Death's Grip (WIP and Demo Updated 5/8/17)


Starting to (slowly) add character portraits at the bottom of this post!


Currently this WIP is over 9k words, and I have not finished the first chapter yet.

The demo is ready!

(The Tests at the beginning is for my convenience so feel free to continue to the story!)


Update 5/8/17

  • World History Book added (still WIP, but more information for you :slight_smile:)

  • Added creatures to the Creature Compendium (there will be more with each update!)

  • More typos and grammar mistakes.

  • I fixed errors that I saw, especially in the gender options.

  • The next update will be solely story (+ the regular creatures, but that’s a given), to make up for the absolute nothing I did to the paths this update :tired_face:

  • However, even if I didn’t implement the options, I planned them out. So that means quicker story updates because I’m not daydreaming, staring at the screen for hours!

  • There was way more in this update than planned for yesterday, even if it sadly doesn’t seem like it.

  • I have no idea when the next update will be. Especially because it’s going to be a big one. Next update- no more waiting for the story to continue. I’m going to make myself finish all the paths at the beginning, with all the sub paths. Mostly because I know a lot of people want to advance with the story than just waiting for other options to be finished :smiley:.

Update 5/4/17

  • Fixed more typos/grammar mistakes

  • Finally fixed the stats screen. (+plus descriptions for the powers you choose from at the beginning!)

  • Added more gender options! Please tell me if you want me to add more.

  • Lita’s path is started, but it leads to an error because I haven’t finished most of the options yet.

  • Please tell me of any more answers/scenarios/suggestions you would like with Lita before I finish her path.

Sorry this update isn’t as big as the other one! Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to work on this as I thought, but I promised some sort of update, so here it is!

Update 5/2/17

  • Fixed a lot of typos. Mostly thanks to you guys finding them!

  • The first path is completed!

Demo Information:

[spoiler]There is a hidden stat there- The trauma stat. Yes, your character can be traumatized and it will
affect their future and their dreams. Question- would you want to see the trauma stat or keep it hidden?

So many guys at the beginning! Don’t worry, Lita and other female characters will be introduced and/or added soon! :grin:[/spoiler]

Any questions about the lore? I’ll answer as best as I can without spoiling anything! This WIP is hugely based off of my imagination and not the normal sources about witches and wizards you can find online.

But tell me- are you interested with this following summary?


Some call you a sorcerer, some say you are a witch, or the child of a dark force. Death was all around you since childhood, but it somehow never caught up to you. Whether it is by luck, or something else entirely, you have no idea what to believe by now.

Even if your mother was with you for your entire childhood, up until she herself was burned, you never knew much about her. After she died, you scrounged up everything from her tiny, dusty library. One thing stuck out to you, a simple address, with a simple name. You have no other goals in life. Everyone, and everything you knew, are dead, or turned against you. At least, that is what you though for years as you independently searched for this place.

You thought your fate was finally sealed with unanswered questions and mysteries when you were tied to a pole and flames surrounded you. But, yet again, death did not get its hands around your throat. Old friends you presumed were against you saved you from your near death experience. With your legs far from healing, and one goal in your mind, you are completely out of your element. Now, you are the dependent one. With your name and face on wanted posters, you have to rely on the people around you. Or do you?

More Information:

  • More gender options will be implemented.

  • There will definitely be more customization.

  • Romance will be part of the game, but it is not necessary.

  • Many more powers and/or explanations of powers you can get will be a big part of the game.

  • There will be multiple endings. You could continue with the quest you sought so hard for in the past, or abandon it completely to do other things you find more important. Other endings will also be there too, of course.


  • Updates will most likely a couple times a month. Most likely. I do not have a defined schedule yet. Quicker updates will be shorter, and the longer it takes me for an update it is likely it will be longer.

  • The most probable days for me to update will be Wednesday nights and weekends.

  • I have a lot of things to do, so if I cannot update when scheduled once in a while please understand.


Please tell me what you think with utmost honesty! :blush:

  • There will most likely be a lot of typos! Please tell me about those.

  • Obvious, but please report any errors you get, and what they say.

  • And if there is anything you want to add with the list, list!

  • If you for some reason cannot post anything on here, or want to contact me personally for something about the game:

These will not be drawn in order as appeared! Just in order of who I think I didn’t describe enough, or any other reason I may have. :wink:

Mysterious girl in the woods (who shall soon be named…):


Bird people



The summary sounds intriguing, can’t wait for the demo :+1:


Interesting. Is this game set in the Middle Ages (Europe)? Or is it happening in american soil (Salem incident as an example)? Is witchery here something ritualistic, or is it something close to wizards in videogames, books and movies?

But MC can still walk, or do they need someone else’s help to continue their quest?


Sign me up mate!!! There ain’t no way in HEEEELLLLL you aren’t gonna after building up my expectations like this.


It is set in a fictional world, but it is very similar to the Salem witch trials.

Magic in general is frowned upon in this world if not used by priests or some sort of qualified person. However, black magic, demon summoning, etc., will get you burned at the stake. Most black magic users (like the MC) are born with the power and generally cannot control it if it is not practiced.

The MC cannot walk, that is mostly why you need to think carefully if you want to go solo. :wink:


Ah, playing as a crippled (or heavily leg deficient) black mage. Down side: makes it hard to stab people and be the Evilwizardington I always aspire my black mages to be. Up side: I can try to be like those cool old people and ram into people with firey wheelchairs. It’ll hurt, but it will be so worth it. “WOOOOOO! I’M A WHEELCHAIRDOKEN!”

In all seriousness, this seems pretty cool. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.


Your game sounds very interesting, I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye out for that demo.

Since I’m a practitioner of dark magic can’t I just raise a zombie and have it walk me around or something? Or because my powers aren’t developed I’m not able to do that?

Me: Hell yeah!!
(author swoops in an says that wheelchairs haven’t be invented yet)
Me: Oh. S**t.


I don’t know if being carried around by a zombie is the most conventional thing in this world! If the MC was caught with one I’m sure they wouldn’t get so lucky with escaping death this time. :smile:
Magic is connected to life force and will, especially dark magic. Your MC will be injured and in a slump (how bad this slump is is up to you) and because of this setback your power will be weakened considerably (rising an entire undead takes quite a lot of power!). Also I don’t think your companions would like a member of the undead prowling around, sadly.:wink:

But I promise undead and other things will be there at some part of the story!

swoops in and says wheelchairs haven’t been invented yet!


Interesting intro, I’m waiting to see where this is going. Whatever happened with us and the forest-spirit we were following? I could see us being friends, rivals, or lovers later on in the witch’s life.


Dear God…this is one of the most compelling demo I’ve ever tried.

I’m extremely excited to see where this is headed.


Just finished the demo. Gotta say, I’m interested. It looks good so far. I see a few typos here and there though, like in the statistic screen, Lawful is spelled as Lawfull. And I saw humms instead of hums somewhere. I’ll try to find some more. Just an overall minor issue, didn’t kill the immersion like it too was a witch.


Looks fun. I did notice a few typos (“dissapear” should be “disappear”, and similarly “dissapointment” should be “disappointment”), but otherwise it seems fine.

Also, Brenden is cute. Is he romanceable (and if so, by guys as well as girls)?

Good luck with the game!


Now thats an interesting MC if I’ve ever seen one!
Being branded as evil right from the start. I wonder, can light shine through such darkness? :0
Really love the premise, looking forward to it!


Not really? If they’re going to treat me like an evil monster, i will show them what a monster can do. It’s quite amusing that they call the MC evil when they’re so eager to burn them at stake.:rolling_eyes:


What’s that you say?
You’re going to burn me at the stake?

Wanna say that again?


Thank you for the reported typos! I make quite a lot of those and it helps move this along faster than going through and finding them myself :blush:

The flashback was ended abruptly so sadly our dear friend didn’t get a lot of time to shine :sob:

Brenden is very romanceable by everyone!

Who knows? :wink:

You’re proving to everyone that you’re evil, but sometimes that isn’t such a bad thing :wink:


I like this idea a lot. A few typos (easily corrected). For example – Death’s Grip. Something I would like just to keep track is a timeline (like when you update you put the date so people know you’ve updated, idk). I look forward to seeing what you can do!


Oh this is going to be fun. :smiling_imp:


Oh man, a typo right in the title! :frowning:
Thanks for telling me about this, I am very typo-finding challenged.


Its great a gery interesting demo that got me hook, keep up the great work