Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Hi everyone, so about a month ago I remember reading a WIP, where’s the MC family got murdered and they were kidnap by a cult. They went through a ritual and gain a female demon inside their head.
After that I remember the MC then join a group run by a man name Bennett, I think.
Thanks in advance.

Sounds like Whisper In The Dark


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Thanks, but the link doesn’t work.

The author recoded their wip in Twine. I believe it’s posted on itch now. Just search the interactive fiction tag- it has a cover with someone holding a lighter.

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Umm… I’m looking for a book that I read a few years ago. It starts out in a lab, MC escaped the lab and after escaping the lab, MC got hit by a car and the two person inside the car took MC to their apartment. MC slowly remember memories and it turns out that MC was the captain(?) of a group that killed the gods. In the final scenes MC was fighting Ares.

Demon: Recollect ?

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That’s the one. Thank You!

Do you know if there is any way to play the demo? It was one of my favourites

Once it’s gone, it’s gone :confused:

Sucks to hear, thanks for telling me. I wish good blessings on your household

That’s Demon:recollect I believe

Hello! before I made this account I read a WIP but I cannot for the life of me remember the title.

I remember heaps of random details though so there’s always that. The premise was basically you play as a ghost haunting a house that’s been sold to this family of four (mother, father, teenage girl + boy) and you’re trying to figure out the mystery of your own death while haunting them. The mother is a supernatural book author, and you could influence the husband to cheat on her with a nurse.

Other random details
  • The daughter could get into a lesbian relationship, I think her name was Amber
  • You could pick 2 of 4 skills which were like, poltergeist, dreamwalking, whispering, possession
  • The son was in a relo with a girl but they kept arguing because he smoked weed
  • You could be married to either the son or daughter of the previous owners
  • Eventually you find out that your sister-in-law Violet killed you

If anyone knows which WIP this is I’d be grateful!!


I’ve read a wip, and seem to have forgotten the name :sweat_smile: (I believe it’s an old game?)

all I remember is the MC was going on a trip with their two friends and some other people, then the friends get killed and the MC is captured.
There’s a girl who talks really fast, and her sister’s really pretty

Sounds Monsters by Shawn Patrick Reed to me.

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Trying to look for a game where you could play as a Basilisk, Hellhound, or Living Porcelain. Searching “basilisk” didn’t show any results… Is it deleted??

Also that game where you’re a shifter. You could play as a coyote or a bobcat.

First one is “When it Hungers”, formerly known as “Smoke & Velvet: The Gnawing Chronicles”.
It has been unlisted because first the author went on hiatus, and then they decided to transfer to twine. They are rewriting the opening and such - you can find more information in the first link.

Second one is most likely “Wild Summer” - no news for a while, I believe. At least not on the forums. They said around may that it hasn’t been abandonned, on Tumblr, but that’s all I have.



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Hello! There’s this WIP where MC is kidnapped by vampires and one of them is trying to kill them so they can eat them afterwards)? There’s another vampire who’s actually kinda chill but he hunts people and wants MC to hunt with him and there’s also an assistant of these vampires who wants to be a vampire too.
Edit: I think this WIP is an actual game now)? Idk ;-;

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I think you mean Donor? It’s been released now