically a prologue to the second book. Its short but I think it has pretty solid characters and maintains a good pace.


You have to stick to your plan I guess, if you decide to go back to town and get reinforcements it’s not possible to save everyone.


I personally felt that the length of this game was perfect. Sure, it doesn’t have insane branching like other games, but whats there, the story it tries to tell is really great.


Tbh the first book is too fast and too short for my taste. But i always treat it as first half of book instead a single book. In my country there is a specific terma for these short book which is “cerpen” Which means short stories book


Hi everyone, thanks for the warm reception to the game! I’ll try going through some of the more frequently asked questions in this thread.

On Ilya’s name

An unexpected discourse, but apparently Ilya is a masculine name in Russian! This is news to me, ahah. The name Ilya was taken from a Fire Emblem 7 country named Ilia. In-game, it is iconic for its pegasus knights, which is a class accessible only by female units, and so it had always had a feminine connotation in my head.

I think I may have heard of Fate’s Ilyasviel in passing, but I’m big on Fate/Extra & Fate/Extella instead of the mainline Fate series, and so I’m fairly sure I don’t know her enough to be subconsciously inclined to name a character after her. x)

On Ante’s feelings for Leon(?)
I could be wrong, since I’ve got the memory of a goldfish with a brain injury, but I could’ve sworn that I’ve never implied any interest between either party for the other. I do recall implying that it will be possible to accuse Leon of carrying feelings for Ante (and atm I do intend on seeing that through), but that’s moreso for providing a dramatic option for MCs who are so inclined, rather than it being rooted in any actual truth!

On the Parami vs. Arcadia schism / Whether Leon is a bad king
I’ll plead the fifth on this one, for obvious reasons, but it’s good to see that the game can evoke markedly different stances from a lot of different people. Every actor in AMR is intentionally designed to be different shades of gray rather than pure good/pure bad (though Tahlia can come rather close ahah). There have been strong opinions for and against either side on this thread, and I only hope that when the time comes, I’ll be able to write paths that do justice to your respective convictions!

This is correct! Sticking to the plan opens the possibility for both the best and worst ending of the encampment scene, but also gives your character a permanent injury and a heavy blow to one of their stats. If you do choose to go ahead with the plan, the scene checks for either Thaum or Spiritism for a perfect result, while another scene later down the line will check for either Enchantment or Alchemy for a perfect result.


I might have made some things up and lied in this thread so I wanted to make things clear:
I distinctly remember that we might later get a choice to be less reliable on magic and have some weapon proficiency. Does it mean that we can choose our own weapon or it just means we can be proficient fighter in general?