Hero's Journey WIP


I have completed the game, and it definitely has the vibe of Exalted Modern (without Exalted mechanics, of course). Spirit grants power, you now have the power to unleash Awesome ™, and the fight scenes are properly Exalted.

One thing, though: It’s unclear what stat fighting uses. Is it the stat of your weapon, or of your Spirit?

And I definitely hope that Jamie’s life or death carries forward important consequences through the story. It’s an origin-defining event, after all.


This game actually makes me want to play Exalted. Or some kind of godlike-power-fantasy thing. Something ridiculously awesome. XD


@Ramidel Ah yes, combat stats. For now, I’m using Body + Skill + Will + (Essence/2) until I can think up something better.

Jamie’s life or death will have consequences in the game, definitely. I’m hoping that it will reflect in how your charater’s mood differs and how certain NPCs will be treating you.


Alright, so combat is a measure of your overall ability instead of favoring one stat over another. Ordinarily, that’d be a bad thing, but since this game is a kung fu movie, it’s probably genre-fitting. If Body ends up useful for fewer noncombat resolutions, then you might increase its prominence in the combat formula later.


Currently as the game stands, I am using a dice system. The game will pick between 1and 10 (basically 1d10) and will add this number to the your stat/combat stat. All choices are arranged as follows:

Body choice is first, Skill choice is second, Will choice is third. If there is a chance for a fight, then combat is the first pick, followed by Body, Skill and Will.

All choice will add 1/2 of your Essence score to the the check. Also, due to the random nature of the game, none of these choices will result in your death, except when you lose all your Health, which is impossible to do in the prologue.

So hope this answers some more questions as to how the mechanics of this game goes.


really like it. Keep up the great game!


Thanks for the explanation! I was getting kind of worried in one of my playthroughs where my health was getting pretty low and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong…

I’m not normally not in favor of random system, but I think it works really well for this game. And I’m all for the random thing not causing a game over.


will there be parts in the game were some health will be restored?


@817819 I’m planning to make health to be restored at the start of each new chapter. So that will only be implemented once Chapter 1 is actually out.

Edit: I might actually need to revamp how the stats are added and calculated. Since ChoiceScript also counts the decimals in the calculations, it will have some long term effect on how I want the stats to interact with each other.




Awesome game :slight_smile:


This was an interesting game. It was a tough choice, but in the end i went with the silver spirit. I’m a sucker for trench coats so I totally picked that! Lol. Also the bow. Love the game play so far, I’m sure Jamie’s obsessive need to be remembered will come into play sooner or later. Can’t wait for more!


I went with will. will is what drives you and gives you the ability to use the others effectively it’s the only one that can stand alone


Wait how do you save Jamie?


How do you not save Jamie. Erm, not that I would wish harm upon my friend. I just didn’t think it was possible.


nor did I


Wait, you can not save her? How! I must see this!


Oh it’s pretty easy not to save Jamie. Just choose to do nothing at the appropriate moment. The other way in which you can fail to save Jamie is to choose an option that you’re weak in but this method only has a 10% chance of happening.


Progress update: Finally finished one branch of Chapter 1, will now head on start on the second branch. This is apparently a lot more difficult than I thought >_>


Of course on my first play through I just had to get that ten percent chance. She gets face slammed several times into the ground and then shot. Then your characters all like noooooooooo. How can I go on without you! I thought that was unavoidable but apparently not.