Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Hi! I’m looking for a completed game where you’re a store clerk in an Old Western town, and there’s a murderer coming through named Silva I think? And you have to team up with a cowboy that comes through to fight him? I looked through COG and HOG and couldn’t find it but it’s completed. I’m beginning to wonder if I hallucinated it or something? TT

Is it Showdown at Willow Creek?

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The MC and kid brother gets sold in slavery by their father to become gladiators in Rome

That sounds like The Price of Freedom by Avery Moore.

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Hey, I’m been looking for a wip where 2 characters find the MC inside a glass tube filled with liquid while sneaking into an abandoned lab facility. The MC has copper rings in his eyes and has an enhanced healing ability. The other main characters are: a construction engineer, a nurse, a journalist, a barista and a computer specialist (I think?). That’s all I can remember about the story. Thanks.

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That sounds like AMYGDALA: Encode :slight_smile:


I don’t think so but thanks!

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Please help me find a WIP game I’ve played here.

It started with a character waking up in a testing tube, one scientist girl looking at you and saying something like 'it wasn’t supposed to awaken just yet" and there was a choice to be calm and collected or smash the tube and get away. Overall there was a path for getting out of lab and underground complex we were in, and getting out in a big world (which wasn’t really made in that time) or staying in a complex and collaborating with the scientists who turned out to be some kind of fallout-Vault type guys who made character as superpowered weapon to help them survive in after apocalyptic world.

I think it’s Humanity Extinction but the wip has been renewed into a new one:
The Evil Hound 1: Awakening

I think it’s Humanity Extinction but the wip has been renewed into a new one:
The Evil Hound 1: Awakening…

Not that, sadly(

for peace we die–as did the demo link. :pleading_face:


anyone got file saved? :frowning:

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Hello! So I’ve been looking for a game for quite a while, but can’t seem to find it. I remember putting in my mind as an “Alter Ego remake”, even though I don’t know if that’s what it was. Basically it was the same as Alter Ego, where you live from birth to death, except it was MUCH more modern than Alter Ego. It was still a wip when I played it, but I don’t know if that has changed.

Is it Second Life?



Hi! I’ve randomly remembered about this one game I played some time ago, could anyone help me?
The story revolved around MC being taken to the mercenary group as a baby and growing up there. The mercenary group is having problems, because the country is at peace and no one needs their services untill one day they catch a big job from an ambassador.
Thank you!

that’s Feast of Fools ! it went through some revisions and has been shelved sadly :confused:

Aw, heck! Thank you so much tho

It is Second Life! Thank you so much!! :smiley:

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There’s two WIPs that came to mind lately, but I can’t remember what they were called. One was about a witch who mysteriously survived being burnt at the stake, but the lost the use of their legs. The other was about a person who became enthralled to an immortal witch after breaking into her house with your friend. Your friend escaped but she caught you, erased your memories and pretends you’re her kid.