Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Yep!! Thank you!!


Hey guys, this one was started in CS and moved to twine itch.io
A guy, more like a scientist or something who lives outside space and time give MC who’s in a glass pod or something powers and points and all that and we get to select the powers and then sends MC as a baby to earth and gets adopted by a couple and learns that MC has powers and an old guy that runs superpowered school comes to help you and if you reject a secret government facility takes you away… Then after a long time you have to fight the most powerful superhero to save some people…(most likely not correct description).

Anyone know what IF this is?


What happened to the wip where we levelled up through pain and there was a party that found us beaten up. There was also a character who had three personalities , I think she was called Tomoko??

I think the author was suspended and the WIP deleted

That author got banned cause the WiP contains child violence or something like that… He said he’s still planning to continue though.


MC has annoying power to make people love them - Anyone know this WIP?

it may be this


Not sure if it is a WIP or a published game (it also might not be a game(?)). You played as a child in a really poor family, you had little brother(with whom you can bond or not), but one day your father sold you to slavers (?) because he needed money (or owed money(?)). Then you were brought on a ship where you met a girl, who didn’t obey anyone so she got in trouble a lot and we had a choice to interfere. After we were sold to become a gladiator, and the “teachers” in the gladiator “school” were really cruel. That’s all I remember :sweat_smile:

I think it’s this The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost

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That is it, thanks!

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So far no one knows which one this is? Damn…

Hey guys this is worming in my head for a while.
MC is an immortal (cursed or maybe a god), I think sleeps for a long time and then a cult or mercenaries binds MC to their group and have to do what they want for another 100 or so years

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Is it this one?

Yup, W.I.S.P. thank-you.

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These 2 sound similar to your description.


I remember a game vaguely, a person who their memory, someone took them in and lived a nice quiet life but something happens resulting in a fight, or I should say massacre

Are there any Choice Of games set during the split of East and West Berlin?

Hey everyone, I was looking for help in finding a particular story. The mc is part of a gang, it involves a monster trying to kill members of the gang.

I remember you can name the gang, and a scene trying to bust out of prison. Any help would be appreciated. Be safe everyone

This is a bit backwards, considering I know the name of the WIP I’m asking about. What I’m having trouble with is finding is the forum topic which might be locked, and hidden now? Or deleted by the author. That’s a possibility, too.

The WIP is called Deliverance, taking place initially in a western Asia inspired setting, with a unique take on the ‘find the prophesied chosen one’ angle, and an interesting cast of diverse characters. I wanted to look at the thread to see if there was anything new with it, but I can’t seem to find it–anyone know why that is?

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i don’t know if it did have a thread but i did find a devblog that has the same name: Deliverance.

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