Hero's Journey WIP

Alright. This will be my first Choicescript game made and for now it’s just a demo. It is an urban fantasy flick, inspired by the Exalted RPG and Kamen Rider series. The link is as below.


Comments are welcome. I ran the game through randomtesting before I uploaded it so I’m fairly certain the coding is correct but I might be mistaken on that.


Works just fine as far as I can tell.

I really like the way you indirectly ask for the important details. The prompts mesh into the story nicely. :slight_smile:

It could use some spell-checking, but it was terribly fun nonetheless. That fight was completely badass. I wish I could write action scenes that well. =D>

Indeed I hope people take a look at your prompts, that’s how they really should be done in my opinion, CS games as a whole seem to be - thus far - a bit mechanical to begin with, in regards to character building. This is a nice change.

I’m only a few pages in, your passion for narrative is very obvious. I’d say though, and probably been said a hundred times on other threads, that it may worth noting about presenting wall of text.

The thing with this platform is that it is a unique combo of interactivity and full-fledged narration. Not everyone can handle huge chunks in a single page, myself being guilty. I remember reading Dragon the first time, not seeing blocks of text was what kept me going. Spacing could probably help, but at this point I am not sure if that’s the case, lol. All in all maybe that’s something to think about. But don’t let this stop you from your natural writing style.

EDIT: Action scenes are very well done, I also agree!

There has been an astonishing lack of outright badass protagonists in these games, now I think of it. This is a welcome change. :smiley:

I approve, and I enjoyed that action scene in particular. Spelling errors aside. Keep it up. :slight_smile:

This is awesome! just what was needed! I like the play through and cant wait to see what else you do. Personally I feel like my character will fall inlove with Jamie but thats good. I like romance!!

Whoa… I think I love this game already and the choices! Definitely one of my favorites on here! I can’t wait for future updates! Keep up the great work and good luck!

Updated with spellcheck. I’m not entirely sure when I can get the next chapter out but hopefully I can get the whole thing done in two to three weeks.

I’m highly anticipating this game! :slight_smile:

I even made fan art already: http://fav.me/d5ffqe4

Looking forward to more badassery!

I’d give you three thumbs up, if I had three, but hopefully you will accept two. I highly enjoyed what I have read so far and can not wait to see more!

I enjoyed this

@CS That’s great. I even commented. I might have to make my own fanart. Maybe they could team up and kick even more ass. XD

this.is.EPIC :smiley:

That would be awesome. Do it! :slight_smile:

Everyone should join the fan art revolution! What better way to let an author know that you really want them to continue their WIP? (hint, hint @FireSeraph) :wink:

Wow…seriously did not expect the fanart at all. Thanks :slight_smile: Am working on Chapter 1 right now so I hope to get this part out ASAP but again it may be out in 2-3 weeks maybe longer depending on how many variants I decide to toss into the game.

cool man!

Just finished the demo (er, a few times actually. It’s so addictive!) and wanted to say I can’t wait to see more of this game! As others have said, the writing, pacing and amount of interactivity is great, and the action is lots of fun to read.

In order to exist in your world, spirits needs vassals

This should be “need” vassals.

It keeps changing the armor I was wearing to the steal one.

@Ramidel Thanks for the typo error. Changed it in my main file.

@Cagye_bee I checked the code and can’t find any error, at least not that I can see one. Which armour did you choose and at which point did it change to a different one?