Hero Project: Redemption Season News and Discussion


Just seems like so many people are negative about it and I rarely hear anything but people giving it mostly flak.


But it has the lowest rate for the series, and on Steam it is one of the few CoG with Neutral rate.


I love the original triology, it’s what got me into CoGs. Which is why I have a high expectation for Redemption Season and the first game just did not deliver for me


So then I need to ask being as it was played from the perspective of a new generation, if you had to judge it solely as not part of the series would you still think as poorly of it as now?

Is it not living up to its previous reputation or is it that it’s a low quality game to you?

Unless a game is so resoundingly bad that it gets a below 30% rating I usually couldn’t care any less about what the critics say about games on steam. Many games that are fun barely have a 50% rating.
The important thing to think about is why it’s liked and disliked, not the ratings.


Honestly in terms of it being a stand alone it’s not horrible. Its a bit boring and the ham-fisted way it handles its message is off-putting but I do think, as a starting point for a new series it could be way worse. It introduces the characters, the world, the MC and the plot okay… it’s just, for me, the characters are less interesting, I already knew the world, the MC is boring and never really felt like MY character, and the plot is what I liked the most but what we got the least of when it was squeezed in with its political message and all the characters (half of which won’t be sticking around for a long time given the nature of the game).

Though this game doesn’t exist in a vaccum, it’s going to be compared to the other games and to Zachary’s other works and, in my opinion, this is his weakest. The first Herofall does a better job in introducing the world, the characters, and is, in my opinion, more fun. The first Versus is also better and it’s similarly a starting off point for something new. I think Zachary can do better and that’s a big reason why it’s dissappointing for me.

But that’s just, like, my opinion, man.


I feel like we’re occupying a template character instead of our own with Redemption season. I just can’t bring myself to become invested in the characters or plot of Redemption Season as I was with the original trilogy.

I think it’s interesting you point out that his writing doesn’t exist in a vacuum, because I was more attracted to the first instalment of versus which does a much better job of drawing you into its setting. By the end of the second one I’m eagerly awaiting a continuation.

Also thanks, for pointing out Jury’s advances regardless of gender, I’d forgotten about that. I guess that eases the pain…if only slightly.

I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said, maybe it’ll get better with the next instalment.

Out of curiosity what did Zachary say when you asked about the return of your/our Bae?

@Phoenix_Wolf It’s great to see that people have had similar reactions.


I believe my exact question was “which demon do I need to sell my soul to to get Jury back?”

And his was response was “there’s no need for that.” Which I am hoping means we’re gonna get him back. But my paranoid mind also pointed out that it could mean it’s never going to happen so selling my soul would do nothing… I hope it’s the first thing.


You need to talk to Guy the Crossroads demon


Thanks, but no thanks. Zachary said he wouldn’t be toning down the propaganda nature of the series on fb, so I’m done with it. I’ll check out the demo for sure, see what changes if any are being made. I’m not going to spend money on it though.

@Drakeye If it was a standalone, I wouldn’t have made it past the demo. Literally would’ve been like ‘GTFO with this’. The characters were weak and the plot was flimsy at best. I bought it in spite of its content, because of my love for the original series.


It is because a lot of people didn’t like this game, if you don’t go against the message of the game and care about it then you might enjoy it. But if you try to not follow the author’s agenda, then the game heavily punish you and force you to follow the author’s agenda.

This game was so bad that I almost didn’t buy Versus 2, I only bought it because poison_mara beta tested it and said it wasn’t an message game like HP. I’m very skeptical about any games Zachary might write now, and with poison_mara banned it will be difficult for me to buy this one.


Damn, I wish I got whatever Jury got with Lyra, femdom ftw! Papa bless


I haven’t played the game yet, and I’m looking through this thread after a long time, and I was struggling to think of a codename since I’d actually be playing myself this time and not “Goku”. You’re a genius. I’m using that name.


This is brilliant! I wholeheartedly agree


Versus 2 is a good game despite its short length. I only hope it improves from then on. THP Redemptino is a very low point for Zachary’s games.


In terms of length, on a sidenote. Can anyone provide the total word count for all HR games (individually?)


Most (if not all) games from CoG and HG put their word counts in the descriptions. You might want to start there.


I did. (On GPS) its not on there. That’s why i’m asking.


Huh, it doesn’t seem to be on the website pages for the games either, or at least not anywhere that I can find. I checked the ‘About’ pages too, just in case…

Oooh, but according to the Steam page, Prodigy is 100,000 words, Hero Project is 175,000+ words, and HeroFall is 118,000+. Score. :D


And… wow… that’s, less than I expected…


yeah… I always thought they were longer. They seem so short when you compare them to today’s COGs :smiley: