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You need to have very high Societal to save her.


I didn’t even know she could die, I’ll replay to see if I can kill her :grin: for the achievement


Easily done, just invest in your “Personal” stat and keep “Societal” to a minimum. This way, even if you do try to keep her alive, she dies anyway. (from experience)
Speaking of which, did you not make an attempt to save her it the past? I thought that should automatically kill her… Does she survive even if you let her fall?


I tried to save her. I thought that if you tried to save her she would live, I didn’t know it depended on your stats too.


I’m really curious to what extent the original MC will be present in the Redemption trilogy.


That is the only thing I care right now, and even it will not be enough for me to buy the next game.


Its unlikely to happen but I do wish there would be some indirect interaction between the Redemption MC and the Original MC, although on the other hand its probably unnecessary since this is a new story with a new generation of heroes.

The Original MC sounded like they were having a more interesting time with this ‘Infini Crisis’ for which they were being consulted, that would have made an interesting new story or DLC, a logical step forward in their career progression - much more fun than revisiting the Hero Project with a new MC.


I agree, fighting the new villain Infinitum (an Infini powered one) alongside the Millennial Group would be a better story then this one.


I completely agree with this. It’s the reason I’m only reading DC Rebirth right now. It’s also the reason I quit playing the Heroes Rise games.


You know that secret ending in Heroes Rise where the MC and Black Magic take their Infini power to its absurdist limit and recreate the universe itself?

Its too bad we never got fleshed out moments like that made the MC truly ponder over just how OP and godlike they could potentially become and just what they could do with such power. Infinis are a truly unique class of superhumans, we’re talking about someone with literally infinite power, limited by only how far they’re willing to take it.

Its different from ‘mainstream’ supers, they really can have nothing to keep them in check except their own moral judgement (or other Infinis) - how does this power change you, change the hero landscape of the Heroes Rise setting, change your relationships with others - when you realize you can be more than just superhuman - that you can if you truly wanted to make all your pain and problems go away - that others don’t control you at all - your restraint is merely a self-imposed illusion.

Now imagine a whole bunch of Infini powered metahumans popping up - gods among men, but not void of human desires either - a human with the power of a god is what potentially Infinis can be.

Therefore exploring this Infini crisis with the Original MC would have been a much more thought provoking story than pursuing some social agenda with the Hero Project (which had already been done before anyway).

If the original trilogy was about learning what it means to be a hero, making sacrifices both selfish and noble and conforming to your convictions, then a second trilogy where you play as a more mature MC (developed from their previous experiences with Prodigal, Hero Project and Mayor Victon) with a focus on realistic implications and repercussions of being an infini would have been quite nice.

An Infini trilogy… now that would have been awesome.

But who knows, maybe the next installment will be entertaining and emotional in its own right.


I agree, DC Rebirth doesn’t shove political dogma down your throat, it focuses more on heroes as individuals/humans and their motivations behind what they do rather than serving as a mouthpiece for the author’s agenda.


Man the Avengers are ridiculous right now. If you look at the first movie and to the comics, none of the main Avengers are the same.
Thor is a human woman, Hulk is a chinese guy, Captain America is the Falcon and the Iron Man is a teenager black muslin girl. How they want to capitalize on the movies success by changing every character who are popular in the movies?
Hell, even Logan (the most famous Marvel character) is not the Wolverine.

The only CoG games that address this is Paradigm City, if you haven’t played I recommend it.


Wait you can somewhat save Miss Boss. Every play through I went through had her die. Like, everytime! Even when I had an MC date her.


You need at least 81 Societal to save her.


Yea it does feel like marvel is trying to shoehorn unoriginal characters for brownie points. In times like these the original characters are the ones that stand out - like Bunker from teen titans (my favourite).

Also have you read the uncanny avengers (vol 3 2015 ) series?


Wasn’t originally going to post this, but after seeing how this thread is still so active despite the game being released last year…I decided to jump in on the conversation. I originally wrote it up after the game came out but I was kind of afraid to post it in case it sounded too mean or overly critical. I hope everyone that reads this understands that I’m only writing this passionately about it because I really loved the series. warning: incoming walls of text XD

Speaking of Redemption Season, I have to quote our first MC: “What an utter disappointment you turned out to be”.

This game…I really wanted to like it, I was SO looking forward to it. I was eagerly awaiting news of what would happen to our previous MC, excited to get to know this new MC and explore more of the Heroes Rise world. Except…‘utter disappointment’ is an accurate description of how I feel about it. Considering the not-so-subtle Christian allegories with the Meek (I won’t go into it on this thread) I thought the heavy-handedness was over.

Instead, Redemption Season cranked it up to 11. I, like so many others, found it hard to read through the entire thing.

  1. MC characterization…what happened? I really tried but I couldn’t connect with the MC at all. This MC, with the Ani Powers and everything else…the writing just seemed ridiculous at times. Like with the chicken morph, the way the MC and Jelly Kelly were talking about it, it was almost like it was making fun of itself yet trying to be serious at the same time? It led me to not be able to take the MC or their powers seriously. If I can’t do that, then I don’t have any real incentive to continue with the story. In my first playthrough, I got kicked off Redemption Season and I put my phone down and said ‘whatever’. At that point, I wasn’t annoyed or anything, just indifferent. I didn’t care about the story.

As a side note, it seemed like the explanation the story uses for why the MC is so woefully ignorant of everything that’s not directly related to their life, is because they don’t have a 3V. Terrorist attacks, a potential nuclear wave, oh, and the President of the country getting impeached or killed wasn’t big enough news, apparently. facepalm No, they’ll just focus on their own problems and expect everyone else to be sensitive about it. Hypocrite much…

  1. Oppressed/discriminated character manifestos. These were so insufferable for me. I skipped them the first time around after reading a couple lines and rolling my eyes. It was only a minor annoyance, until EVERY CHARACTER starting spewing this stuff. Talk about beating your audience over the head with a stick. Really good characters take a long while to establish with purposeful and meaningful interactions. You can’t just have them rant once or twice about how pathetic their life is, and then expect readers to immediately connect with them. That’s all I feel like we got from the majority of the characters in this game, which is really disappointing. I was ready to invest in these characters, but none of them had any substance.

  2. Starsoar’s decision. I don’t understand why the author thought it’d be a good idea to pull a Jenny-esque situation on us at the very beginning of the story. The climactic decision regarding Jenny near the end of Hero Project works IMO because we’ve been invested in her character and her relationship with the MC since the beginning of Prodigy, and we’ve stuck through thick and thin with all the craziness that’s happened in that time. But with Starsoar, we just met him, there’s been little said about him to make him sympathetic (yet) since he’s had so little screen time. How could that decision hold much significance with the readers if we’re stuck with it so early on?

  3. As plenty of others have already said, the discrimination/oppression propaganda was rampant, and yes, you were most certainly punished if you didn’t play the game the way the author wanted you to. The hypocrisy is hilarious. At least I could pretend not to care about it in earlier Heroes Rise games and step away from politics and everything else. I could base MC’s motivations on what I wanted, and I think taking away that ability further disconnects readers from the MC. I almost felt like I was my old MC, watching this circus on 3V.

  4. The Jury romance fiasco. The fb page says that this is supposed to make old MC/Jury’s relationship stronger? Please. It reminds me of that situation with Black Magic, when he/she suddenly turned from sweet and suave in Prodigy to manipulative psycho in Hero Project. Fb page explained it away by saying that some ppl just aren’t the way they appear at first glance, but I doubt it. I didn’t find a legit reason in game stated to explain Black Magic’s sudden change (someone please correct me if I’m wrong). No dialogue/interaction/secret reflections were shown to get a good picture as to why that happened. Is it the extreme insecurity and crazy jealousy that did it? Okay, then please show it, throughout the series, and not just suddenly spring the end result on the audience. And now with Jury’s relationship with the MC? This seems like another half-baked excuse.

This game is such a struggle for me. FB page has fans asking for more of the social justice issues, and the author has said he won’t be tuning it down in subsequent books. I’m glad he put that out there so that I’ll know not to follow this MC’s story onwards. Just wish he could’ve been that upfront about the issues in this game earlier. If that mini story with our old MC and the Infinitum conflict gets published, I’ll gladly look into it.

edit; ah, the numbering is off…idk why :confused: I think I messed up the formatting.


Excuse me what? The only thing this makes stronger is how hard my MC is going to smack Jury when he eventually comes crawling back.

I am still mad over this. I mean, fine, if this is important for his character and the story I could be okay with it but it was so poorly handled. The story could’ve at least softened the blow, maybe mention it earlier that they broke up (maybe let the player pick who broke it off, I know it’s vague enough but still) before just being like “hey, look, your old RO is in bed with another person, lawl, but it’s okay you guys broke up off screen sometime.” I mean at least with Prodigal we knew up front she was dying.

Ugh. I am sorry everyone but I am still upset.


I was mad to see Jury act as a boy toy to that older chic (whose name can’t remember). If you’re like me, you can be kinda a sucker for the whole forbidden romance thing. Which is why I made a separate MC to set up (original MC was locked on Black Magic), also half of me just wanted to see what would’ve happen. But we ultimately set our MC’s up with the RO to see the couple last along time. With this happening (and with a shitty/ no-real-reason-why brake up explanation) it’s real disappointment and a let down. I honestly wouldn’t expect a marriage like with Black Magic or Lucky(? Does the MC get married to them, it’s been an awhile since I’ve played) Even if you were to go down that route, a least make it entertaining in down way besides a hard stare down at a MEMORIAL!

Another thing I didn’t like is the random character POV change. It was messy and very confusing to where I didn’t even know what’s going on. I’m here to cater to my MC, not your characters.

This is off topic but I only played off of past MCs accounts so my of My Heros MC was mentioned. What happens if you play clean slate, no previous Heros MC, is there a stand in during redemption season it something else?


A story centered around the Original MC and this Infinitum crisis is something I’d seriously consider purchasing, even if its only a mini-story like a DLC. I like to see the original trilogy as a coming of age story, then end of which defines just what kind of ‘hero’ you are and it does a better job at character development and relationships. How this development impacts the way you resolve the Infinitum conflict could be quite a compelling read.

Even if the original trilogy is flawed in some respects I still enjoyed any single installment of it more than Redemption Season.


The MC and Black Magic/Lucky/Jenny are engaged, not married.[quote=“Phoenix_Wolf, post:763, topic:15108”]
What happens if you play clean slate, no previous Heros MC, is there a stand in during redemption season it something else?

It will be the default MC. I think he is male, no romance and he is the leader of the Millennial

I will say it again, this installment is so bad that the only thing I’m looking forward is the story of my previous MC. The only character I care from the Hero Project I care of Tarana, and that is because she was my previous MC’s sidekick.

No, I haven’t. What happened?


Not that its jaw dropping or anything (i really just liked the more “casual” atmosphere) but there a romance between deadpool and rogue that was set up really well ( as in that it took the time to build banter/approval/their motivations/introduce deadpools daughter to rogue).

Really wish smthg like that vould have been set up in the redemption game.