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Save your family from the apocalypse! When the undead rise in your hometown of Redmond, you and your adoptive family must escape cross-country to a sanctuary in Washington, D.C. With vicious, snarling zombies and family tension threatening to tear you apart, will you bond with your family or cut ties for good? Who will survive the harrowing journey across a country filled with hungry undead monsters?

Bring Us to Washington is a post-apocalyptic adventure by kaleb miller that explores the strength of chosen family in dire situations. It’s entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast unstoppable power of your imagination.

• Play as male, female, or non-binary; cisgender or transgender.
• Overcome the undead and the living as you travel across the country.
• Bond with your foster family or distance yourself.
• Protect yourself from threats with every ounce of strength you have.
• Maintain your humanity or abandon your morals.
• Explore your life pre-adoption to uncover the truth of your biological father.

Demo (Chapter 2, Pt. 1)

Word Count (excl. commands): 23,486
Average Playthrough Word Count: 15,645 (67%)


Who are the ROs?

There are no ROs! Why? This story is focused entirely on your adoptive family and takes place mostly in a truck. It’s not a conducive environment to stage a romance.

How violent is the game?

Since the game is about killing human zombies, it will be fairly violent. You won’t get super-detailed descriptions of violence nor will you get any torture, but there will be violence. For example, you might cleave a zombie’s head off with a machete. Someone might get stabbed with a knife. You’ll probably shoot a few zombies and people. There are content warnings on the second page of the game. Please stop playing (or don’t start playing) if this upsets you.

Hi all! You’re probably wondering why I’m posting this and not writing the third chapter of Voltaic. In due time, my lovelies! Since Voltaic is quite a taxing write, I started this project as a way to keep writing without mentally exhausting myself. Don’t expect frequent updates to this. I intend for this to be my sophomore project, so updates for this will be few and far in-between until Voltaic is finished. That said, I finished the first chapter recently and felt I needed to share it.

This project is going to be much more linear than Voltaic (and probably any other game I write as well). Although that lowers replayability, you’ll be playing around 2/3rds of the game every time, which I think is pretty cool.

Types of feedback I'm seeking

Importance choices screens: I love seeing which choices you decided to go with! At the end of your playthrough, please feel free to screenshot the important choices screen and post it here. I want to know which choices are the most popular.

High-level: Characters, plot, pacing, tone, atmosphere – the whole shebang. Hate a character? Tell me! Love them? Let me know? Think I rushed something or made something waaaay too long? Spill it! Character development is super, super important for this project, so I want to make sure I get it perfectly. Also, if I’m not capturing a tone the way you expected or at all, make a note of it so I can revisit it!

Low-level: Spelling, obvious grammar mistakes, and continuity errors. Since this game is very linear, I don’t expect there to be many continuity errors. Also, any glaring gender narrative bugs should be pointed out immediately! There are quite a few gender options in this project, so I’d like to make sure they’re ironed out.

I hope you enjoy the game!


Dude great zombie game keep up the good work my dude.


I love this. I can only picture my MC’s eventual spiral into violence and murder


@Joshposh201 Thank you!

@Red_Eyes It will be glorious. Muahahaha


So far I am really loving this demo. The fact that we’re mute (at least, I think we are) makes it a lot more interesting.


Thank you! The MC is non-verbal. :grin:


I really like that idea sounds like it will be very interesting wondering how old are we in this.


I don’t really have any specified ages tbh. MC, Mira, and Jacob are all teens. Allen and Alayna are probably mid-to-late 20s.

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We’re mute! Yay!
Also the fact that we can enter in our dead name is a very promising sign.
But I think you forgot to use the ${npre} variable here.

You step forward and wrap your arms around his shoulders. Sobbing, he does the same, lifting you into the air and hugging you tightly. “I’m so sorry Henri. I love you so much, more than you know.”

After a meaningful hug, he sets you back down. “Okay. I’m going. I’m gonna miss you, Henri. Please, don’t forget me. I love you.”

I would also like it if a choice was added to that so we can try and cling on to Roger, or beg not to be left behind.

And of course, it’d be great if you enabled the save system

And nooo Scooter!! ; - ;

I’m surprised at how young Allen is though.


I’m glad you enjoyed it so far! :grin:

Thanks for pointing out the n_pre variable mishap. I thought I fixed that — guess not!

I can modify the hugging choice with Roger to include MC clinging on to him. However, MC doesn’t know sign language at that point in their life, so begging isn’t really possible.

I’ll consider a save system. I’d prefer not to have one because there’s gonna be a lot of mid-chapter splits similar to the guard the truck/loot the store split that changes options that are available later on in the chapter. But it may not be a big deal.

Did you not save Scooter? :eyes:

Allen is quite young, yes! That’s intentional. :wink:

A note to everyone: I’d love to see your important decisions screen at the end! Make sure to click past the “End of Current Demo” screen to see a recap.

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I did – I am physically unable not to – but I read the code because I couldn’t believe that there would be a Dog Death™ in the story. Like, wow, you went there.


I knew most people would probably choose to save him, but I couldn’t just force everyone to take him without getting complaints. Trust me, I didn’t like writing that option! :cry:


I’m intrigued!

Normally, I get my zombie fix from Zombie Exodus, but this one is definitely interesting! Non-verbal MC and no romances are two design choices I can get behind!

My only complaint is when we’re in the car and once we do a “dialogue” prompt with one of the characters, we go right back to “Talk to X” instead of continuing our conversation with the same person.


Ah yes! I’ve been waiting for a good zombie apocalypse game!

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@AChubbyBlackCat I’m so glad you love those design choices! :two_hearts: I’ll look into the dialogue section. It was easier to code it the way it is now, but I can probably fix it up better.

@jc624 Yay! Glad to provide! :grin:

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Thanks and good luck with your writing!

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Hey I actually loved this demo and I hope you continue producing more content. The story for the most part flowed nicely and when the NPC were irritated I became irritated as well, I was also scared when that girl from inside the gas station tried to grab me :no_mouth: , nicely done.

But I noticed three things
One is that throughout the demo Allen didn’t exactly act like I felt like a parent would. He had good intentions but it felt as if he didn’t care about the emotional well-being of the children and continued to fight against every opinion offered by the children. It also seemed like he cared for that other girl (Allaya I think…) more than his kids.

I played 3 times or 4 (I can’t remember) but I tried to improve my relationship my family but it seemed like no matter what I choose if I had a good relationship with one NPC it was bad with the other two. Is it possible?

Oh yeah this is actually minor

I felt like the top and bottom choices are way to similar for it to be any different aside from the stat it changes.

Was this the feedback you wanted??

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Thank you! I’m actually happy that Meredith scared you - I was wondering if I could make someone appear sweet and caring but actually be a bit unnerving. :slight_smile:

There’s a reason for all that, which I won’t reveal just yet. :wink: However, I do think Allen came out a bit harsher than I wanted, and I think that might be because he just never explains it, so I’ll try to add a bit more dialogue for him to explain why he’s behaving the way he is. As for Alayna, well, she’s his sister, so that’s kind of why he’s so concerned about her.

It’s possible-ish, but this chapter sets up the conflict between the two opposing parties (Mira and Jacob vs. Allen), so at least in this chapter it’ll be difficult. Here’s a hint: saving Scooter will help you get closer to all of them in future episodes.

I agree completely. I’m not super satisfied with those choices, to be honest. I made four of them, one for each stat, but I think I might pare them down and double up some stats instead. Thanks for confirming that decision!

Yes, this was all very helpful! :smiley:

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The small setting for this zombie apocalypse has me intrigued.

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Good to know…lol cose I was about to ask if we can find a pit and throw him in , then whistle for the zombie to come eat lol

Guy is too hysteric…make me wanna stab him repeatedly…:unamused:

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