Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

i think that’s Kingdoms and Empires

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Sup, yeah that sounds like my thingy lol, gotta be a member of the adult thread to join the forum page or use the link on my Tumblr Blog hehe
Recently had a huge overhaul to the story so lemme know what you think, cause lots of stuff has changed!
@lai thanks for helping this soul!


Thanks! You are correct.

Can somebody help remembering this wip where we play as child of King Arthur and Morgan le fey and we then get to go for her real husbands castle. Then meet arthur there at a carnival or something like that?..
Also there were dragons in it. We can have one for us.

Bastard of Camelot

As @scorpion_201 said it’s Bastard of Camelot, though it should also be mentioned that it has moved to Twine.

Greetings! I recently remembered something about a game but I can’t quite remember what it was. I am pretty sure it was something that had to do with some kind of heist or SOMETHING like that… or maybe spies… the thing i remember the most about this game was this Love Interest that was some kind of rival to the main character (maybe at first they even started out as a full blown enemy) but then if you managed to impress them they would start respecting you or something… I think I remember a scooter scene with them, and by the end of the book there was the risk of basically disappointing everyone (including them) if you made the wrong choices… it is NOT Breach: The arcangel job, but i remember it giving off similar vibes, or maybe it’s just me. I know this is awfully vague, but if someone knows what I’m talking about I would be very glad if you could help me remember!

Edit: ok wait I think I’ve got it, it’s probably “180 files: The Aegis Project”

Hi! I’m trying to find a game that I thought I had bookmarked where you could play as a Siren? -might’ve been referred to as rusulka instead?- You had just died(?) and were made into a siren. I remember that the other siren characters fed off of humans suffering/pain,and killed partygoers on a boat but you can refuse to feed. At one point you meet a potential RO at a party that you crashed into? Who shows up later as a tour guide near your new home? Which puts him in danger.


Here Abysm's Veil- Continuing the story. (WIP) Last update 11th August :slight_smile:
Sadly it seems dead…


Thank you! That’s a shame though I really enjoyed the setting


Hi @ElliWoelfin and @Lihn_Gargoyle. I’m the author of Abysm’s Veil. So glad you liked it and apologies about the long hiatus, it wasn’t planned that way. It’s not dead-dead, but it has been sleeping very soundly for a while now. Unfortunately I encounted a problem of trying to juggle too many WIP’s + having a very busy life AFK which keeps eating into my writing time and slowing my updates down (Grrr.) Anyways, I’ve been slowly working through my WIP’s and getting them finished up. I will get this one done eventually, but is for the moment it’s still on update hold while I the two I’m getting out next are completed.


I’m so happy to hear that it’s still going! I’ll patiently wait for updates! ^_^b


Hello! I’ve been trying to remember the title of this WIP that popped back into my head. I think the MC somehow gets recruited/joins a small team of detective/hunter type people. All I remember is there was a story arc where someone’s sword(?) was stolen and the group is hired to track it down, and it turned out the sword was actually a woman who had left on her own or something. Also a plot point with a dragon(?) that’s wreaking havoc and I know there’s at least the option to approach it kindly or something and it turns out to be quite tame so you get to keep it(???). I think the last update I’d read was a party of some sort. That’s all I remember.

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I believe the WiP you’re refering to is Supernatural in New York. Unfortunately, it looks like the thread is no longer up on the forum here.


ty for the response, that’s the one!

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The demo is still in dashingdon though but i know that the author will be porting and updating the game in Twine.


Im looking for a game I played awhile ago. I only remember you were with this king or lord? and smth in you forced you to kill him. so you run away and go in hiding, living in a small village. what game us this??

Is it Curse of the Blooming Lotus?

Though it was more of an Emperor rather than a King or Lord.

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hi, i’m looking for a wip where you play with two MCs, if I can remember well, you can customize them from appearance, personality, and background, there’s two ros (i don’t remember if they are twins or cousins) who you first meet when mc 1 is a kid (one of them teases mc 1 all the time) later you discover that they were saved from freezing in the winter when kids by mc 2 and they parents. I think there was a king who was a tyrant and he was killed in public? (i don’t remember very well) and his son takes after him, you form a rebel group with these two ros and two MCs against the new king.The MCs can fall in love with each other.

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These Reluctant Years (WIP) - Last updated: August 11th, 2021