Wild Summer [WIP] Updated 23 Oct (Now with Saves!)

23 October Update
You can save your game now. Yay!

Another small update this month :sob:. There are just a ton of branches and conditionals so even though I wrote a bunch it doesn’t really extend the playthrough by much. That said: Chapter 3 is all coded. The prose still needs to be added on a lot of parts but the skeleton is there. I will update the demo again as soon as chapter 3 is filled in so hopefully that won’t be long.

Warning: In the event that there are code readers here THERE ARE MANY SPOILERS IN THE CODE RIGHT NOW. The files contain my notes and skeleton code for the rest of chapter 3 and some that go beyond. Peek behind the curtain at your own risk.


27 September

First half of chapter 3. Side story short can be found in stat screen.

23 October

More of chapter 3(sorry its not done :sob: It’s so close yet so far) Make a big decision with wide ramifications. Saves enabled! wordcount: ~78k with bad code and lots of repeat text so who knows what that is in average play length.

original post
Here comes a new WIP!

Hi everyone. Here’s the page for my new game tentatively named Wild Summer. The title has a 99.99% chance of changing but I needed something to call it. Broad strokes: it is a supernatural slice-of-life story about a shape-shifting teenager on summer break. You’ll be tasked with hanging out, dealing with your family, and perhaps falling in love with one of your friends(?). This is a somewhat laid-back adventure set in a small town where you have to keep the secret of your nature while navigating your various relationships.

The final story will have 5 or 6 chapters with multiple endings and character specific epilogues.

The MC

You play as a shape shifting teenager who can become your choice of fox, bobcat, or coyote. Your supernatural abilities come from your father and your mother is human. The MC has a younger brother/sister named Dylan.

There are four ROs, all gender flip-able and can be romanced by any MC.

To play the demo, go here: https://dashingdon.com/play/bjosh/wild-summer-wip/mygame/

There is a tumblr as well: https://bjoshwolf.tumblr.com/

The werewolves in the room

What happened to my first WIP? The short version is that it is on hiatus. I haven’t abandoned Wolfheart, and in fact have enlisted the help of someone I trust to work on fixing it. The long version is that I really don’t like what I have so far and needed to step back from it for a bit. As I wrote Wolfheart it spiraled out of control and I did not reign in the scope of the project, resulting in a rambling mess that goes nowhere. It is still on my mind and I will get back to the first game I tried to write in choicescript. It has a fond place in my heart. For now I’m doing this project. I want to work on finishing something that is a little less ambitious.

TL;DR I hope someone out there gets even a little enjoyment out of this game. Thanks for listening :slight_smile:


Excellent idea for a game, and I enjoyed the demo thus far! Always great to see something off-the-beaten path. Looks like you’re off to a great start.


I’m enjoying this and can’t wait to for more


What you have on the demo is pretty good! I like the whole concept of “supernatural slice-of-life,” and I like that it’s been moderately chill so far!

The familial relationships have a lot of potential, especially between our character and Dylan. I’m eager to see where you go with that (especially bec I already feel attachment to our baby bro!).

I like who we have as ROs too! I still haven’t decided who I like the most (I like that Avery and Kendrick are go-getters so they’re the frontrunners :eyes:), so for now I’m gonna let my lil foxy friend ho around a bit with everyone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I really enjoyed this. I hope you finish this and I am looking forward to future updates.


So I basically love all of this. The writing style is great, the characters are wonderful, the world has a nice feel to it. The only minor improvement I can think of would be more interactions/choices with Dylan. I kept wanting the opportunity to strengthen the relationship and be a supportive big sister, but it felt like I only had one chance to do that. Even so, I really enjoyed the demo and I’m looking forward to following the progress on this one.


Thanks so much for all the nice messages.

That is a good point. I will add putting more interaction with Dylan on my yo do list :slightly_smiling_face:


I really enjoy this so far vern is my fav.


Already love the more slice of life feelings it has, not enough games made in this genre anymore. Also this already earns bonus points since rejecting your friends early confession doesn’t end/lock off the romance with them. You can still start a romance with them, kinda like their confession made the MC see them in a new romantic way instead of just friends.


That was awesome :grin:


The story is welcoming in that it tends to pull you in. Like the little interaction with the paino teacher. I am looking forward to what the wild sense could go.

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Alright I did enjoy this and I am looking forward to reading more. I just wanna know something. Is there gonna be any scenes where any of our friends find us in our animal form, and they don’t know it is us, and the play with us for a bit. Or would they not do that kind of stuff with a ‘wild animal’


this is so good! I enjoyed it so much and I can’t wait to play more!


Cool story!! Cant wait to read more :smiley:


pretty relaxed vibe this game’s got. i like it.

quick question does avery always have a crush on mc or something?


Love how lighthearted this is haha. It’s lovely :two_hearts:


Thanks for reading.
As far as scenes where your friends play with your animal form without knowing, it would really depend on the situation. Most people wouldn’t dare treat a wild animal like a domesticated pet.
BUT! What happens when you get caught by them in animal form is a pretty important part of a story like this so stay tuned :wink:


Thank you for the kind words.

yes Avery has been crushing on MC for a while. Certain conditions will get them to confess, otherwise it will stay a secret


yeah thanks for clearin that up. btw how long has mc known avery again? it’s a bit ambiguous in the game compared to v

speaking of v, do they also have a crush? i get the feeling they might, but they’re too shy to confess until you do


You’re right. How long MC has known Avery was ambiguous mostly because I didn’t know myself at first. Avery’s family has been in town forever, so they would be familiar to MC since elementary school but they became friends and started spending time together around 12 or 13 years old. If there isn’t a place to fit that info in ill add it to Avery’s intro.

V might have a crush but they’re so unused to romantic feelings that they have to really examine themselves before they recognize what it means