The Girl of Time [WIP]

-I can finally kill you and bring your head to my father!

Hey there, Sandstorm here! This is my third time making a WIP thread, although I have tried making a lot of wips in the past, they never reached the part where I can confidently put up a demo. To tell you the truth, they didn’t even reached past chapter one.

THE GIRL OF TIME was my entry for Lordirish’s CSComp, and the only wip to make it past chapter one (Yipee!). It tells a story of a young guy/lady looking for his/her younger sister, but after almost getting caught by a group of monterrans, came to a world where Humanity ended. There, they’ll meet a young girl who is vaguely familiar…

I’ve corrected all the errors I saw while doing this excruciatingly painful thing called “Waiting for the result”, but if you see other errors please do tell!

My friend, Vince [Riu39], is my co-writer here.

That’s the plan for now. I hope I could finish this! (Keeping my fingers cross!)

Since the new sem started (wherein my professor for Political Science is the famous terror professor o_O), I’ll be quite busy so updates might take ages, but I’ll try my hardest to finish this one!

-Somewhere in the Philippines

P.S Here’s the link!


That’s pretty cool. I selected a male character with a sword, and when I “woke up” there was some guy named Castor that I kept having feelings for. Was that intentional, just to have the option of playing it that way? I couldn’t tell if my character was in love with the guy or if I *could* be in love with the guy, if I picked those options.

Also, your lack of periods at the ends of ""s is definitely distracting. I’m not sure if you’re trying to do some style but it’s definitely going to throw people off. If you could fix those typographical errors your game would visually look 100% better. I see why you have a hard time finishing more than one chapter–they are really long!

Just want to say I like what you’ve done with the game… Out of curriousity what exactly leads to the bad ending and will we get it as quickly as in the version you posted?

What stat affects the firsts skill (fireball skill)

Did I die, or was that the ending?

Is raven a romance option!? :o

Spelling error. “Favorite” The Little girl aaid when she handed it over. aais should be said.

Ah, I don’t think I’ve seen you do a lot of activity here in a while, @Sandstorm.

On the topic, this seems to be a fascinating story to read, though I haven’t quite the time right now to do more other than skimming.

Also, you make Castor seem like an entertaining character to play around with.

@RagEgnite I’ve been really busy with college lately. But it’s less hectic now so I’m able to work on my game. :))

@Xhandas_Antonidas Yes, Raven is a Romantic option :x

@CitizenShawn Castor is a romantic option for both genders, so kissing him would most likely end you up in his route :slight_smile: And thanks for pointing that out! I always forget them…

@Kronos Fireball (And all the other skills) are affected by your Intelligence.

@WubWub117 Sorry, I wasn’t able to add a “Demo ends here”…

@817819 Thanks! For the bad end, the Little Girl’s trust should be below 40, you shouldn’t look for her name, and have Raven defeat you. I haven’t incorporated the ends in this new version though, but it’ll most likely be those criteria.

-Added a Final Boss for Chapter One!

P.S Did any of you meet the cleric Girl Jasmine? She’s not really that important, just nice to have a healer, especially with that Armor Knight as the final Boss.

@sandstorm YAY i liiike rave! Also! Can he be romanced by a male? Or is he only for the gurls? :c

@Xhandas_Antonidas Raven is Girls-only :c But he can end up with Castor…


Whaaaat?! Noooooooooooooo

Huh, my error was when the little girl unleashed her lighting

UPDATE! I think I’ve fixed the errors on the battle part…

Still couldnt finish the battle, no available choice problem popped up

I didn’t meet her where is she?


Get Raven to go searching with you, and keep searching the church

The concept is interesting, but I keep noticing grammatical errors and such, and it’s a bit jarring, though obviously nothing that can’t be fixed.
What caused me to stop reading, however, was the fact that the story forced the MC to ‘admire’ Raven’s abs when I had absolutely no intention of pursuing him, or any other man for that matter, so that’s something that bothered me.


line 667: No selectable options