Hero Project: Redemption Season News and Discussion


@Mewsly Don’t apologize! You have every right to be upset. My love is Black Magic forever (the new name change is just…cringe…), but I smelled that Jury romance coming from a mile away :wink: For the author to casually cast it aside like this is…disappointing, to say the least, for any reader I think. There’s no reason good enough to explain this mishandling in upcoming books. Then again, considering how the author did nothing to explain the relationship development between first MC/BM, Lucky, or Jury in Herofall, I have little expectation that he will attempt to do so.

@Harian It’d be a miracle if we’ll somehow be able to get that story with first MC and the Infinitum crisis :smiley: I would absolutely buy it as well! However, I have a feeling that the author is going to disperse little snippets of that story in with the new series rather than have a separate DLC or mini-story. He might do more random POV changes like he did in Redemption Season. I agree with your statement about any one of the books in the original trilogy being much better than Redemption Season, bar none.

Personally I really can’t stand reading stories that push social issues, so I’m sure y’all can imagine how much Redemption Season rubs me the wrong way. However, even trying to remove myself from my own preferences, I still can’t stomach it. I saw someone on fb complaining about all the negative feedback Redemption Season has gotten, saying something like “90% of it is just ppl b*tching about the social justice agenda” and I’m thinking “makes sense though, because it’s just a literal reflection of the game’s content”.


It didn’t really bother me, though I did tend to side with the MC…Though the Jury thing made me furious! I redid the three other seasons just to get an ending that made it like was gunning for him all along then he’s taken away! It’s not fair…Anyway I’m planning on making a fanfiction where the original MC goes on hero project with the whole (I don’t know how to do spoilers thing so spoilers start here) previous hero project contestants or the president’s wife or really heroes that need redemption team. Really the veterans is the appropriate term (end of spoilers) I’ll also be making other changes I’m up for suggestions.


The latest installment of this series was the very first game I ever bought on my phone that I immediately hated. Its not a game, in my eyes, its just the author senselessly pushing an agenda. Its idea advertisement, and I was heavily confused about how such a great series could turn so disappointingly bad.


Speaking of Redemption Season, I finally got around to playing it.

I immediately then put it down and read Community College Hero instead.

I’d explain why it’s bad, but I’ll leave the prize for the millionth person to do that to someone else.


@AAO Even the MC, no matter what you choose, is an unrelatable character with laughable motivations, relationships, and attitude stuck inside a nonsensical void of a world. I’ll never be touching this again.


Quite frankly, the biggest dissapointment in the MC for me was their powers.

The last MC had neat powers, why can’t this one?

The power isn’t even half bad, it’s just the fact that you can’t control them for whatever unexplainable reason. Personally, it would’ve been nice if instead of having no control, you’d have complete control over them but they’d be very limited. And, as time goes on, you can take your shapeshifting to more extreme levels.

And, the motivations are pretty crappy as well. Like, I get that the MC wants to save their sister, but you’re going into what was once the most watched 3V series in America. At least have some motivation besides your sister.

Then there’s the fact that the MC doesn’t know any of this hero stuff because they don’t have a 3V or something. But…but why? The fucking meth addict down the street would have known something about the TV show who’ll pick the people that will literally defend America, the rise of Infini Powereds (people who can literally fuck over the universe without breaking a sweat, if they so desire) and all that jazz with the President.

I’d go on, but there’s really no point. Literally all of the posts here voice my opinion and do a better job of explaining why this train wreck of a game is awful.


I agree with all that, which is a shame since I really did love the first series a lot, the only part of Redemption I enjoyed was seeing my character show up engaged to BM :heart_eyes:


@AAO You are simply one dope mothertrucker. How’s aboutz we getz the hellz outta here? Let’s go play CCH. Literally the greatest superhero text game in years. The romance is better, anyways. At least in my opinion. I will always love Black Magic though. Hell, I’m actually kinda glad her and I destroyed this game’s universe. That means, in my canon, Redemption Season simply doesn’t exist. Whoooo! Just realized that!


Because having awesome powers wouldn’t fit into the “I’m a minority who is discriminated” agenda.


I have to wonder, the whole Prize of making the finale in this hero project, in the last one it was like Spot on the American protecerate, as well as money, so is this new one going to be different or what? I mean in my Hero fall ending my guy still believed in the potential good of the AP (American Protecerate), and I want to know if Our Past MC’s Belief in or on the Protecerate will influence the Outcome of the Finale


thinly veiled excuses to proselytize which fall flat because the majority of characters are marginalized in some way already. how am i supposed to feel discriminated against if pretty much everyone on the show is some form of oppressed? (not that i agree they are but i get the sentiment)


The sequel will be released this Winter:

I cannot get excited by this, even with two chapter in the PoV of the previous MC.


Its strange… in the past I would have been elated at the announcement of a new Heroes Rise game but presently… I feel meh.

The Hero Project was never even my favorite part about the Original trilogy, it was too superficial for my liking.


I’ll try the demo but let’s hope nothing is forced on us this time.


I am cautiously optimistic. I love the original trilogy a lot and Redemption Season was just… disappointing. I think the idea has potential but the focus was in the wrong places.

And my Bae dumped me but whatever it’s fine… it’s not fine.

I really want this one to be good. I’m rooting for it and will probably buy it… but if it’s like the last one I’m going to be done.


@Mewsly You also felt the sting of the Jury-mance?(or lack thereof I should say)

I was more of a lurker back when people were reacting to redemption season, I had issues with the framing of the story and the heavy-handed treatment of the underlying social issues(as a gay guy who played as one I am a big proponent of using fiction to address issues but I feel like with redemption season that came at the expense of a compelling narrative) but I think the biggest obstacle in my connecting with the way that an imported romance with Jury was treated. I think that Zachary was surprised by the fact that some readers wanted Jury to be treated as a legitimate RO as I don’t think he was ever intended to be anything other than an antagonistic character much less sympathetic. Like JK Rowling’s reaction to people in the Harry Potter fandom being drawn to Draco Malfoy. I’m glad that Jury’s romance was included even to the extent that it was in HeroFall but being forced to read about him in a relationship with another character(being gay I was even more hurt because that person was a woman) who doesn’t seem to genuinely be interested in him on a non-physical level just made me a little bitter. I adore Zachary’s work and I’d love for him to give us if not a happy ending with Jury at least some appropriate closure to our relationship, but I worry that us Jury-mancers will get the short end of the stick again.

Sorry for the rant, and the fact that all of that was potentially off topic for this thread but your comment struck a cord with me.


To quote myself back in June:


No joke I am so upset over the Jury thing that even now, months later, I could be having a good day, remember the Jury thing, and be salty for the rest of my day. I even paid money to preorder Zachary’s book just because the pre order bonus was getting to ask him a question about the Hero’s Rise series which I used to ask if I was gonna be getting my Bae back.

For me, the worst part of the Jury thing as how bad it was handled. Finding out they broke up was bad enough but to find out with he’s laying in bed with this other woman just… ah. It kills me.

I actually played a gay male MC too for Jury, but I always saw him as bisexual no matter what since he still hits on the MC no matter their gender or orientation so him being with a woman didn’t bother me as much as him being with someone else when I didn’t even know they had broken up yet.

Honestly if all he does in this book is let my old MC and Jury get back together then I will be happy


Am I the only one that had little to no complaints with the stories and RO options?


500 people gave it 5 stars on Google Play.

No, no you’re not.