Hero's Journey WIP


Am having a bit of a writer’s block so I’m updating the entire game to include the branch of Chapter 1 that I’ve finished.

I’ve also updated the mechanics a bit so that it’s now a diceroll + relevant ability + essence instead. This will make it easier for when the game actually lets you upgrade your abilities.

Again, typos reports, coding errors and comments please :slight_smile:


Will do when I return home this afternoon!


Liking where this is headed! :smiley:

Found a couple of places where you put a [ instead of a {, causing the variable not to show up right:

“We were together before that first explosion and then everyone started panicking and…” he takes a deep breath. “Can you help me look for him?” $[jamieshe} asks. "

“Desperate times calls for desperate measures: you summon your $[armour} and you channel it into a tiny field surrounding the device.”


Self Imposed punishment? well I appriciate your hard work, Good. A few errors though.


I love the new update!

Though I did notice that after you save Josh, you tell him to go find Jamie even if Jamie is dead in that playthrough.


Hooray for more stuff! And it’s more badass stuff, which is no bad thing! :smiley:

Do I smell more potential love interests…?


Do you think you have football as an option instead of soccer, footballs way more awesome.


football is soccer lol well for me anyway…


It’s all matter of opinion of is American football better than football.


firs of all we all know hockey kicks both there asses and secondly…that is all


Ah hockey that is the best
But that maybe my inner Canadian coming out to high five my outer Canadian
Second would be Rugby those guys and girls are tough as nails


Me i just don’t like sport’s.


No second is boxing


It’s not like it matters anyway. Besides, as far as I know, (American) football is strictly a guy’s sport, and some of us like playing female characters.


Your right it doesn’t


By american law if their is only one team at the school you can join…Or sue them


@Zach What?

I don’t get that what do you mean ?


Guys Guys Guys, Handball


The school has only one team for each sport (Per grade) I think I don’t play sports


Yes a school that has only one team has to allow the girls to play as well, if not then they can be sued to make it happen. This has happen in the past.