Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

So there was this game with fantasy races and I can’t remember the name.

I think you started off adopted by a lovely couple as a baby and you got chores which involves collecting eggs, and you can get a horse from your uncle who visits on your birthday, its got dragons and like some kind of school that involves the dragons? And when you get older you have to clean the house of a neighbor who had left due to some unpleasantness?

Sorry this is rambly I wrote stuff as I remembered it.

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It might be this one.

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You had the power to duplicate yourself and it was like white,black, or grey. And you could mentor 1of 3kids. One could control her hair, one I think could like turn to goo and the other had like acid blood(idk bout that one).

Mind games : obsession

Okay so I found this WIP when I’m sick…so my memories of it may be blurry but here we go
So the story is about a world where police department is abolished in around 2013-2014!? And my MC is a hired security guy and he likes to steal from people’s home and vehicle on one night in one of his “operation” the owner almost caught him but he hides under the car but my mc succeed in getting the laptop during the day he opens it and look up some video in it and apparently the owner is a serial killer… anyone can tell me the name of the WIP?

Been looking for a while, now. It’s a couple(ish?) years old, and even longer that when I last played, but I remember that our MC was an… off-the-tables journalist whose real work was unmasking heroes and villains? Pretty sure there was some sort of ex-wife or ex-husband in it, too. And a shady nightclub which name was something along the lines of Cat Noir (?).

I’m pretty sure it was literally called Unmasked.

Was I right with this?


That’s the one! Thanks very much! For some reason The Hero Unmasked! kept popping up whenever I tried searching, heh.

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my first post here, but have gotten so many games on my phone and played some of the early access games on this forum for a few years now. there’s this one game i’ve been looking for, and i think it might have been discontinued but idk because it’s been a while.

it started off with the mc going on a road trip to a cabin with a family. the family end up being like…demons? or cultists? either way they represent the seven deadly sins and trap the mc in the basement and want him to join their family. if anyone could let me know what the name of it was, i’d really appreciate it.


This is what you are looking for.

ah, thank you. shame it doesnt exist anymore. oh well. at least i know what happened instead of looking forever.

It does. It’s actively being worked on (well, not right now, but the author has been working on it as recent as a couple months ago).

I believe because you’re a basic user/not part of the adult reader group, you are unable to actually access the page.

oh lmao yeah that might be it. thank you guys so much tho


Can anybody help me find this wip please?
The mc is a incarnation of an angel i it has different animal forms based on the god you choose to serve like a black lion for the god of war a wasp for the god of death etc and we one day we lost the power to transform and we go to a school with our best friend and have a camera following us around.

Here The Vanished Project (WIP) - Updated 21/07/19 :slight_smile:

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I think it is All: The Replica Series, but I am pretty sure that it had a rewrite back in 2017 or so, and the part where you mentor someone isn’t in the demo anymore. It has also been on a hiatus for a very long time.


Anyone knows where you and your partner sign up for a nude art/nude painting class and the relationship, depending on the choices goes downhill or uphill from there?

Is that The Gray Painter? If so it isn’t playable at the moment as it’s been submitted to HG.