Whisper in the Dark (WIP)

About nine years ago, you lost everything. Your family. Your home. You were kidnapped by cultists and experimented on for years. Eventually, you escaped. But you were no longer alone in your body.

Through the years, and living with a demon in your head, you grew to learn about the supernatural and the secrets of the world you never knew existed. You found a comfortable routine, but things are suddenly brought crashing back when a teenager is murdered and you are sent to investigate.


As of now, I have 4 ROs planned (2 male and 2 female).

  • Isabelle
  • Eris
  • Jarrod
  • Marshall

violence, gore, drug & alcohol use, strong language, abuse, mentions of suicide

Demo: https://dashingdon.com/go/4854


I really like it so far, very intriguing! I can’t wait to be able to figure out just what happened, and why all that happened to the MC!


I loved it and I could easily imagine this doing well.

The text was eye-catching wasn’t to long. I didnt have to look through useless information to get to the juicy parts and I never even once want to skip any of it.

There are plenty of lovable characters within the story girls and guys alike. I like the fact that my character could be absolutely badass during that one fight scene with the thugs.

However, there were times where the choices provided weren’t something I would choose normally and that kinda threw me off. Some of the choices I chose didn t match up with the NPC’s emotions. I can go back and find these for you if you want.


Wondering if there could be more choices, my MC wouldn’t have gave the knife back to someone who just attacked them, probably wouldn’t have even helped the kid in the alley since it wasn’t their problem.


I like this so far

very interesting beginning. Got good vibes to it! :+1:

I like what you’ve got so far. Pretty solid writing and the interactions were pretty good too.
“It’s always more fun to get to know someone while being held a knife-point.” Exactly what I would’ve said, it made me laugh.
Found a bug though,

And a typo, should be quiet


Love this story and looking forward to the next update hope it’s soon

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Well, that was a depressing start. Looking forward to it.

The story is pretty interesting. Can’t wait to find the answers as to why. Keep up the good work.

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I’m getting strong Tokoyami vibes from this :smiley:

Let’s see:
supernatural stuff - check;

Option to have fists as Main weapon - check;

Fiery female RO who gets easily flustered - double check!

You sir, have my like and my full attention for this wip. And I shall refresh this page every day until a new update comes out! :triumph:

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I have nothing but praise to give you, your writing is solid and I love everything I’ve seen regarding the concept, wordlbuilding and characters. I’ll definitely keep a very close eye on this, simply sublime.

I do have a suggestion though: given that Eris winks at the MC during the introduction, would it be possible to ask her if she’s single when she offers to answer some questions? I was playing a pretty confident, charming and flirty MC, so I think it would make sense.


I love this! H.P. Lovecraftian stories, especially the ones where the MC is bonded or connected to the eldritch being, are my bread and butter!

I look forward to where this will go! Best of luck!


Took the words right out my mouth😁

Thank you guys so much for the feedback, it really helps.

@Escanor Thanks, and that stuff should be fixed now.

This is very much just the first stage and I’m still working on figuring out the stats and the choices. I’d love to hear about what didn’t really work for you.

Just added it in, good idea.

Actually, if anyone has any questions they would want to ask the characters, let me know.


I loved the demo so far! :yum: Great plot!

Sounds interesting are we able to become another supernatural creature like a werewolf or vampire later in game


this was really good. that scene with isabelle where you could amp it up even further while she was threatening you? holy shit!!!

have you considered making a tumblr for the game? i don’t go on the forums much, but i’d love to get updates, and i’m sure there could be others out there who feel the same.

either way, i’ll be following this one! good luck with writing, you’ve got a good thing going already! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Very interesting ! I can’t wait next update :blush:

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