Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

I’m pretty sure the second one is A Witch’s Curse, but I don’t know about the first.


if you haven’t found it yet, i believe the first one is

sadly the link is private(forgot to mention sorry!)

Okay dammit, I forgot two. The first: I think it’s a newer WIP where the MC is blind(?) I remember this specific scene where a photographer takes a picture of the MC with a person alongside them, and it turned out to be really expensive. The second: It’s a bit of a fast paced game, and there’s this specific RO that has a crush on MC (who is a werewolf, or something like that). There’s also other characters, like this guy who’s also like the mc, and this friend who likes watching films and talking about their art and all that. Y’all know anything? I checked out my bookmarks, and I still can’t see them. I really need to add notes lol.

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Not sure about the second one but the first could be until the colors bleed gray? Pretty sure that’s what it was called. It’s the only one I remember reading where the MC is blind anyways.

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How the hell did I miss that… lol

That’s it, thank you!

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I think the second one is Wild Summer.


I think that’s it!! Y’all are quick and awesome. Thank you to both of you! :smiley:

It’s been bugging me for hours!


I’m not sure if anyone played this wip but it was kind of a post-apocalypse and kinda political (later on) i think you can choose your previous profession and find people to travel with and there was this pair and one of them couldn’t talk/hear (I’m not sure) and later on with the group you find a destroyed plane and make it your base and build your “civilization” there.
(I’m not even sure this exist)


Could you mean Bring Us to Washington? The MC of that one doesn’t speak, if I remember correctly.

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Not this one but thanks (and hey a new wip for me to try)

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Maybe this one? But it’s been submitted and the demo link has been taken out by the author.

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Yep this is the one but when is it being released (any predictions)?

Unfortunately, we don’t know for sure. Maybe early/mid 2021?

I played a WIP recently but forgot its name. I think MC was some sort of prince/princess, also in the begining you father(?) asks you to make a chose who you wanted to marry ( i remember that you can choose your bodyguard(?)). Some time later you best friend kill your dad and you flee with your bodyguard.
Thanks in advance for any help
(English is not my native sorry for the mistakes)

Sounds like Dragon Pact to me.


Yes, it is it thank you

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Hi everyone! I am looking for this WIP were the MC has a library, but in their time off they’re a vigilante or something? They have a robot, only have their father, he (father) works with the ROs in some kind of secret agency? and they (the ROs) uses masks of animals (I think one of them was either a wolf or a German Shepherd?) And I believe the ROs are also Greek Gods.

Apologies for my English, lol.

Pretty sure that’s: https://forum.choiceofgames.com/t/wip-the-voice-of-silverking-first-book/78644

Yes it is! Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

I remember reading this WiP last week but I forgot the name of it already :sneezing_face: Anyways it’s based loosely around the Greek mythology story of Persephone and Hades and how your MC is kinda forced into a political marriage with Hades (unless you’re my MC who wants to be with Hades). But you can also be with Hermes and some other characters if you want to.

Any ideas?